Joshua Kim Final STEAM Reflection

For the last few months at SIS, I have been given a great pleasure to be a member of SIS STEAM class, which I found to be one of the most fascinating courses I have taken in high school so far. Since there were no other courses with so many different aspects from a variety of areas including science, technology, math, art, etc., STEAM has been a very special experience for me. It not only made me more interested in technology and art, which I had almost zero interests before, but also taught me valuable lessons that I could apply outside of class such as teamwork, creative thinking, and designing.


Now looking back at the STEAM class, I am able to recall some of the most joyful moments and those that weren’t as good as expected. First, let’s start with good things. Through collaborating with my group members and as a whole class, I gained more sense of being a part of a community that gears together for a common goal, which in this case was an OkGo project presentation. I think this was a turning point in myself more so because in the past, I rarely participated in group projects as engaged as I was this year. I definitely think this was a good beginning for my transition although there’s still a long way to go in terms of being more proactive rather than passive. Moreover, from this class, I developed my skills in various subject areas such as technology, art, and even photography. I really enjoyed designing specific parts of the project while adding my artistic style to them. The reason why I could be successful in that may come from the fact that I am a highly detail-oriented learner. I also had a great time posting photos and videos of our progress on Instagram. I tried to post at least one photo or video every class so that I could share our progress with all classmates with great footages. Combining all the aspects of myself, I developed a strong sense of myself as an independent learner who can find a way of my own while still participating in the project as a group. I think that is a highly sought-after skill for a future IB scholar and a member of any community I may be part of later in life. Lastly, I discovered that I was able to reflect on myself pretty accurately, meaning without much fallacies. Throughout the course, I was able to go back to my old reflections and tried to find ways to improve what I was struggling on and could improve. I will continue to develop this skill in my life so that I can know what I have to improve and act accordingly.


Now is the time for my less confident areas to share: what I “failed” at. Personally, I used to find this word intimidating. Whenever I thought of the word, I automatically connected my academic and personal struggles that I wasn’t able to fix or overcome. But, in this class, I learned that it didn’t necessarily mean what I referred it to. Instead of being afraid of failing again, I think I focused more on why I made those mistakes and what I could do differently to not make the same mistakes again. Just like any other event outside of class, STEAM was also a struggle for me. For most of the time, we were virtually left at our own wills and abilities to complete the project on time without direct supervision or procedures to follow. For a person who was used to a guideline of “how to”‘s, I actually found this class to be very different from others. Not only had I created something from scratch to a minute-long sequence, but I also had not many experiences of group projects. For these reasons, I had a few clues of what I could do to be productive at all time. Fast forward to a month before now, I was in a more comfortable situation then. I could prepare materials that I needed in or outside of school, participate in group discussions at times of struggles and even share some good ideas with my group members. Other than that, I had several issues of understanding of the sequence, for which I had to be constantly reminded of what exactly I was in charge of and overcome the dilemma of blank start–a situation in the beginning where I couldn’t find a way to start working even though I felt I had some vague ideas. As a group, we made a lot of changes in connecting each individual parts into one sequence partly because we didn’t have a ton of interactions and sharing-progress-times in class. But of all, what I found to be the most challenging in STEAM was my passivity. Because I was a silent student, I think my group members found it more difficult to approach me, thus reducing the effectiveness that could come from more group discussions and brainstorming. Moreover, I honestly think I didn’t do my best to overcome my passivity and become more proactive and adjust to what was valued more in group projects. If this were an individual project, I would have had an easier time creating, designing, and synthesizing the sequence by my own. But since this was project that required everyone’s constant participation and more open-mindedness, I think I had more struggles. But now I know what I can improve on, I am certain that I could do better next time, which moves us to the next topic–what I would do differently next time.


