How did I succeed? I honestly don’t know where to start. I think there were a lot of high moments for my group. But personally I found that there were some surprising successes. First It’d probably be the very brainstorming. I don’t want to take full credit for our design, it was constantly evolving as we went on. But I like to think that I set the tone and the basis for our project. I had encouraged a certain vibe to our sequence, drafting our very first plans. Then the further along we went the more and more the project seemed to fall apart, I had contributed to reworking the plans, re drafting, re writing. But my main success I think was when we had to plan for the rest of our sequence, after the piano was constructed. I had to catch up and work on the rest of the aspects of it. Even though we got behind with this, the lights, the drums, I still tired to pull ahead and work on them as soon as possible. I know our time management was not the best but personally, I feel I succeeded in creating a vision and charging ahead to fulfill it. I had even come to school early and stayed late just so we could film. I feel that even though I hadn’t really contributed to so much of the physical work, and was refined to smaller aspects, I was in charge of the vision and the problem solving. And I feel I definitely brought it in that department.


And what did I fail in? Well, that parts easy. We had come up to several bumps in the road. It got especially bad when trying to film finally. We changed our choice of venue from the amphitheater it’s self to the whole first floor. We had to accommodate the newest part of the sequence. We came to school early, stayed late. We were panicked. I think the major thing we failed with, me in particular was time management. I didn’t really prioritize the project as much as I should have and set it on the back burner, which hindered our project production a bit. I didn’t do too much of the heavy work the main aspects until the final weeks. I was preoccupied with the piano and the prototypes I didn’t pay too much attention to the main sequence or seeing if everything would work well. But the last two weeks we pooled all our strength and I personally, pulled through and did as much as I could. Even with all our small failures, the piano not working, misprinting, reprinting keys, the failure of the slide, learning the lights. All of it was sudden and I had to pull through to do my best.


Next time, what I’d do differently would probably try out new things. We stayed in a certain comfort zone and didn’t have the courage to do even bigger and more audacious things. Our sequence wasn’t outside of the box enough. I’d like to blame time and resources for it. But I can only blame myself. I wanted to make a project that was manageable and looked good, doing things we were certain we had the energy to do. But now looking at it, the piano was good, but we could’ve don’t so much. The drums were basic, easy, inventive, but basic. We could’ve done so much with the time and space but at the time of drafting I missed the mark and realized before it was too late I could’ve made it so much more spectacular. I’d like to go back to the drawing board and just try to come up with a sequence that made people say “Whoa” I underestimated my team and myself. I could’ve pushed further. But I am happy with how our sequence turned out, I’m happy with my efforts in the last two weeks, I’m happy with my vision and my music and my sequence coming to life. And I am very very happy with my team.