So far, we’ve made great progress in our group regarding planning and action. We have a set prototype ready and a sequence in which to film. The process in how we got there was quite easy. I asked my group what we were all good at, starting with the elements of STEAM. Then I asked, what else are we good at. I found me and a few of my group mates saying: music. Since OK GO is a large inspiration to this project, we really wanted to incorporate the musical part of their videos. In our filmed section we’ll be performing on different homemade instruments. Many involving different medias in which we could express physical motion from sound. The way we ended up there was just going through youtube to see what people have done in the past. Drawing inspiration from that we began brainstorming. I think just using the internet to the fullest extent was the best resource. We found projects that people have done in the past, particularly the piano part. We first saw the homemade piano project and thought, we can do this, then as we discovered through creating the prototype, it was pretty easy to understand how to replicate it. I think just searching for similar projects online or even better, finding tutorials is going to be a great resource for the next phase of our construction. So far, I’ve liked what we’ve been able to do, the homemade piano is a really great model that is functional (yay!!!!) that we can base our real product after. It was all a combined effort from the team. I wouldn’t say I dislike any part of our project, I just think that we could clean up the sequence a bit when we start filming. I do like the fact that when we design to music, everything is perfectly on beat and in time, and I, being a musician, find that the video will look so much better when we time things accordingly.  I honestly think that the inly hard part about setting to music is literally finding the music. It’s hard to fid royalty copy right free music that we can all follow. But we ended up finding a remixed, reproduced version of a song we all liked. I think my group dynamic is pretty good, we haven’t had any fighting and we all agree on things. I had taken on the title of group leader, after drafting the plan and sequence myself, and I think that we are definitely one of the most functional and organized groups. As a designer, I really thought outside of the box and realized that our sequence will be very different from the two other groups. And I thought to change it to make it fit the prescribed formula, but union doing so, our design lost its character. So we have our unique sequence, and as a designer of it, I think it was really important for me to step out of the way and let it evolve by itself. I think since we’ve been given such a big task, I had to rework the way I thought about STEAM, and instead of trying to build something I needed to create something. Using art as a forerunner in our preliminary planning. I learned that I learned from trial and error. Our trials with the piano prototype set us back a bit but we kept on finding new ways to solve a problem. Which I find a great learning experience. Our process and style is really different from the others. We have a style that is following the musical style with elements of STEM. I find our class mates really had a sequence that followed cause and effect. Having strings pulling things and whatnot, but for us, we took a looser approach and gave our sequence the effect of a music video rather than a science project. I find ours to be one of the more artistically based projects, especially with our take on the OK GO videos. One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is just to keep on using our combined talents. And not base ourselves off what other groups are doing, to let our creation truly breath and have a life and form of its own. One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is to meet deadlines and stay on top of the workload to help even out the duties of the group. My group leader position relies on me helping guide our project, and I think as we continue building it will keep on going from there. All I need to reach this goal is the same level of effort from my teammates and we will be setting sail!