So in the future, I would like to join more group acitvities, whether it be science, math, or art, so that I can really start to explore what I love the most. Because my previous assumptions that I were a 100% history geek met new challengers, I may have to have a greater sense that there are more things out there that I may not even have thought of. Another thing I would do differently next time comes from what I could improve on in the group project. Because now I know what consequences ineffective time management and group time could bring, I would definitely spend time more wisely and be a more active participant of any activities we do as a group. Foremost, I learned that a group project is after all not that bad as I thought before. If there is a chance like this in the future, I would definitely take that opportunity and make all the “what-I-would-do-differently”‘s come true. So thank you SIS STEAM for this amazing opportunity. It’s been a wonderful first semester here at SIS. Now for the last time, SIS STEAM ROCKS!

Final reflection-Barbara

How did i fail?

This entire project was created for us to fail. It’s been really challenging, many things went wrong in all of ideas we did not encounter one flaw we although we encountered about 20 flaws. But these failures were not completely failures more like road bumps that we went through. The one failure i would say would be that we didn’t have time to finish and showcase our work. But our “road bumps” our flaws in our building were normal and expected because you can never get anything built or done spot on in one try, we were suppose to fail in order to succeed. Our flaws that we faced were not having the right materials because there was none left or we ran out like, spray painting was not done perfectly, our ideas that we were excited about and built but could not contribute because of not connecting it into the sequence. our vortex , things kept falling, the marble would get stuck in places that we never knew would get stuck on, just little flaws like that, that made it difficult to move pass but in the end things worked out and it was not a complete “failure”, it was all a matter of time and that we did not have enough of.

How did we succeed?

 Initially there was no “I” in this scenario because throughout this semester it has always been a group effort. How we succeeded together? Well I believe that team work  is what we mastered because having 3 people in a group is hard to really get anything done as fast as we would of wanted it. With all of our corporation we managed to rebuild a a meter and a half slide vortex, and further add adjustments to make it 2 times as better. Another thing i would have to agree that we did we, was problem solving because there were many times where we initially thought of an idea and when it came to take the action, we discovered its flaws and that took problem solving. For me this is where the “i” aspect comes in because i figured myself being the one to reassure and fix things when they break or fall apart. I was the one who came up with other alternatives (building wise). I another thing i was great as was my dedication for my part, because towards the end we did split up and I felt as i was the one who would keep trying to rebuild and keep going until i was done. to be honest i never said i was patient or the most calm but i was mostly determined to keep going because i would not have been satisfied otherwise. A quick example of this that involved my determination and problem solving was when i was stacking dominoes, i had to figure out a way to save the dominions that i have already set up from not falling over so i didn’t have to restart, eventually i found a way to solve that problem after it falling over multiple times i had the DETERMINATION to try again until it was complexly done…..we had to fail in order to succeed……

what we could have done things differently?

To be fair, there are so many other ways we could’ve approached our sequence. We would of been a lot more organised with our plan because at the end we were most improvising it wasn’t easy and that resulted in us having to stay later in school because we were not, actually i wouldn’t say we weren’t organised, but we had encountered so many problems and encountered so many new things thats we had no other option but to improvise. I would change how we approached our sequence when we were setting and building for the production of our video.

Last Reflection- Sumin

To end our OKGO project, when I look back, it took us a whole semester to come to an end. Even though we didn’t get to perform it in front of an audience, I think it was pretty successful because of the effort and creativities that we’ve put in to this. At first, I, we, our group had all the things pictured and how it will turn out only looking at videos on youtube. When our group actually got to the process when we had to take it into actions, it was way harder than we thought it’ll be. Things didn’t work out easily, I had to make second third drafts, break them apart and put them all together. As I continued this, our piano got better and had achieved our goals by making our piano, which was one of the main part in our project. All the keys were surprisingly working really well, and our group members and I also decorated with covering with black paper and drew over it with correction pens. I can’t say our piano was perfect, amazing because we took a long while to finish it and we mostly had it done as it got closer to an end. However, despite all these facts and failures, our group didn’t give up and used our time effectively of what we had. I came to school earlier, stayed late and I truly believed that it will work if I think more collaboratively with my group mates and we did. Finally, we finished our steam project, with an success by the abilities of thinking collaboratively, managing my time (as we got closer to the end of the semester) and with the belief in myself and my team.

