I chose STEAM over online courses because I think STEAM is a course where you can learn all kinds of skills during class time. We need to solve the problem by ourselves, during the process of solving the problems, we learn. I think these skills that we will learn in STEAM are very important in future. Use solutions in the face of challenges and problems. I think steam is a good practical skill and can greatly affect my future. These are the reasons why I will choose STEAM.

In the first few weeks, I think this course is a very “independence” course. We have gained a lot of freedom. This vary surprise me. We can decide what we want to do and create them with our knowledge and the solution we found out. Use many skills in life to face challenges and overcome challenges. Which is what I really enjoy during class.

In our group, I think we have shared our thoughts and ideas very well. Share our thoughts, we are all friends together, so we won’t hide our idea. We just spit out any thoughts, even if it’s not that good. I think this is good communication with group members.

I think we’re work as a team throughout the project because I think each of us has different ability in different field, and when we are together, I believe we will success.

On the day we went to old Shekou, we only bought a water pipe for the music box project. Through the old Shekou, I can see that many materials can be used for larger projects / builders. In our project, we need to make small and accurate measurements of the materials used in the project. We still need music boxes, pumps, propellers and gears.

I think through our teamwork, each of us can help our group to create something unique for our project. I think we can follow our procedure and create the project we found out, but I think we’re going to face challenges in the process, which we have to solve it through the process. Finally, I believe we can create a best music box.

In order to program our music, I think we will be watching YouTube video and also read some helpful webpages to help us program our music.