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28 Feb 2014

3rd Paper 1 and Paper 2 Reflection

Author: 14mk01 | Filed under: Math

I have taken the third paper 1 and paper 2 math practice mock exams. I can say first hand that I have been able to feel what taking a IB exam will feel like. It would be tiring both physically and mentally. To comment on the scores of the 2 papers, it’s a bummer that I can’t use a calculator for paper 1 because since this school encourages the use of calculators unlike Asian schools, I thought it was hard to adjust to since I was so comfortable with using the calculator. But I was thankful that the questions weren’t difficult enough to use the calculator. But the horror came when I was doing paper 2. I think the paper 1 was to give the illusion that IB exams will not be “so bad.”

I was quite satisfied with my grade boundaries I got for the 2 practice mock papers. For paper 1, I got a solid 4 and for paper 2, I barely got a 5. If I continue on my course of maybe looking and reviewing math more regularly than I think I’ll get IB scores similar to this one or possibly higher if I make myself confident enough to the point of even smiling and humming during IB exams.

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