As I mentioned earlier, this project was pretty much a success for me. However, I failed a lot to step up to an end. And I think I failed in time management because the first few months we spent few month only planning out, drafting and didn’t get to work. We had difficulties in dividing our jobs so our whole group always worked on one thing all together which didn’t help. So when we got to the filming process we had a lot of difficulties because we didn’t have anything organised. The amphitheatre was unavailable because there were things going on which we should have organised it at first place so we had to find another place that we can flip and we were all falling down. We ended up coming to school earlier and filmed it in the first floor which thankfully worked out. So to conclude,  for the failure of this project was time management and organization.

If I go back time and get another chance to work on this project, I will use my time more effectively and will draft it more specific and with details. Our group had an idea of what we were gonna do but it took a long time for us to take into actions. I will also think more wisely because we only mostly contributed our effort into one sequences when we had a fill in a whole stage. I regret not doing as much since I realise that our piano was actually good and we could have taken it more from that.

After all, I am proud of our group with what we ended up and it was a fun project as my first and last steam class!

Second Reflection, Megs

How did I succeed? I honestly don’t know where to start. I think there were a lot of high moments for my group. But personally I found that there were some surprising successes. First It’d probably be the very brainstorming. I don’t want to take full credit for our design, it was constantly evolving as we went on. But I like to think that I set the tone and the basis for our project. I had encouraged a certain vibe to our sequence, drafting our very first plans. Then the further along we went the more and more the project seemed to fall apart, I had contributed to reworking the plans, re drafting, re writing. But my main success I think was when we had to plan for the rest of our sequence, after the piano was constructed. I had to catch up and work on the rest of the aspects of it. Even though we got behind with this, the lights, the drums, I still tired to pull ahead and work on them as soon as possible. I know our time management was not the best but personally, I feel I succeeded in creating a vision and charging ahead to fulfill it. I had even come to school early and stayed late just so we could film. I feel that even though I hadn’t really contributed to so much of the physical work, and was refined to smaller aspects, I was in charge of the vision and the problem solving. And I feel I definitely brought it in that department.


And what did I fail in? Well, that parts easy. We had come up to several bumps in the road. It got especially bad when trying to film finally. We changed our choice of venue from the amphitheater it’s self to the whole first floor. We had to accommodate the newest part of the sequence. We came to school early, stayed late. We were panicked. I think the major thing we failed with, me in particular was time management. I didn’t really prioritize the project as much as I should have and set it on the back burner, which hindered our project production a bit. I didn’t do too much of the heavy work the main aspects until the final weeks. I was preoccupied with the piano and the prototypes I didn’t pay too much attention to the main sequence or seeing if everything would work well. But the last two weeks we pooled all our strength and I personally, pulled through and did as much as I could. Even with all our small failures, the piano not working, misprinting, reprinting keys, the failure of the slide, learning the lights. All of it was sudden and I had to pull through to do my best.


Next time, what I’d do differently would probably try out new things. We stayed in a certain comfort zone and didn’t have the courage to do even bigger and more audacious things. Our sequence wasn’t outside of the box enough. I’d like to blame time and resources for it. But I can only blame myself. I wanted to make a project that was manageable and looked good, doing things we were certain we had the energy to do. But now looking at it, the piano was good, but we could’ve don’t so much. The drums were basic, easy, inventive, but basic. We could’ve done so much with the time and space but at the time of drafting I missed the mark and realized before it was too late I could’ve made it so much more spectacular. I’d like to go back to the drawing board and just try to come up with a sequence that made people say “Whoa” I underestimated my team and myself. I could’ve pushed further. But I am happy with how our sequence turned out, I’m happy with my efforts in the last two weeks, I’m happy with my vision and my music and my sequence coming to life. And I am very very happy with my team.

Javier Vaquer Final Reflection

How did I succeed and fail?

