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8 Jan 2014

IB Math SL Semester 1 Reflection(Senior year)

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I started the first semester at a good foot but lost my footing a little while later. It felt as if my foot was cut off and I was blinded. There were 4 assessments this semester if I recall correctly and I was pounded into the ground by Calculus and its offsprings like derivative and integration. Basic derivative and integrations I could do but it was the concept after that that really hit me in the face. For example, the rules that must be applied when I’m doing further differentiation. I think I’m still tangled and confused by the chain rules of differentiation and I think I need thorough review on that and maybe other rules for differentiation.

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  1. Tu Anh Says:

    Hi Michael. I think that you have a good background now in algebra that could very well support you in calculus. Put in the extra hours and you will see this become very fruitful for you on the IB Exam. I know you can do this!
    BTW, I VERY much enjoyed your singing performance at the last assembly. I think you have a TRUE gift with voice and look forward to seeing you in more performances this year. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

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