How did i fail?

This entire project was created for us to fail. It’s been really challenging, many things went wrong in all of ideas we did not encounter one flaw we although we encountered about 20 flaws. But these failures were not completely failures more like road bumps that we went through. The one failure i would say would be that we didn’t have time to finish and showcase our work. But our “road bumps” our flaws in our building were normal and expected because you can never get anything built or done spot on in one try, we were suppose to fail in order to succeed. Our flaws that we faced were not having the right materials because there was none left or we ran out like, spray painting was not done perfectly, our ideas that we were excited about and built but could not contribute because of not connecting it into the sequence. our vortex , things kept falling, the marble would get stuck in places that we never knew would get stuck on, just little flaws like that, that made it difficult to move pass but in the end things worked out and it was not a complete “failure”, it was all a matter of time and that we did not have enough of.

How did we succeed?

 Initially there was no “I” in this scenario because throughout this semester it has always been a group effort. How we succeeded together? Well I believe that team work  is what we mastered because having 3 people in a group is hard to really get anything done as fast as we would of wanted it. With all of our corporation we managed to rebuild a a meter and a half slide vortex, and further add adjustments to make it 2 times as better. Another thing i would have to agree that we did we, was problem solving because there were many times where we initially thought of an idea and when it came to take the action, we discovered its flaws and that took problem solving. For me this is where the “i” aspect comes in because i figured myself being the one to reassure and fix things when they break or fall apart. I was the one who came up with other alternatives (building wise). I another thing i was great as was my dedication for my part, because towards the end we did split up and I felt as i was the one who would keep trying to rebuild and keep going until i was done. to be honest i never said i was patient or the most calm but i was mostly determined to keep going because i would not have been satisfied otherwise. A quick example of this that involved my determination and problem solving was when i was stacking dominoes, i had to figure out a way to save the dominions that i have already set up from not falling over so i didn’t have to restart, eventually i found a way to solve that problem after it falling over multiple times i had the DETERMINATION to try again until it was complexly done…..we had to fail in order to succeed……

what we could have done things differently?

To be fair, there are so many other ways we could’ve approached our sequence. We would of been a lot more organised with our plan because at the end we were most improvising it wasn’t easy and that resulted in us having to stay later in school because we were not, actually i wouldn’t say we weren’t organised, but we had encountered so many problems and encountered so many new things thats we had no other option but to improvise. I would change how we approached our sequence when we were setting and building for the production of our video.