These are the Photos taken in Old Shekou 




First photo was our sketch, and the second one is the materials we need to buy

At the start of my freshmen year and when we had an opportunity to take STEAM, I was really scared and nervous. When we finally started STEAM in the first semester in 9th grade, everything was what I predicted, except I didn’t know you needed to document every single step of processing. Last year felt like our main focus was on engineering. When STEAM class is given at 10th grade, I wanted to take that opportunity to learn more of all aspects of STEAM, so I ended up choosing STEAM over the numerous choices of online courses. The second reason I chose STEAM over online courses is that I didn’t want to use the extra time to learn about something else because I already have 4 other tutors that can develop my skills that I am weak at. The last reason is that Mr. Galvez is one of my favorite teachers, and I wanted to learn STEAM from him.

When I started taking a STEAM in my sophomore year, everything was in action. Instead of just having ideas, we actually started right away to the process of building. As far as I am concerned, I would’ve regretted if I chose to take an online course. Currently, I am still getting know this course, and so far STEAM is really interesting by what we’ve done. When we started our new project to make a music box, our teammates were deciding any unique and uncommon idea, and we finally got an Idea as a group that was inspired by an electric charging water dam. The communication was well done by WeChat and by planning everything beforehand. The only issue is where we’re going to buy what we need, and to get a well-working music box.

To build a project that includes Science, Technology, Arts, and Math, we will have to work as a group to decrease the chances of failure. When our group started our music box project, we made the process to take and all of us were focused on the task. But on the other hand, it has both pros and cons when we decide roles.

When we decided on our roles, we are able to save up a lot of time. However, on the contrary, some people may not be as good as others or some people might hate the role they were given, which can result in conflicts between the members. When we were shopping in Old Shekou, we were able to find one material which was our pipe. This was because none of the shops had a propeller nor the water pump which is the “water elevator” that will send the water upwards. Because none of the shops did have a water pump and the propeller, our group decided to buy them from TaoBao. Overall, I think my group is well organized, and I think we will be successful because our only issue is the music box and its music coming out of the box. We will have to rely on the 3d printer to make sure the music box can work well. Our project won’t include coding because it will physically play the music out of the music box. But to let that happen, It will need to spin the music box, and this will be continued by the propeller spinning by the force of the water.