Math Semester 1

Pro results vs Unit Assessments? Explain upon studying

Did you meet your goals?

What happened? What could you do to change S2 results?

New goals for S2?  Strategies/Outlines


My results didn’t turn out very good for both. When I studied I might not have covered all of the materials needed and didn’t finish most of the homework to prepare. I think most of the reason was because I was not very motivated on putting in time to go over what I have got wrong. So the result of that is I did not meet my goals. On the test I felt that there were material that I haven’t done before and sometimes I did not understand what the question was asking for. What I could do to change Semester 2 is to make sure I finish all my homework, and study the ones I don’t understand. I would get a tutor and take extra lessons every week.

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Supply and Demand

The way that we learn is reading assigned pages from our economics book, and take notes on what we think is important, then in class we have a lesson on the chapter we have read . I think that it is an effective way because  when we read for homework we have a sense of what we are going to learn and we are able to review and ask questions on what we have on our reading for our next class. I learned this unit is that there are different factors could effect the change in price, supply and demand.  The price of a product can effect the demand of the product and also determines how much supply should be produced to reach equilibrium. Also scarcity is a big factor because every resource is limited and the needs of people are limited.

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English Prompt-book

The whole process of putting together the prompt-book was, the group was all active,  and we all finished what we were responsible for on time. We even took time after school to work on the prompt-book so that we would be able to finish and turn it in on time. My role as a group member was,  I was responsible for doing the introductory page, parts of act 2 of the script and , ordering the masks. I found it difficult to translate the prompt-book into modern language, we had to look at the no fear shakespeare on line to know what it meant first to translate it, and make it fit our theme. When we were preparing for the performance, our group members tried to think of something creative to make it funny, such as the costume for Rafiki with the red butt and we tried to remember our lines so that we wouldn’t be reading our scripts most of the time. I am most proud of our performance because I noticed that when we forgot our lines we kind of reworded it to what we mostly remember it as, so that there wasn’t a long pause.  I also liked how we  set deadlines for what we had to finished by, I thought that went well and it made us organised.

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