In STEAM class we are working on creating three connected escape rooms with the theme dark fairy tales: Alice in Wonderland. The group that I’m in is designing the first escape room. Our goal is to make the escapers find the key to the door that will lead them to the second room.

By now, our group has divided up the process of getting out of the room into three sections, or three clues.

First, we had to make sure that all of our clues are somewhat related to the story of Alice in Wonderland, so that when people go do it, they will keep thinking of the fairy tale. While creating the clues, we had to watch out for a lot of things.

All of our clues had to somehow connect, and let the escapers get to somewhere after completing the first clue. All of the clues will have to be hard enough to be challenging, and not too easy to make it boring. It has to be balanced just right, so that the escapers will feel accomplished when they escape the room. It is hard finding that balance, as we want to be very creative with our clues as well. When brainstorming, we sometimes had to sit and think if it would make sense for the escaper to do what we want them to do.

Another thing that made the whole task hard, was that we always have to make sure that every clue includes all of the components of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). A lot of times, we don’t bring in enough science into these escape room clues (this was the case in our previous small practice clue projects). So we decided to make one clue entirely based on science. We decided to create a clue based on liquid stacking, and every liquid will have a different color. We also want to include math in our clues, which is hard as we don’t want all three clues to be math related.

I am quite happy with the clues that we came up with. The thing I’m not sure about is if the escapers will find the clues rather easy or hard. One thing we could do is ask classmates outside of our group to try test our clues, and tell us how challenging it was.

At first, I imagined creating the clues of an escape room to be the easy part, since you can be creative and come up with whatever you want. I was wrong. Because you have to be so creative with every clue, and have to make it challenging but not too hard, and have to relate it to the overall theme, and have to include the components of STEAM, it made it so hard. It is great once you come up with the perfect clue, but then you also have to come up with an agreement with your group members. I learned, that it can be hard doing something simple if you have to pay attention to so many things.

Overall it was fun creating the clues for the escape room that we are going to build. One thing I want to be sure of, is to have every single clue and riddle, and details to those, written down in a shared space, so once we start building, we will always have it by our side. In future I am also looking forward to document our process more on Instagram.