In steam class this year I succeeded by focusing on building the ramp and letting my other group members focus on the piano. The ramp was one of the most important things of the sequence. The piano also turned out really well and really good looking cause they painted it. I failed in steam this year by not using my time wisely and doing everything the last minute. The first months of classes we didn’t do anything cause we thought there was so much time but in the end, we ran out of time and didn’t have time to perform it. That was my fail in steam this year if did it again next year I would have used my time wiser.

What would you have done differently?

If I did it again next year I would use my time wiser instead of fooling around at the beginning of the semester. One thing that I would have changed is the video project, I think the video project was a waste of time and that we should have spent all the time preparing for the final presentation instead of spending so much time in the video. If we would have done that then we would have had enough time to prepare for the presentation.


Sumin STEAM Reflection

What resources have you used while working on your final design?

While we were working on our prototype, we gathered informations from google and youtube, and for the resources most of them were from Mr. Henniger’s storage in his room. We used long wood sticks and sawed them into small pieces, and we also asked helped from a worker in our school to make a hole with the drill.

Which ones were especially helpful?

I think the tools really supported us to make the piano. What helped us get the idea was youtube however most of the supplement which actually helped us was all from Mr.Henniger’s room. Without the supplies, it would have took us forever to find the perfect pieces of wood that we were looking for.

Which ones are you thinking you’ll be using a lot?

For getting the idea, we will be using youtube and google a lot. These resources give us the idea to think bigger rather than thinking it in one way. For example, if we didn’t look for different videos for the prototype, we wouldn’t have gotten the idea to make a piano with the connection of pieces of wood and it also had short instructions so we used that as a background and tried to challenge that with what we had.

How do you feel about the work you’ve done so far?

Well I’m appreciated to what we’ve done so far since we have worked to make the best piano as we can with what we have. First, I thought it would be impossible because it was harder than we expected because it was hard to make melodies with pieces of wood. However the pieces of wood actually took important roles in the piano and helped it stand  itself and handle the cylinder with water. So in general, for what we have so far, I’m proud of it.

What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why?

I liked the process when we had to find the music to use and when we started making our prototype. Even though it was only one or two classes to find the music to use in our project, the process that we tried to find a music that fits ourselves but also the theme made me very excited. It was kind of hard since we can’t use unless it’s a free music, but because of that I think we found a music that has a good pace with good beats to combine it with instruments and djing that we are preparing.

What do you enjoy about designing a sequence/prototype to music?

I usually like music so listen to music a lot so when I first heard about the project, I was very excited because the topic was based on music. It was kind of cool that we are kind of remaking the music and that we add on performance into it.  Therefore, designing the sequence and the prototype itself was fun. I enjoyed that we get the chance to create the stage that we want to and make a prototype which will lead the music and use it in our performance.

What have you found the most frustrating? What has helped you in overcoming the frustrations?

It was hard to find a instrument that we can make and use it in the project we’re doing. And since it was something related to music, we wanted to build like a musical instrument and that’s why we’ve decided to make a piano. The most frustrating part was to find the materials to make and lack of machines to help us build in shape. However, the school had a lots of supplies that we can use and resources and also a worker from our school was extremely helpful.

What have you learned about yourself as a collaborator?

Since this project is a team work, I realised that rather than working by myself working with my teammates was more effective. Because we all got to share our thoughts and contribute into one whole project.

What have you learned about yourself as a designer?

For a long time I thought I was bad at designing because I thought it was a part of art. But I realised that there are many meanings to “design” the letter itself. It wasn’t the ability how you’re good at it or not. It was based on how creative you are. So with my teammates they gave me the idea to think creatively and effectively share with them.

What do these things tell you about yourself as a learner?

As a learner, I would say that I had to think in a creative way. The project we’re working on is based on the ok go music videos and their work. Every time I watch they’re video I’m impressed that they thought of that idea and the way that they are performing it. Because I was impressed about it, I wanted our project to look the same. So I learned to think “out of the box” and in a lot of different perspectives to add creativity into it.

