How did I succeed?

I believe I did a pretty good job of collaborating with my teammates to productively produce our sequence. I tried to continuously seek out for help and never hesitated to give any kind of support to my teammates. Also, when I was confronted with challenges, I tried to be a complex thinker by finding the problem from its root and by narrowing down the possible solutions to that problem. The best example could be seen in the process of attaching the LED lights to the pipe-way for the magnet ball to go through. I used white LED lights and 3-volt battery to lit up the way that the magnet ball was going to go through. When I connected these LED lights to the battery, some of them had poor connections or simply didn’t seem to be working. Through continuous trials and errors, I learned that 3 LED lights were the maximum capability that the 3-volt battery could hold at a time. This realization made the process much easier. Building the catapult is another example of my success. By understanding the principles of a catapult, I incorporated calculations of the height and the distance, two vital elements in making the catapult work properly. In the aspect of collaboration and complex thinking, I believe I showed a proficient performance.

How did I fail?

Even though I do feel like most of the things that I built individually or with my teammates are mostly successful, I believe we also had some failures in the overall picture of our sequence. In the team project with Kelly, Joshua, and Leo, we had some complex devices that we built to incorporate in our sequence, but we didn’t quite succeed in smoothly connecting the elements together to make our sequence flow in one. Also, due to time constraints, we were not able to finish our second and final project where we had to build a Rube Goldberg Machine with the resources we had and built from the previous team projects. On the other hand, I learned a lot from these failures and I am confident that I would certainly do better next time. We learn from our failures.

What would I do differently?

If I could do this whole process again, I want to make good use of the Sphero ball. Even though I attempted to use a coding application to control this device, I couldn’t explore the full capability of the Sphero ball. However, I do feel very proud that I used different approaches such as 3d printing and simple coding to apply this device to our overall sequence.