1. Why did you choose STEAM over an online course? 

I like to design and to make stuff through using some kinds of machine and I thought if I join STEAM I will be able to do both at once. Even in the previous school, I chose DT (Design Technology) as the subject I want to take. When I came here, I heard that DT is not included in the subjects which I can choose so I felt down but after that, I heard that STEAM is a similar subject with DT. So I decided to choose STEAM.

2. How have you found the course so far? 

I found it interesting. With the first project which is designing and making a music box, I thought I could do both designing and making which I wanted to do. And another thing that found interesting was that we went out during the class time and buying the materials by ourselves. I wanted to have this kind of experience but there was no chance for me to. I was glad when I heard that we were able to.

3. How would you say the communication is going within your group? 

In our group, there’s only two people which makes me think that it is easier to communicate than the other groups which are in group of three. And because we listen to each other’s opinion carefully and we try to find out the better solution with the opinions that we have so I think the communication between our group is good.

4. Are you going to work as a group or will you delegate roles? 

We will work as a group for making the music box. When we are making the pieces for the music box, designing it, coloring it and composing the music, all the processes will be done together as a group.

5. What did you purchase in Old Shekou the other day and what else will you be needing? 

We bought an iron sheet and a special scissors for cutting it for making the keys made of iron. Other than these, we will need a handle. We are trying to make it with the 3D printer but if it doesn’t work, we will have to make it with another material or buy it somewhere.

6. Overall, how do you think you will do? Will you accomplish the goal and why? 

I think I will do quite well with making a music box except for composing a music. I think I am fine with building some little objects because in the previous school I already tried making some objects such as a toolbox, night lantern and a hanoi tower which is a toy for little children. Because of the experience I have, I think I won’t have lots of troubles for making a box or stands for holding some pieces. And my goal for this project is to make a normal music box which will work properly. And I am not sure if I really can. I am just worried a bit for composing the music. I think I will be able to make the box quite well but I have no confidence in melody because I never tried making it before. But if I work hard with my partner, I predict that we will be able to reach our goal.

7. How will you teach yourselves to program your music?

I am not familiar with composing a music so with the application which can help me to try playing the piano in my MacBook, I’ll practice making some beautiful melodies and then I’ll think about the clear and beautiful melody which will be accepted as a melody to go in a music box.