In what ways do you work differently?

With the other groups, what we did differently was we included our personalities. And our focus was more related to music than engineering. And at the end we will also contribute djing in our music.

In what ways is your work process similar?

It was similar because when we were planning we all had the same sort of idea and we had to figure out each parts different. However we all ended up having different themes so I think it will work out well.

One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is…

As I work through this I think I will get better at creating stuff and how we can contribute all projects related to music. Since this project is all related to music, beats and creative thinking, by the end of this semester, I will have the confidence to think in a creative way than a formal way, and I will be able to break up the music into pieces and make things fit as the beat goes on. And I will get better at cutting the wood into pieces. During the project, we had to cut a lotto pieces of wood and it took us about 10 to 15 minutes cutting one pieces of wood, but now I have strategies.

One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is…

One of my goals that I want to set myself this semester is to concentrate while working. Because I get distracted very easily and I can’t concentrate on something for a long time. So for this year, I ant to improve on my concentration during class. However, since it’s steam class and we get to be active than other classes so I think I’m improving because it’s a lot of fun and interesting stuff.

How can you make sure you achieve it?

In order to achieve on my goals, I will try to set a time for me to concentrate and maybe a break time of one or two minutes. In steam class, we have most of the time to work on our project, so we get the time to make the prototype and research for more informations, but I easily get distracted so I end up doing something else rather than fully concentrating on the project. So from now on, I will seat myself a time, for example, 45 mins of work, 5 minute of break, so on and on.

What support/help do you need to meet your goal?

Rather than the piano, we want to create another prototype that we can use during the presentation, but we’re not sure what would fit into it. Can we have some ideas from you? And the goal right now is to perfectly make the piano. In order to do that, if we get time I want to try putting more keys into the piano since we have only one key now. If we practice adding on more keys and also decorate it really nice, I think it will be a perfect piano at the end.

Here’s a video of our piano prototype.

Javier Vaquer- First STEAM Reflection

What process have you gone through to produce the work you’ve done so far?

The process my group and I have gone through to design the prototype was collecting ideas, brainstorming, researching, and designing it.

What resources have you used while working on your clues and final design?  Which ones were especially helpful?  Which ones are you thinking you’ll be using a lot?

We’ve used many resources while working on our design. Ones the most helpful by far has been youtube because it has tutorials and it shows you how to do it step by step, I will for sure continue to use it a lot.

How do you feel about the work you’ve done so far? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why?

I feel very proud of the work that we have done so far. One part that I really like is that everyone is doing something they like and that we combined all our passions into this project, like for example I’m doing something related to soccer, megs is doing something related to music and Jimmy is playing the piano. One thing that I dislike is that we have to do a video and a live performance because its really hard to execute.

What do you enjoy about designing a sequence/prototype to music?  What have you found the most frustrating? What has helped you in overcoming the frustrations?

One thing that I enjoy was our freedom for this project because we can do anything we want and its up to our imaginations what we want to do. At the bottom is a video of one of our prototype that we made.

What I found most frustrating at the moment is trying to imagine how our final project because when you start working on the project you realize how hard it is to do it. Now I really respect the group ok go for all the amazing things they do Its not easy at all. But hopefully everything goes the right way and the final product is good.

What have you learned about yourself as a collaborator?

For this project as a collaborator I have learned that I am the one who does all the physical stuff and not the planning like for example Jimmy designed the piano but all the little wood pieces that the piano has, I cut it with a saw one by one and it was a lot of work, but all the rest my partners did it.

What have you learned about yourself as a designer?

I learned that I’m better creatively and that its is easier for me to draw inspiration from soccer, cause for my part of the project I’m kicking a soccer ball and hitting something to start the show and that inspiration I got it from soccer hopefully in the actual show I don’t miss and it works.

What do these things tell you about yourself as a learner?

I think these things tell me that I like working better in groups rather than individual because everyone brings in a different unique style. I also prefer working in a group because I feel like I get more things done than if I was alone.

