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3 May 2014

Story of My Life

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Final project. For English. Me is so thrilled. It has been a tough 12 years of elementary+middle+high school and I am now going to college/university. I didn’t know by making this project it would bring back so much memories and nostalgia that I almost smashed the computer out of embarrassment. It was quite surprising to find out the way I decided to mold and create my dreams. It was something very extraordinary compared to what my other peers might have done to mold their dreams. But I am just very glad that I have gotten a dream like everyone else and I wish the best luck to all the younger generations out there who are still shaping their future.


19 Mar 2014

IB Music Spring Recital

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Both of your selections are from musicals. Discuss how your knowledge of where each work is placed in the storyline impacted your interpretation beyond non-verbal communication and gesture.

I guess that the time back than compared to now was a lot more nicer and pleasant and everyone was so happy. Drinking, having fun with men or women and stalking people right outside on their streets were just a normal thing(these knowledges are coming from musicals I got from). So I guess that it was unnecessary to be frightened or uneasy about stalking someone or drinking and playing with women. And apparently, it is okay in musicals to serenade to their stalking targets right outside their houses and on the street happily and proudly so I got that going during my recital performance.

28 Feb 2014

3rd Paper 1 and Paper 2 Reflection

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I have taken the third paper 1 and paper 2 math practice mock exams. I can say first hand that I have been able to feel what taking a IB exam will feel like. It would be tiring both physically and mentally. To comment on the scores of the 2 papers, it’s a bummer that I can’t use a calculator for paper 1 because since this school encourages the use of calculators unlike Asian schools, I thought it was hard to adjust to since I was so comfortable with using the calculator. But I was thankful that the questions weren’t difficult enough to use the calculator. But the horror came when I was doing paper 2. I think the paper 1 was to give the illusion that IB exams will not be “so bad.”

I was quite satisfied with my grade boundaries I got for the 2 practice mock papers. For paper 1, I got a solid 4 and for paper 2, I barely got a 5. If I continue on my course of maybe looking and reviewing math more regularly than I think I’ll get IB scores similar to this one or possibly higher if I make myself confident enough to the point of even smiling and humming during IB exams.

18 Feb 2014

Last math test and wanted expectations?

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For my final IB grade for math I would be satisfied with at least a 4. I have never liked math and 4 seems to be a high enough number for me. In some Asian countries 4 is similar to death because it sounds very similar and people would not recommend it. But those superstitious bogus does not work for me and since a full grade for all IB subject is 7, 4 is quite high for IB(in my opinion). Honestly I do not know if the schools I applied to want my IB grades. It’s a nuisance when you apply to 20 or so schools and it is very difficult to keep track of what they require. But if I remember correctly many of the schools did not mention about IB and all the schools I applied to were in the US like many of my ‘Murican friends I believe that IB is not a priority for me. Since I’m thinking about majoring in science related subjects, I would most definitely be happy with minimum 4. I think I should focus on calculus because I lost my grip after chapter 1 so I think that if I thoroughly reviewed the calculus section than I think there is one less thing to worry about.

12 Feb 2014

Genesis Theory 2

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This human Jong Hyeok Song was a mistake. He lacked all the benevolence his creators as well as his brethren possessed. He was what people would term a “psychotic soul” in modern days. When he stepped on an ant, he would would record how long it took for the poor creature to perish and made record books out of each of the organisms he caused sufferings to. He would even slice pieces off of an alive cow and make the poor docile creature smell its own meat being burned and forced to witness the psychotic creature eat it. He had many dirty “little” secrets. He was married numerous times and even had children. HAD. What he did…is better to not be disclosed to the readers. But his greatest plan in mind…was to overthrow Vaneson and Lecy; his creators. The thought of becoming the new Supreme really intrigued him and in addition, gave him a massive shot of adrenaline into his heart; excitement. Something he didn’t feel in a long time. So he started to plan his wicked scheme…

12 Feb 2014


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This advertisement is an Indian ad about donating blood to thalassemia patients. I thought It really reached out to people’s pathos(emotions) and there weren’t a lot of description regarding what thalassemia is. The little girl is obviously the one who reaches out to people’s emotion as she is very young and very cute and when the young man she was talking to told her that he never donated blood, her facial expression changed to a sad one and sad music played in the background, making her disappointed. I thought this was the most emotional part of the ad as well as the most effective. The ad is never intended to be funny but the cruel truth is…I hate kids. It is not that I wouldn’t help them, it’s that the effect of this advertisement might have been a little smaller than me compared to my peers and other people.

