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18 Feb 2014

Last math test and wanted expectations?

Author: 14mk01 | Filed under: Math

For my final IB grade for math I would be satisfied with at least a 4. I have never liked math and 4 seems to be a high enough number for me. In some Asian countries 4 is similar to death because it sounds very similar and people would not recommend it. But those superstitious bogus does not work for me and since a full grade for all IB subject is 7, 4 is quite high for IB(in my opinion). Honestly I do not know if the schools I applied to want my IB grades. It’s a nuisance when you apply to 20 or so schools and it is very difficult to keep track of what they require. But if I remember correctly many of the schools did not mention about IB and all the schools I applied to were in the US like many of my ‘Murican friends I believe that IB is not a priority for me. Since I’m thinking about majoring in science related subjects, I would most definitely be happy with minimum 4. I think I should focus on calculus because I lost my grip after chapter 1 so I think that if I thoroughly reviewed the calculus section than I think there is one less thing to worry about.

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