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28 Nov 2013

Recital Reflection 13/11/27

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How did you prepare?
Generally, I prepared by listening to the original audios of the pieces I chose. Because I am a person who understands things by listening or observing multiple times, I thought this was the most ideal practicing method for me.
Would you do anything differently?
I would want to make an absolute decision of the pieces I want to perform so that in the future, I don’t change something in the middle of preparing to perform it. So simply, I would like to stick with the pieces I chose on my first go and stick with them to the end. Also, I would learn and review new languages if the pieces I chose were of foreign origin.
Reflect on the night of the performance: how would you rate your stress-level on a scale of 1-10?
3. Since I already did two rehearsals, I felt more confident and I could feel my heart beating less faster and stronger compared to before and I had the nerve to look around the room which if I remember, I couldn’t do because I was always worried about my own performance.
What strategies did you use to handle your nerves?
When I was on stand-by I closed my eyes and took deep breathes. When I was performing, I felt that I had my hands clasped in front of me and my eyes looking down more than looking at the audience. This made me feel more comfortable and relaxed while I was performing.
Would you do anything differently if you could?
Ultimately, I would like to overcome my stage fright so that I won’t make any mistakes during the final performance. So I’m guessing that I have to know my piece very well or take foreign substances to calm my nerves down.
Compare your final performance with your dress rehearsal.
Dress rehearsal was easier and more comfortable for me because there were hardly any people watching the performance. Motions and acting was kept to a minimum if I recall correctly.
During final performance, I could not keep my head up. I felt that my emotion was hitting the roof and I used when I was performing. I feel that I portrayed my emotions well.
Which one do you think went better? Why?
I think my final performance went better because my emotion was portrayed as best as I could and I was acting and using some appropriate motions whilst performing. I felt that my sound was also a lot better compared to the dress rehearsal.

As you write include reference to two or three of the attributes of the IB learner profile.
Inquirer: Although it is not my passion, I like to sing. I believe that starting from middle school, I started to develop an interest in singing and took it more seriously. The more serious tasks I took were in high school and that is when I started to do apply for musical roles, going to karaoke with my friends and even taking vocal classes to enhance my vocal skills. From that, I also developed new styles I could sing with to match certain genres of music.

Risk-takers: Performing in a foreign language was a big risk for me because excluding my mother language and English I never did so before. So it was definitely a new challenge for me. The song I performed in was German and I only knew some swear words but not basic conversational vocabularies so I was literally learning a new language that I had NO knowledge about.

After you have answered the above questions and completed a substantial reflection, watch your video or listen to your audio from last night. What are your thoughts as you watch/listen?
Die forelle: I think I was at the prime of my nervousness level. It showed in my recording. I got the breathing parts all correct so I’m not complaining about that.
All I ask of you: At this point my nervousness level has decreased a bit and my breathing was way more better than my first performance. I think my emotion portrayal was also the best here.
Are you pleased with your performance? Why or why not?
I’m generally pleased with both of my performances. It’s just that my voice sounds really flat.
What do you think you need to work on most for the next one?
How to make my voice not so flat. I think I should use more energy so that my voice sounds powerful.

2 Responses to “Recital Reflection 13/11/27”

  1. 14st01 Says:

    Oh Michael, you know I think you are wonderful and your voice is wonderful too! It was great to see how confident you were (or at least looked) and the audience seemed to like your entertaining introduction. It was really nice to sing with you, even though you didn’t even mention me in your reflection 🙁

  2. 14ps01 Says:

    Your performance was great, and I think it’s awesome that you had to learn German for your solo (pronunciation, at the very least, is still very impressive).
    My heart and face were filled with happiness when you and Saige, my star pupils, sang the Phantom of the Opera song. I forget what it’s called. I’m sorry.

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