1. Why did you choose STEAM over an online course?

I chose STEAM because I think an online course cannot ‘face to face’ communicate with my teacher and discuss with my classmates. Also, I prefer to study in the classroom with others rather than using a laptop to study on an online course.

  1. How have you found the course so far?

This is the first time that I make a big interesting project, which I make a music box, this is a big challenge for me. Although that is really difficult to find the materials of my project, I still try my best to build it.

  1. How would you say the communication is going within your group?
  • Create a We-chat group to chat with each other (for share our ideas and information)
  • Make a list/plan for the distribution of our works.

In our group, we just have two people(me and Rosie), so our opinions are easily reconciled. We were making a final design together, and then we discussed how to buy the materials and distribute our works.

  1. Are you going to work as a group or will you delegate roles?

I will delegate roles with my partner, cause that will be efficient and quick. Team works are better than the individual, and other people can give me suggestions when we were working.

  1. What did you purchase in Old Shekou the other day and what else will you be needing?

In our group, actually, we have bought all of the things already except the iron wire(for making the key of the music box). Finally, we found the iron wire in the last street that we went to the Old Shekou, we spent about half an hour to found it. And now our materials are all already.



  1. Overall, how do you think you will do? Will you accomplish the goal and why?

I think we will finish the goal except making key this part. Because the iron wire is really difficult to cut in small pieces, maybe we will change it to copper sheet later.

  1. How will you teach yourselves to program your music?
  • Choose a melody that we like.
  • Use 3D printer to print it out.
  • Put it beside the key and rotate it.