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3 Dec 2013

Practice Paper 1 Reflection

Author: 14mk01 | Filed under: Biology

I believe that I have to review more on plant physiology more because I still have trouble with the stem system and determining whether it is monocot or dicot. I also believe that I have to review the properties of water because I was least expecting that to appear on the practice test. Other physiology aspects I have to look over again are mitosis, meiosis, blood system, anaerobic, aerobic respiration, DNA and RNA stuffs. I’ll have to look at my notes, ask some of my friends for their notes and even ask Mr McElroy for some potential practice questions to keep my memories refreshed. Of course, I can also look at IB biology sites like bio ninjia, click4bio and other useful sites like that.

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  1. mmcel1 Says:


    What exactly are the benchmarks that you need to focus on? I would suggest going to these websites and identifying which specific topics you are currently struggling with.

    As with anything IB, you need to be very specific with you responses. I’m looking for a little more detail than mitosis (i.e. what about mitosis) and meiosis.

    How much time are you willing to spend each day reviewing your biology?

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