In what ways does the way you work differ from the of your classmates style?  In what ways do you work differently? In what ways is your work process similar?

I think our group compared to other groups is really different because ours is all of our passions combined into one that are somehow connected for example my part has to do something with soccer, jimmy’s with the piano, and megs with music. All of our process are similar because we have all gone through the same stages of planing, choosing a song etc..

One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is the efficiency that we work in. Because some classes we are really distracted and we don’t get a lot done so in the future I want to get better at getting things done with out distractions.

One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is finishing our project in time.

How can you make sure you achieve it?

I can achieve it by working hard every class time and not getting distracted into other things like it happens to us sometimes. But I think we will finish the project with out a doubt.

What support/help do you need to meet your goal?

I think the only support I need is the teachers reminding us about our due dates so that we don’t miss them and stay on track on all of the due dates because if we start missing the due dates we wont finish our project.

Kelly Yu – First STEAM Reflection

•What process have you gone through to produce the work you’ve done so far?

Currently, our group is done with making our prototype and is working on creating the materials needed for the real model. The initial step that brought us to this point is research. After being introduced to the project, we searched for similar projects online. But before brainstorming ideas for our own, we first identified the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Since STEAM requires five different skill sets — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math — it was important for us to be aware of which skills we have to make good use of and which skills we have to improve on. When brainstorming ideas, we jotted down lists of accessible materials. Each of us created a part of the whole sequence; then, we combined them together. After receiving feedbacks from the share out of our final design to the class, we began making our prototype. We decided to use aluminum foil because it is easy to use and can be easily shaped into desired forms. In fact, we were the first group to finish our prototype. After obtaining an approval from the teacher, we started to work on our real machine. Last class, we finished making the dartboard; we will continue making the basketball hoop next class.  

•What resources have you used while working on your clues and final design?  Which ones were especially helpful?  Which ones are you thinking you’ll be using a lot?  

I mostly utilized the internet. Since this is my first time creating a Rubes Goldberg Machine, I did not have enough ideas to start brainstorming. On Youtube, a lot of people had already posted videos relating to the topic; this helped me gain new insights. I was especially inspired by a music video by Ok Go — their use of colors, the music, and the camera movement were all refreshing, which motivated me to make our group’s project as fascinating. 

•How do you feel about the work you’ve done so far? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why?

I think we have done a pretty good job so far. We identified the necessary materials. We have a design that is quite complete. We finished our prototype on time, and are ahead of other groups. The part that I particularly like about is the process of making the basketball hoop. We really had to collaborate as a group, which helped us build teamwork. I don’t really have a part that I dislike yet.

•What do you enjoy about designing a sequence/prototype to music?  What have you found the most frustrating? What has helped you in overcoming the frustrations?

We haven’t started working on the music yet, but I guess the moment I will enjoy the most will be when our sequence matches perfectly with the music — that feeling of satisfaction. The most frustrating moment will most likely be the process of making the sequence match with the music — this will require a lot of calculations and attempts. 

If I have to choose a frustrating moment that I had already encountered, then that would be when the necessary materials weren’t available. The solution we found was simple: we decided to make them with the materials that were available.

•What have you learned about yourself as a collaborator?

I learned that I am capable of effectively collaborating with my teammates. I was the one who had a solid vision in mind, so I often took the lead and informed the other members of what is needed at the time, and what should be done in the next hour, etc. As it turned out, our group not only finished the assignments on time but was also ahead of other groups.   

•What have you learned about yourself as a designer?

As a designer, I learned that I tend to focus more on the practicality of the design than on the artistic aspect. In my head, I would have a simulation, and I would watch out for any defects that would hinder the whole sequence. I feel like I should pay more attention to the aesthetics of the design from now on.

•What do these things tell you about yourself as a learner?

These things tell me that, as a learner, I am a person who initially takes inspiration from other people but builds on that in multiple directions. I also constantly look back at my work, reflect, check for any mistakes or flaws, and employ that knowledge in future steps.

