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10 Jan 2014

IB Math SL Senior Semester 2 Plans

Author: 14mk01 | Filed under: Math

Since the second semester will be my last time I spend in high school as well as the year when I take my IB examinations I really, Really, REALLY want to do my best to redeem and renew myself as the math god of my SL class. I don’t remember when I started to become stinky in math because I remember being an expert in it during my elementary and middle school years. Maybe as I grew older, I started to become lazy and only started to do things in my comfort zone and find subjects I potentially wanted to do if I got into universities or colleges. Of course, I found out that I was not going to major in math as I started to give less attention to it. After going through depression and stuff I just started losing myself but thank goodness I managed to get ahold of myself in the end. Since I’m feeling better I’d like to exert my hidden Korean math background and become a math genius like my ancestors before me. I was taught math in the infamous Korean style so I can only practice questions of the same species in order for me to get the concept of what I’m learning so that is what I am going to do. I cross my heart.

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