What process have you gone through to produce the work you’ve done so far?

The process my group and I have gone through to design the prototype was collecting ideas, brainstorming, researching, and designing it.

What resources have you used while working on your clues and final design?  Which ones were especially helpful?  Which ones are you thinking you’ll be using a lot?

We’ve used many resources while working on our design. Ones the most helpful by far has been youtube because it has tutorials and it shows you how to do it step by step, I will for sure continue to use it a lot.

How do you feel about the work you’ve done so far? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why?

I feel very proud of the work that we have done so far. One part that I really like is that everyone is doing something they like and that we combined all our passions into this project, like for example I’m doing something related to soccer, megs is doing something related to music and Jimmy is playing the piano. One thing that I dislike is that we have to do a video and a live performance because its really hard to execute.

What do you enjoy about designing a sequence/prototype to music?  What have you found the most frustrating? What has helped you in overcoming the frustrations?

One thing that I enjoy was our freedom for this project because we can do anything we want and its up to our imaginations what we want to do. At the bottom is a video of one of our prototype that we made.

What I found most frustrating at the moment is trying to imagine how our final project because when you start working on the project you realize how hard it is to do it. Now I really respect the group ok go for all the amazing things they do Its not easy at all. But hopefully everything goes the right way and the final product is good.

What have you learned about yourself as a collaborator?

For this project as a collaborator I have learned that I am the one who does all the physical stuff and not the planning like for example Jimmy designed the piano but all the little wood pieces that the piano has, I cut it with a saw one by one and it was a lot of work, but all the rest my partners did it.

What have you learned about yourself as a designer?

I learned that I’m better creatively and that its is easier for me to draw inspiration from soccer, cause for my part of the project I’m kicking a soccer ball and hitting something to start the show and that inspiration I got it from soccer hopefully in the actual show I don’t miss and it works.

What do these things tell you about yourself as a learner?

I think these things tell me that I like working better in groups rather than individual because everyone brings in a different unique style. I also prefer working in a group because I feel like I get more things done than if I was alone.

In what ways does the way you work differ from the of your classmates style?  In what ways do you work differently? In what ways is your work process similar?

I think our group compared to other groups is really different because ours is all of our passions combined into one that are somehow connected for example my part has to do something with soccer, jimmy’s with the piano, and megs with music. All of our process are similar because we have all gone through the same stages of planing, choosing a song etc..

One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is the efficiency that we work in. Because some classes we are really distracted and we don’t get a lot done so in the future I want to get better at getting things done with out distractions.

One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is finishing our project in time.

How can you make sure you achieve it?

I can achieve it by working hard every class time and not getting distracted into other things like it happens to us sometimes. But I think we will finish the project with out a doubt.

What support/help do you need to meet your goal?

I think the only support I need is the teachers reminding us about our due dates so that we don’t miss them and stay on track on all of the due dates because if we start missing the due dates we wont finish our project.