Math Internal Assessment Self Reflection

What Have I done?

For the internal assessment, the process went in several steps. First, I made mind maps so I can organize my thoughts. Then, by narrowing them down and thinking more deeply, I have came with my topic as “What is the standard of beauty within Korean Women?” I chose it because it directly relates to my personal interest. Step by step, after creating a research question, I got to the step of writing an outline. Creating outline went fast, I just had to write down my complicated thoughts into different parts precisely. Writing a rough draft was the final step for this semester, and it was to get the right way to explore during the vacation. Since there was no time to go through the explore, I did not have datas to analysis so instead of that real contents, I pasted sample graphs & charts and made rough draft to look somewhat similar to my future final draft.

What Should be Improved?

After finishing my rough draft, me and Mrs. Gilmore had a conference, which we talked about my draft and there were some places that I have to improve or change on. Also, she gave me lots of advices so I can include more stuff on my draft during the break. I did good job on having clear aim, rationale in my introduction and some keywords such as ‘lookism’ was well defined.

List of my use of technology was mostly using calculator (inspire), measuring slopes, length, width and so on. Moreover I am doing statistics where I include lots and lots of table charts. Therefore, I will definitely be using excel.

Some parts that I have not included were historical and global perspectives related to my topic. I did mention them but not in depth. I have mentioned lookism, “prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s appearance,” which where my topic had came from. And here, I could relate it to the historical aspect where I get to research about when actually this lookism started. In addition, I have also got up with the fact that Korea’s standard of beauty is keep on changing, long time ago face that is round and have small eyes, small lips etc. was the look people preferred, however, it is obvious that now days people prefer western looks; specifically, big eyes, high nose, v-lined face shape etc. And I predict that this is because of the inflow of foreign culture and western being a powerful nation.

What Should I do?

Just like what I mentioned right now, I have to include historical/global issues and perspectives. Moreover, of course, I should be doing the actual research and do the measurements and all the calculations. +Look for the applications that will minimize my limitations and errors.

Second Semester Progress Report Reflection

1.  What are you most satisfied with when reviewing your progress report?

When I first saw my second semester progress report, I was first of all surprised that it is already coming to the end of this 11th grade. These several months have pasted very fast since doing lots of IB assignments, the time passed immediately. Among those grades, I was mostly surprised in my art grade. Art is a hard subject for me physically because it takes more time and effort on finishing projects in not much time. And since now, my art grade was overall good but not perfect, and this time, I got all exemplary which made me really surprised and satisfied. I felt being rewarded for my efforts until now.


2.  What can be improved(Be specific)?

I am still not satisfied with my english result. I want to at least reach the proficient range however, I am still in the range of approaching. Last time I got all a’s however this time there was some change having one proficient and one concern. I was happy that I got one proficient because it shows me some improvements in one benchmark. However, I was not happy that I got concern. This concern means






3.  Have you done everything within your power to achieve optimal personal success in each of your courses?  (Explain)





What can you do differently to improve your academic standing?  (Be specific)

“I’m Just Not a Math Person” (Reflection)

-Read and Reflect:  “I’m Just Not a Math Person.” 

     This article really had interested me because the topic was called “I’m Just Not a Math Person,” which I often heard my friends talking of it and myself thinking like that. Here in an international school, the math curriculum is very different to that of it in Korea. Of course there are parts that are the same and that shows similarities, however, the order of the units and how we learn them and apply them is different. This is another reason why I was interested in this article because it states about the difference in different countries, how they perceive their insufficient ability of math. The article is based on stating that there are lots of students thinks math ability is genetic and because they are from the place where genes are not experts in math ability, they simply think challenges in math is not what they can overcome and achieve. Adding to this fact, article claims this is not all true and this ability in math is determined by the effort put in in order to achieve that ability. Personal perseverance and the effort is what the author think is the most important part and he thinks we should show this in math.

I still agree that there are genetic effect in math ability because there are people who is good at certain ability such as calculating things very fast and being talented in understanding complex questions easily. However, I also agree that EFFORT can overcome this given ability even  more times will be required than the talented ones. Article suggest when we forget the language of mathematics and how to apply specific formulas, we simply give up and think ‘I am not a person who has talent in math, instead, I cannot do good at this subject.’ Mostly I agree in this article but it is just hard for me to stop think like that just focusing on doing more works putting more efforts.