There are many funny advertisements out there but I thought I would stick with a classic type of advertisement that is straight to the point and rather not misleading. Many of the advertisements these days are really humorous and in class, I saw some advertisements I felt were too misleading or too humorous. I mean everyone likes a bit of humor in things but I just felt that there was too much humor in advertisement these days.

This thalassemia ad is a normal ad that wants people to donate for the cause, and I just felt that kids are the best when they act all cute and snugly so they can get what they want. But in reality I see them as pests though it would be unethical to say I would…get rid of them. I was kind of surprised that my classmates did not react with aw or “she’s so cute.” Are they heartless or am I the only person who felt that the girl in the ad was cute. I knew that there are people in the world who do good for the cause of other people and my view drastically changed on how we should not be selfish and people should actually help each other.(Communist philosophy)

24 Jan 2014

Mock Test Reflection

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I was expecting the mock to be longer in terms of the questions. But I was expecting that it would take a long time for the mock to be finished since it was…IB…math SL.

The test questions were quite “narrow” than what I expected meaning that I was expecting the questions to be more widespread in terms of chapters. The second section of the test was also quite difficult than what I was thinking but it took less time than I was really expecting.

What I could do is look at the previous IB exam papers and try to identify what style IB uses.

I would find some previous IB SL math exams and try to identify what the IB exams’ styles in terms of ¬†are and try to solve some previous IB exams.

10 Jan 2014

IB Math SL Senior Semester 2 Plans

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Since the second semester will be my last time I spend in high school as well as the year when I take my IB examinations I really, Really, REALLY want to do my best to redeem and renew myself as the math god of my SL class. I don’t remember when I started to become stinky in math because I remember being an expert in it during my elementary and middle school years. Maybe as I grew older, I started to become lazy and only started to do things in my comfort zone and find subjects I potentially wanted to do if I got into universities or colleges. Of course, I found out that I was not going to major in math as I started to give less attention to it. After going through depression and stuff I just started losing myself but thank goodness I managed to get ahold of myself in the end. Since I’m feeling better I’d like to exert my hidden Korean math background and become a math genius like my ancestors before me. I was taught math in the infamous Korean style so I can only practice questions of the same species in order for me to get the concept of what I’m learning so that is what I am going to do. I cross my heart.

8 Jan 2014

IB Math SL Semester 1 Reflection(Senior year)

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I started the first semester at a good foot but lost my footing a little while later. It felt as if my foot was cut off and I was blinded. There were 4 assessments this semester if I recall correctly and I was pounded into the ground by Calculus and its offsprings like derivative and integration. Basic derivative and integrations I could do but it was the concept after that that really hit me in the face. For example, the rules that must be applied when I’m doing further differentiation. I think I’m still tangled and confused by the chain rules of differentiation and I think I need thorough review on that and maybe other rules for differentiation.

3 Dec 2013

Genesis Theory

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Once upon a time, there was no time. Everything was colorless…not even black, not even dark it was just colorless. Just as it seemed to go on forever, a BRIGHT FLASH OF LIGHT appeared in the middle of the colorless void and then PFFT. The bright flash of light was gone and in that place, was a seed. A seed that hatched out a beautiful young lad…named Vaneson Lim. Vaneson Lim proceeded to create the universe we live in right now and his first creation was the Earth. Using the items that popped out of his hand he molded the Earth in to a round spherical object wired to hold life. But Vaneson Lim was not a being incapable of experiencing emotion. He created his wife, Elizabeth Campbell so that she could help him with…other chores. With his newly created wife’s help, he created beings that are now known as humans. Modeled after the looks of himself and his wife, the humans were also fitted with some of their creator’s knowledge. But there was one human named Jong Hyeok Song…(to be continued)