•In what ways does the way you work differ from that of your classmates’ style?  In what ways do you work differently? In what ways is your work process similar?

I am a deep thinker. I tend to go through a long thought-process in my head. I am also a very visual person, so, in my head, I would imagine the whole Rubes Goldberg Machine working smoothly. Before I take any actions, I would first plan out all the steps that I should take in order to achieve my goal. During the working process, I would also stop from time to time to look back at the work and organize my next actions.

My work process is similar to other people in many ways as well. I would do research and take notes at the beginning stage. I would create an initial design and revise it several times in order to get the best result. And I would also reflect after the project is finished.  

•One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is…

As we continue the process this semester, I would like to get better at handling technology. Although it is not in my best interest, I want to at least make an attempt at incorporating the technological aspect into our sequence and making it stand out to the viewer’s eyes.

•One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is…  How can you make sure you achieve it?

One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is to be better at handcrafting things. In order to accomplish this aim, I will have to create some of the necessary materials by hand. I can also try out various DIY items. 

•What support/help do you need to meet your goal?

In order to meet my goal, I would need some help from my group members for extra assistance. Constant support from the teachers would also be very helpful 🙂

STEAM Reflection Megs

So far, we’ve made great progress in our group regarding planning and action. We have a set prototype ready and a sequence in which to film. The process in how we got there was quite easy. I asked my group what we were all good at, starting with the elements of STEAM. Then I asked, what else are we good at. I found me and a few of my group mates saying: music. Since OK GO is a large inspiration to this project, we really wanted to incorporate the musical part of their videos. In our filmed section we’ll be performing on different homemade instruments. Many involving different medias in which we could express physical motion from sound. The way we ended up there was just going through youtube to see what people have done in the past. Drawing inspiration from that we began brainstorming. I think just using the internet to the fullest extent was the best resource. We found projects that people have done in the past, particularly the piano part. We first saw the homemade piano project and thought, we can do this, then as we discovered through creating the prototype, it was pretty easy to understand how to replicate it. I think just searching for similar projects online or even better, finding tutorials is going to be a great resource for the next phase of our construction. So far, I’ve liked what we’ve been able to do, the homemade piano is a really great model that is functional (yay!!!!) that we can base our real product after. It was all a combined effort from the team. I wouldn’t say I dislike any part of our project, I just think that we could clean up the sequence a bit when we start filming. I do like the fact that when we design to music, everything is perfectly on beat and in time, and I, being a musician, find that the video will look so much better when we time things accordingly.  I honestly think that the inly hard part about setting to music is literally finding the music. It’s hard to fid royalty copy right free music that we can all follow. But we ended up finding a remixed, reproduced version of a song we all liked. I think my group dynamic is pretty good, we haven’t had any fighting and we all agree on things. I had taken on the title of group leader, after drafting the plan and sequence myself, and I think that we are definitely one of the most functional and organized groups. As a designer, I really thought outside of the box and realized that our sequence will be very different from the two other groups. And I thought to change it to make it fit the prescribed formula, but union doing so, our design lost its character. So we have our unique sequence, and as a designer of it, I think it was really important for me to step out of the way and let it evolve by itself. I think since we’ve been given such a big task, I had to rework the way I thought about STEAM, and instead of trying to build something I needed to create something. Using art as a forerunner in our preliminary planning. I learned that I learned from trial and error. Our trials with the piano prototype set us back a bit but we kept on finding new ways to solve a problem. Which I find a great learning experience. Our process and style is really different from the others. We have a style that is following the musical style with elements of STEM. I find our class mates really had a sequence that followed cause and effect. Having strings pulling things and whatnot, but for us, we took a looser approach and gave our sequence the effect of a music video rather than a science project. I find ours to be one of the more artistically based projects, especially with our take on the OK GO videos. One thing I would like to get better at as we continue the process this semester is just to keep on using our combined talents. And not base ourselves off what other groups are doing, to let our creation truly breath and have a life and form of its own. One goal that I would like to set myself for the rest of the semester is to meet deadlines and stay on top of the workload to help even out the duties of the group. My group leader position relies on me helping guide our project, and I think as we continue building it will keep on going from there. All I need to reach this goal is the same level of effort from my teammates and we will be setting sail!

