1.)I picked steam over age online course because I was interested in design and maybe becoming an engineer, furthermore I found the concept of designing and making an object to be quite interesting and fun. Furthermore I think that steam offers a more complete subject then the online course since it is taught by teachers and requires teamwork skill rather then sitting somewhere and using a computer.

2.) the course so far has being fun, it challenges me in ways that other courses simply do not and for the most part can not, this is because steam unlike science, math and art despite having those in its name. This is because steam combines almost all subjects for one to create a project.

3.)communication with the group has being decent for the most part. There isn’t any major problems as the communication I guess it could be better but for this project it will suffice

4.)right now our roles aren’t decided, but it’s likely that Alex will compose the music whilst long plans and I will handle construction

5.)we purchased 224cm worth of metal pipes which have being cut into smaller pieces. We still need a lot of cardboard for the frame, some 3d printed items for certain parts and a lego battery motor along with a large amount of time to make the music box

6.)overall I am willing to believe we will do extremely well. We will probably accomplish the goal because the project is overall not too hard. This is because firstly the construction is relatively simplistic secondly because the steam aspects will

7.)we will teach ourselves how to make music through trial and error, since Alex is a music student he will also offer valuable information around music. The trial and error process will likely be us repeatedly hitting one of the metal tubes until we know what sound it makes. After knowing what sounds it makes we will arrange the sound into music