How did I succeed / fail?

I think we achieved success in various ways. First and foremost, we were able to implement the five specific disciplines of STEAM — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math — in our Ok Go Project. When we were planning for the sequence of our rubes goldberg machine, we took these five disciplines into consideration. For example, the robot, which we decided to use initially, was part of the Technology aspect; the basketball hoop and the dartboard was part of the Art aspect; the building of catapult was part of the engineering aspect; the magnet ball board decorated with led lights was part of both Technology, Art, and Engineering aspects ; the whole process of the assembling the materials in order to make the sequence flow was part of the Science and Math aspects. Secondly, I personally think that our teamwork was harmonious and efficient. I constantly worked my way throughout the entire process to be a good independent learner and collaborator, in order to avoid being a deterrent against the finishing of our project. Finally, I think we succeeded in that we tried. Although we encountered numerous challenges during the process, we attempted to overcome them, which we sometimes did. Still, whether we achieved our goals or not, we weren’t afraid to try and just go for it. We knew that the most important thing was to do our best, and so we did, which is why I think we were successful.

The most evident failure is that we weren’t able to finish making our rubes goldberg machine. We faced several difficulties regarding the engineering aspects, and we were running out of time. Our original plan was to showcase our final product to the rest of the student body during assembly or AMPed fair; this was cancelled due to the time constraint. It’s sad that we weren’t able to accomplish our final objective of constructing a working rubes goldberg machines, but I’m still proud of how far we reached towards that goal, and I hope we can attain it next time.

What would I do differently?

If we were given the chance to do this project once again, I would change several things. First of all, I will try to use my time more efficiently. In the beginning stage of this entire process, I feel like there were a lot of time wasted that could have been used more wisely. For example, instead of using up the entire class period on checking if a certain part of the sequence works or not, we could have also checked if the entire sequence will work together. Secondly, I would put extra effort on designing the sequence (and building the prototype), because I experienced troubles that arose due to the lack of practicality of our original design. This dilemma directly led to the lack of time and perfection. Thirdly, I would add more of technological aspect. Initially, I was going to create an animation that would be combined with the vortex, which would have been a crucial addition to the Technology aspect; however, since the glue on the vortex kept on melting, causing the vortex to fall apart, I wasn’t able to make the animation.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this project. I learned a ton of things on the way and it has been a memorable experience. This was also my last time being in STEAM class, but I hope I can continue to do engineering in the future.