Joshua Kim First STEAM Reflection

Eversince my class was met with the light of the new STEAM project, we were more than delighted and enthousiastic to work with each other for this wonderful opportunity to present the best of our abilities in various areas. On the first day of STEAM class, Leo, Paul, Kelly, and I were assigned to the first group to present the project, and also got a group mission: two minutes of performance incorporated with both complex and intriguing set of ideas. As of now, we have finished our first prototype and are heading on to another, bigger and more complex one before making the actual items. In the past few weeks, I’ve brainstormed with my group members and watched some examples of STEAM project to get an idea of how to produce our own. In working on my clues and final design, I found the OKGo Youtube videos and 5 inspiring videos Ms. Ceci showed us very helpful. Later I used my sketchnote as a reference of possible ideas and how I personally felt toward creating those as part of our group project.

So far I’m satisfied with the work me and my group members have done so far. Everyone works diligently and has his or her unique abilities that shine when we collaborate. I particularly like how we get to plan every step from scratch and create our own prototype as a reference of what we’ve achieved so far. While working on our prototype encourages me to draw in my head what the actual project would look like, it also is possibly a time-consuming work. We occasionally spend a significant amount of time to gather materials we need, which is not the most significant part of working on the prototype. Inspire of some hardships, I find designing the sequence to music quite innovative. I find adding artistic, especially musical, part to the project as scattering colorful rainbow jellies to a white creme cake. Music not only enables me to compose our project based on the rhythm and melody, but it also adds artistic aspect to what we call a STEAM project. One minor thing that boggled me a little when selecting a piece is the fact that a lot of pieces that we know to be trendy or contemporary are copyrighted and are hard to get a permission to use. To overcome the frustration, I encouraged my group members to consider classical music as our background music because most of them were composed before copyrights were established and they can also adds some antique aspect to a very modern project like this.

In the process of designing the project, especially when creating the prototype, I honestly found myself as not a very strong collaborator. From what I believe, I sometimes evade from helping other members creating the project and rather focus more on how I could make a certain part even better, often without consulting them directly. However, except some difficulties like it, I find collaborating with my group members as decent enough to freely share my ideas and contribute in collaboration. On the other side is myself as a designer, of which I’m quite proud to see how artistic and innovative I could get. As evidenced by my sketchnote, I found jotting down plenty of ideas and inspirations from some example videos very easy, and more importantly, instinctive as if my brain were holding the pen and drawing the lines on the paper without my fully acknowledging it.

I personally think of myself better as a designer than as a collaborator, on which I would have to work a bit more from now on. Combining all the aspects of myself, I find myself as an enthousiastic learner, who can benefit from other people’s productions and create my own with new aspects. Being open-minded and not afraid to ask other people’s ideas are what I consider as one of my biggest strengths as a learner.

Working with my group members for the past few weeks gave me a decent idea of their working styles and how theirs compare from mine. This part of the project was very interesting to me since I had not had a lot of opportunities to learn and compare other people’s learning process from mine in the past. In general, me and my group members work at a steady space and are usually not in a rush nor being unproductive. However, some members seem to like working and collaborating with others more than concentrating on one’s own work like me well over half of the process. I could say that both learning styles have advantages and disadvantages as they would all come to create better results in the group project. So I came to accept others’ and also learn to know my strengths and weakness and to fix it when needed.

For the rest of the semester, I would like to be a more active and collaborative learner. Instead of being overly passive and self-reflecting , I would like to share my ideas and collaborate with others whenever possible. I will occasionally reflect on my process and possibly get advice from group members in order to make sure I achieve this goal by the end of the semester, which is only a heartbeat away from now. SIS STEAM ROCKS!

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