STEAM Final Assessment (the journey) Hannah Collin

Our process took over the whole semester 1, from the beginning of August when we started discovering what escape rooms were to November when we started designing our own escape rooms. When we were given our groups and started to plan and design our escape rooms, we split the tasks between the members in our groups evenly. My group consisted of four people, Kevin, Jennifer, Steve and myself so we decided to have 4 main tasks in our escape room. We brainstormed ideas and made sure each one of us had a specific role to work on in creating our escape room.

Kevins part were the croquets – he placed the 3 croquets on the floor so that when you look through them from a specific angle you will see a 3 digit code. With that 3 digit code you can unlock the box and get one out of the three prisms.

Steves part were the dominos – with his you were given a sheet of paper on the table, and with that sheet you had to match the dominos with the dominos slide that was projecting on the wall from a Keynote. On the sheet of paper 3 dominos were missing. When the slideshow projected the slide of the dominos you had to quickly match the sheet with the slide so that you could see what were the missing numbers. When you figured out the 3 missing numbers you could put them into the lock to unlock the second box with the second prism inside.

My part of the escape room were the cards. I made a riddle that I had printed out and stuck on the table next to the scattered cards. With the riddle, the participants should have understood that they had to put the cards in a specific order. After participants have put the cards in the specific order, they would see a 5 digit code. When they plug that code into the third box they will receive the last and final prism.

Finally,  Jennifers part was the key wall. Her section of the room was the final section. When the participants had collected all 3 prisms from unlocking the 3 boxes they would place them on the table with the outline of the prisms already placed. Once they aligned the prisms correctly they would press on the laser that was also taped onto the table. The beam from the laser would reflect of each of the prisms and shine directly onto one specific key on the key wall. With that key they could go to the door and unlock the final lock to escape our room!

Our biggest challenge was making sure the placement of the prisms were perfectly aligned. We noticed that even a millimeter would effect the position of the beam of light which would cause the light to not shine on the correct key. Another problem were the locks. In the beginning they did not work as well as we had hoped, however by the time of the Open day they were all working well.

We really enjoyed creating our escape room and were very happy with the outcome.

Reflection Room 3

Hannah,  Jennifer, Kevin, Steve

  • What tools are you using to measure, create & design?

The main tool we are using is our MacBooks to research ideas for our locks and our room design, also for the 3D printing we had to design and create a model through a website. We are using a lot of art skills in constructing and making our four different locks.

  • How are you making sure that your plan will work?

We first right a step to step plan if our procedure before constructing the final lock. We also have a group discussion every time we plan to make something else, we all discuss and analyze to see if it will be successful or not.

  • What challenges do you see in the process of your planning?

One of the aspects in STEAM is creativeness so we decided instead of purchasing locks on Taobao, we would construct our own. We watched a Youtube tutorial on how to make a lock from cardboard, a challenge for us was that it was a lot harder than we had thought it would be to actual physically make a lock from cardboard.

  • What support/material might you need to be successful?

For us I think the best would be to take time and make sure everything is precise, organized and well structured.

  • Now we are about finished with our locks and our four individual sections of our room. The next classes will go mostly towards designing our room and making sure everything fits the theme and goes well according with our given clues.

We are looking forward to the final escape room!!

STEAM Reflection

In the beginning, our first classes revolved around the projects we had done last year, we wrote reflections and made lists to help ourselves remember and bring us back into the STEAM mindset. After the intro classes, we started getting familiar with our topic for our STEAM class this semester – escape rooms! The next few classes involved getting to know the term ‘escape rooms’ and further exploring what they really were. Once we were familiar with the topic, and understood the concept we went to our first physical escape room – Mr. X. While in Mr. X, we were faced with many challenges on how to escape, it was a great practice to try and find the clues in order to escape the room. It was a good experience since going online and figuring out an online escape room was much different then figuring out a physical one. After our Mr. X class, we were given the task to make our own digital escape room. The next class we all presented the ones we had made – it was amazing to see the different ways everyone took in order to complete their digital escape rooms. The class after, we got with a partner and made one of our digital escape rooms into physical escape rooms! This was an interesting activity – the escape rooms had to be thought out very well in order to execute them the same way we would have done if they were still digital. After two classes of planning and making our clues we set our physical escape rooms up and let teachers try and escape from them! This was great to see if our physical escape room really worked out and to see if it was not too hard or easy for our audience. We got great feedback and changed a few of our steps in order to make the escape room more clear. Now, we have our groups that we will be working with for the rest of the semester for our final physical escape room. The theme of our combined escape room is ‘Alice in Wonderland’. My group and I have the section, ’Queen of Hearts.’ At the moment we are brainstorming ideas and making lists of what we should include in our room. I am very excited to see how the final product will look like!

The resources I have used so far working on this final escape room are all on the internet: Pinterest, Youtube, Taobao, Google websites and our STEAM notebook. Our combined notebook is really helpful since every member in our group can jot down their own ideas so that we can all edit and share our thoughts at the same time. I think that I will continue to use Google quiet a lot since it is a great source to find ideas that will help spark our minds to create something AWESOME for our final escape room! 😉

I feel like so far, my group and I have been working very productive together and we have been using our time very wisely. Since we have only had around one class for planning we do not have too much to work with at the moment, however, we are slowly getting to the stage past planning and onto experimenting. A problem we have is that we have a lot of ideas and thoughts, however we cannot link all the ideas together and are having trouble completing our ideas. I think we should focus on concentrating on one idea at a time, instead of trying to figure out four ideas at once. We are also having trouble figuring out which locks we should use for our room.

I enjoy how we have a lot of freedom to design our own escape rooms and how we are all quite self independent to choose and decide what we will end up using or not. The most frustrating thing for me is having too many ideas – but not being able to use them all. That is why now, if I get an idea I first think it out in my head, and make sure if it can 100% work before I share it with my peers.

As a collaborator, I have learned how to work very well with my peers, and I am always open to new ideas and thoughts. I exchange ideas and ask questions in order to make an agreement with the members in my group.

Some things I have learned about myself as a designer is that I love to experiment and try out new ideas. I consider myself to be quite creative when it comes to brainstorming and trying to figure new ways out.

Being a good collaborator and designer tell me that I am a very encouraging person and  am very straight forward. As a learner I try to finish all my tasks and assignments on time and I make sure that they are always the best they can be.

Everyone has their own working style. I tend to project my ideas with my peers and I enjoy discussing new topics, however, I often see that some of my classmates are more quite and work better individually than in a group.

One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is to not rush my work. I tend to want to finish my project very fast and it sometimes leads to the project not being 100% finished or a little sloppy. I would like to improve on taking my time and making sure that every single detail is rightly placed, well thought out and where it should be.

I am really looking forward to see how our final escape room will look and I cannot wait to present it to SIS!