1. I wasn’t interested in any of the courses presented. They may have been important perhaps, and perhaps it takes three months to finish (or something like that I think), but I don’t think I would have been interested and dedicated enough to spend the amount of hours necessary to finish the course. So I decided to do STEAM.
  1. I have so far found this course to be fun, I guess. I found going to get the materials needed for our music box sort of fun. I think that it’ll be kind of painful to begin the building, but also probably going to be fun. I think that it’ll be painful to make the small pieces to trigger the notes because their small pieces of cardboard, which might not be that strong. I think it’ll be fun because it’ll be cool to see it work and standing.
  1. I think its alright, we talk in class about what were going to do. Thats about the only place we talk about this project at so far.
  1. I guess were going to work as a group, though I’m not sure. I think this because I think we would work on building it, making the music, and coding it together, but we have some roles like for example, Jim is taking the pictures.
  1. We purchased eight metal pipes, each of different lengths. We now will be needing some sturdy cardboard, quite a lot of cardboard I think, and a motor. We might also need to 3D print some parts to make sound for the music box, and we need time to build the music box itself.
  1. I think we’ll do ok overall. I think ok overall because I think we will be able to build the general idea of it, but the music might be a problem. One reason why the music might be a problem is because the music box is supposed to allow something to be customizable, which I think is the music. So, then we might want to figure out ways to make the coding be adjustable without it breaking. Another reason I think will be a problem is the size of the cylinder. I say this because the cylinder has be big enough to hold lots of notes or coding things on it so that it can play music without it sounding off I guess, and it can’t be too big because it might create some long time periods between the notes sound.
  1. I guess through youtube. Ill look at how other people create the music for music boxes if they use cylinders to code. I want to look at those people because they know to create some music that an be cycled over and over, like how ours should work I think. So, then we can understand how to trigger the sound.