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12 Feb 2014


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This advertisement is an Indian ad about donating blood to thalassemia patients. I thought It really reached out to people’s pathos(emotions) and there weren’t a lot of description regarding what thalassemia is. The little girl is obviously the one who reaches out to people’s emotion as she is very young and very cute and when the young man she was talking to told her that he never donated blood, her facial expression changed to a sad one and sad music played in the background, making her disappointed. I thought this was the most emotional part of the ad as well as the most effective. The ad is never intended to be funny but the cruel truth is…I hate kids. It is not that I wouldn’t help them, it’s that the effect of this advertisement might have been a little smaller than me compared to my peers and other people.

There are many funny advertisements out there but I thought I would stick with a classic type of advertisement that is straight to the point and rather not misleading. Many of the advertisements these days are really humorous and in class, I saw some advertisements I felt were too misleading or too humorous. I mean everyone likes a bit of humor in things but I just felt that there was too much humor in advertisement these days.

This thalassemia ad is a normal ad that wants people to donate for the cause, and I just felt that kids are the best when they act all cute and snugly so they can get what they want. But in reality I see them as pests though it would be unethical to say I would…get rid of them. I was kind of surprised that my classmates did not react with aw or “she’s so cute.” Are they heartless or am I the only person who felt that the girl in the ad was cute. I knew that there are people in the world who do good for the cause of other people and my view drastically changed on how we should not be selfish and people should actually help each other.(Communist philosophy)


  1. madysonhaskins Says:

    I like how you mentioned your personal attraction to certain types of advertisements. I agree with you Michael, that there are too many ads attempting to by funny these days. If you are trying to convince or persuade the public to do or believe something I think it should be taken seriously and not as a joke. I also really liked how you focused on the emotional aspects of the advertisement!

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