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12 Feb 2014

Genesis Theory 2

Author: 14mk01 | Filed under: ETC(Personal stuffs and stuffs)

This human Jong Hyeok Song was a mistake. He lacked all the benevolence his creators as well as his brethren possessed. He was what people would term a “psychotic soul” in modern days. When he stepped on an ant, he would would record how long it took for the poor creature to perish and made record books out of each of the organisms he caused sufferings to. He would even slice pieces off of an alive cow and make the poor docile creature smell its own meat being burned and forced to witness the psychotic creature eat it. He had many dirty “little” secrets. He was married numerous times and even had children. HAD. What he did…is better to not be disclosed to the readers. But his greatest plan in mind…was to overthrow Vaneson and Lecy; his creators. The thought of becoming the new Supreme really intrigued him and in addition, gave him a massive shot of adrenaline into his heart; excitement. Something he didn’t feel in a long time. So he started to plan his wicked scheme…

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