Purchasing materials in Old Shekou





STEAM Reflection

I chose STEAM over an online course is because I think STEAM is a course that you can learn a variety of skills throughout this course. For example, building skills, math skills, science skill, etc.… All of these skills are required throughout this course and I think these are skills that are very important in life. Finding solutions when facing challenges, also using skills to solve problems. Overall, I think STEAM is an excellent course that practices skills that can profoundly affect my future. Throughout the first few weeks of steam, I think this course is a very creative and interactive course. We get much freedom which I very cherish and is also a unique concept that is within this course. We are able to decide what we want to do and use our creativity and knowledge to create them. Using many skills that we use in life to face challenges and overcome them. I look forward to more new projects we can accomplish during this course!

Within our group, I think we’ve shared our own ideas and thinking pretty well with each other. We aren’t afraid or nervous to share out any thoughts we have; we spit out any ideas we have even it’s not so great. I think the key to good communication is the be honest! We share out everything that goes through our minds. I think throughout this project we will be working as a group because I believe we each have different skills and when this is put together I believe can create something that unique.

The day we went to old Shekou, our group only purchased a tube used for the water in our music box project. Walking through old Shekou, I could see many materials that could be used for more significant projects/construction sites. In our circumstances, we need small and precise measurements of materials that are used in our project. We are still missing a music box, water pump, propeller and also gears. I think with our teamwork, each and one of us can contribute something unique to our project. I think this we can mostly complete what we have planned out. I say this primarily because I think during the process we will face challenges that will maybe make us change our tactics. In the end, I’m sure we can create a music box that is one of a kind! I think we will learn to program music by watching youtube tutorials or asking experts at our school on how to program music.