What resources have you used while working on your final design?

While we were working on our prototype, we gathered informations from google and youtube, and for the resources most of them were from Mr. Henniger’s storage in his room. We used long wood sticks and sawed them into small pieces, and we also asked helped from a worker in our school to make a hole with the drill.

Which ones were especially helpful?

I think the tools really supported us to make the piano. What helped us get the idea was youtube however most of the supplement which actually helped us was all from Mr.Henniger’s room. Without the supplies, it would have took us forever to find the perfect pieces of wood that we were looking for.

Which ones are you thinking you’ll be using a lot?

For getting the idea, we will be using youtube and google a lot. These resources give us the idea to think bigger rather than thinking it in one way. For example, if we didn’t look for different videos for the prototype, we wouldn’t have gotten the idea to make a piano with the connection of pieces of wood and it also had short instructions so we used that as a background and tried to challenge that with what we had.

How do you feel about the work you’ve done so far?

Well I’m appreciated to what we’ve done so far since we have worked to make the best piano as we can with what we have. First, I thought it would be impossible because it was harder than we expected because it was hard to make melodies with pieces of wood. However the pieces of wood actually took important roles in the piano and helped it stand  itself and handle the cylinder with water. So in general, for what we have so far, I’m proud of it.

What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why?

I liked the process when we had to find the music to use and when we started making our prototype. Even though it was only one or two classes to find the music to use in our project, the process that we tried to find a music that fits ourselves but also the theme made me very excited. It was kind of hard since we can’t use unless it’s a free music, but because of that I think we found a music that has a good pace with good beats to combine it with instruments and djing that we are preparing.

What do you enjoy about designing a sequence/prototype to music?

I usually like music so listen to music a lot so when I first heard about the project, I was very excited because the topic was based on music. It was kind of cool that we are kind of remaking the music and that we add on performance into it.  Therefore, designing the sequence and the prototype itself was fun. I enjoyed that we get the chance to create the stage that we want to and make a prototype which will lead the music and use it in our performance.

What have you found the most frustrating? What has helped you in overcoming the frustrations?

It was hard to find a instrument that we can make and use it in the project we’re doing. And since it was something related to music, we wanted to build like a musical instrument and that’s why we’ve decided to make a piano. The most frustrating part was to find the materials to make and lack of machines to help us build in shape. However, the school had a lots of supplies that we can use and resources and also a worker from our school was extremely helpful.

What have you learned about yourself as a collaborator?

Since this project is a team work, I realised that rather than working by myself working with my teammates was more effective. Because we all got to share our thoughts and contribute into one whole project.

What have you learned about yourself as a designer?

For a long time I thought I was bad at designing because I thought it was a part of art. But I realised that there are many meanings to “design” the letter itself. It wasn’t the ability how you’re good at it or not. It was based on how creative you are. So with my teammates they gave me the idea to think creatively and effectively share with them.

What do these things tell you about yourself as a learner?

As a learner, I would say that I had to think in a creative way. The project we’re working on is based on the ok go music videos and their work. Every time I watch they’re video I’m impressed that they thought of that idea and the way that they are performing it. Because I was impressed about it, I wanted our project to look the same. So I learned to think “out of the box” and in a lot of different perspectives to add creativity into it.

In what ways do you work differently?

With the other groups, what we did differently was we included our personalities. And our focus was more related to music than engineering. And at the end we will also contribute djing in our music.

In what ways is your work process similar?

It was similar because when we were planning we all had the same sort of idea and we had to figure out each parts different. However we all ended up having different themes so I think it will work out well.

One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is…

As I work through this I think I will get better at creating stuff and how we can contribute all projects related to music. Since this project is all related to music, beats and creative thinking, by the end of this semester, I will have the confidence to think in a creative way than a formal way, and I will be able to break up the music into pieces and make things fit as the beat goes on. And I will get better at cutting the wood into pieces. During the project, we had to cut a lotto pieces of wood and it took us about 10 to 15 minutes cutting one pieces of wood, but now I have strategies.

One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is…

One of my goals that I want to set myself this semester is to concentrate while working. Because I get distracted very easily and I can’t concentrate on something for a long time. So for this year, I ant to improve on my concentration during class. However, since it’s steam class and we get to be active than other classes so I think I’m improving because it’s a lot of fun and interesting stuff.

How can you make sure you achieve it?

In order to achieve on my goals, I will try to set a time for me to concentrate and maybe a break time of one or two minutes. In steam class, we have most of the time to work on our project, so we get the time to make the prototype and research for more informations, but I easily get distracted so I end up doing something else rather than fully concentrating on the project. So from now on, I will seat myself a time, for example, 45 mins of work, 5 minute of break, so on and on.

What support/help do you need to meet your goal?

Rather than the piano, we want to create another prototype that we can use during the presentation, but we’re not sure what would fit into it. Can we have some ideas from you? And the goal right now is to perfectly make the piano. In order to do that, if we get time I want to try putting more keys into the piano since we have only one key now. If we practice adding on more keys and also decorate it really nice, I think it will be a perfect piano at the end.

Here’s a video of our piano prototype.