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3 Dec 2013

Genesis Theory

Author: 14mk01 | Filed under: ETC(Personal stuffs and stuffs)

Once upon a time, there was no time. Everything was colorless…not even black, not even dark it was just colorless. Just as it seemed to go on forever, a BRIGHT FLASH OF LIGHT appeared in the middle of the colorless void and then PFFT. The bright flash of light was gone and in that place, was a seed. A seed that hatched out a beautiful young lad…named Vaneson Lim. Vaneson Lim proceeded to create the universe we live in right now and his first creation was the Earth. Using the items that popped out of his hand he molded the Earth in to a round spherical object wired to hold life. But Vaneson Lim was not a being incapable of experiencing emotion. He created his wife, Elizabeth Campbell so that she could help him with…other chores. With his newly created wife’s help, he created beings that are now known as humans. Modeled after the looks of himself and his wife, the humans were also fitted with some of their creator’s knowledge. But there was one human named Jong Hyeok Song…(to be continued)

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