To end our OKGO project, when I look back, it took us a whole semester to come to an end. Even though we didn’t get to perform it in front of an audience, I think it was pretty successful because of the effort and creativities that we’ve put in to this. At first, I, we, our group had all the things pictured and how it will turn out only looking at videos on youtube. When our group actually got to the process when we had to take it into actions, it was way harder than we thought it’ll be. Things didn’t work out easily, I had to make second third drafts, break them apart and put them all together. As I continued this, our piano got better and had achieved our goals by making our piano, which was one of the main part in our project. All the keys were surprisingly working really well, and our group members and I also decorated with covering with black paper and drew over it with correction pens. I can’t say our piano was perfect, amazing because we took a long while to finish it and we mostly had it done as it got closer to an end. However, despite all these facts and failures, our group didn’t give up and used our time effectively of what we had. I came to school earlier, stayed late and I truly believed that it will work if I think more collaboratively with my group mates and we did. Finally, we finished our steam project, with an success by the abilities of thinking collaboratively, managing my time (as we got closer to the end of the semester) and with the belief in myself and my team.

As I mentioned earlier, this project was pretty much a success for me. However, I failed a lot to step up to an end. And I think I failed in time management because the first few months we spent few month only planning out, drafting and didn’t get to work. We had difficulties in dividing our jobs so our whole group always worked on one thing all together which didn’t help. So when we got to the filming process we had a lot of difficulties because we didn’t have anything organised. The amphitheatre was unavailable because there were things going on which we should have organised it at first place so we had to find another place that we can flip and we were all falling down. We ended up coming to school earlier and filmed it in the first floor which thankfully worked out. So to conclude,  for the failure of this project was time management and organization.

If I go back time and get another chance to work on this project, I will use my time more effectively and will draft it more specific and with details. Our group had an idea of what we were gonna do but it took a long time for us to take into actions. I will also think more wisely because we only mostly contributed our effort into one sequences when we had a fill in a whole stage. I regret not doing as much since I realise that our piano was actually good and we could have taken it more from that.

After all, I am proud of our group with what we ended up and it was a fun project as my first and last steam class!