     “When Will I Ever Use This Again in My Life?” I guess this is a famous well- spoken complaints of ordinary students. I always say this whenever I am sick of learning hard subjects, not only math. Honestly, I  think I learn math to learn mathematics and because they are significant on getting grades, attending university, getting jobs later and because of the pressure of “have to learn because everyone else does.” I am not still sure how these all complex formulas will be used in years later, only in case of me having a job related to engineering or science stuff. I do understand during the learning process, I get to learn complex thinking, problem solving ability and etc. Even I still have more parts of my thoughts thinking math is too tough to learn relating to its usability later, thinking further, I think it is very important to keep on improving math ability. Since those abilities (complex thinking, problem solving ability, etc.) is necessary for me to be successful in the future. For example, my dream is working in a hotel and it is a job that many problems occur. My experiences of learning how  to solve problems that is not easy and complex in math, will be applied in my future life later. 

TOK Reflection

Reflection on the Language unit and on anything TOK related that is in my mind.

This was the first semester of having TOK class and I was pretty much scared of it. This was because every other IB subjects I have were something I have heard of and so they were familiar but TOK was something very new for me. Language is one of the ways of knowing and among them this is relatively very significant in our life and is meaningful for me. Since I am living in an international community and lived outside my home country about 10 years, I seriously feel the importance of language. I found interesting on terms in our country that cannot be said in words in different country’s language because I have felt uncomfortable by those situations. I really tried to explain something that is well spoken in Korea, but it was hard to translate them into English or Chinese. To add, translating Korean jokes to another language was very hard too. If I translate and tell the others, people either do not get the joke or feel it is not funny as I think as much as when it was told in original language. Such examples show how languages are connected to that country’s distinct culture and how this difference can lead to misunderstanding, being an obstacle of communicating.

Something that was unclear or confusing for me was that TOK always does not have an answer. This is sometimes good for me because I do not have to get pressure from answering exact and correct reply to the questions, however, most of the times this advantage makes me even more confused since TOK questions are always abstract that I have hard time finding the path how I am going to approach the answers. Therefore, I should really work more on thinking complexly and not stopping my thinking process until it is deep enough to get an answer.



Math (Smart Goals for Semester 2)

1. Final Reassessment opportunity vs individual unit assessments.  What did the scores indicate and how does that affect your personal study plan?

I was worried when I heard that we had a final reassessment because I was concerned if my score gets even lower. On the other hand I was happy by the possibility of getting better scores on what I have done before. I have improved in my final reassessment that I got higher score than individual unit assessments. However, the amount I have improved is very small, which might mean that my ability did not improved that much but I have maintained. I still should study over and over in order to improve even more.

2.  Did you meet your goals for Semester 1?  Go back and see what you wrote to answer.

My goal before was to show proficiency and even further more to exemplary level. I do think that I have achieved the goal in being in proficiency but still have to improve more. Some of the scores were at exemplary level but some were not. I should be more sure on being in exemplary level.

3.  What happened along the way.  What could you do to change your to improve or change your S2 results?

In order to improve, I should manage my time more and spend more time in solving math problems. Until now, most of the times I have been in rush in doing home works by having to do other assignments. Also I have to keep on tract on taking notes on class time.

4.  What are your new goals for S2?  Outline some strategies that reflect your learning style so you may refer back them regularly.

I am receiving B+ this time for the math grade. I am one side satisfied and one side have a feeling to improve more on it and get A. I have thought math should not be that tough at the first few units, however, now I feel they really are hard and challenging if I do not put that much efforts in it. My goal is to get A or maintain the score B+ in case the units get even harder. The strategies I am going to use is to only focus on math when I am doing math related work and get help from my peers and from Mrs. Gilmore.

2 0 1 4 G o a l 

One short term

TOEFL 105 for this year

Two long terms

Getting GPA

Improving ability of Managing time (Chemistry/Art)


what i thought first and then check the real result


steps going to take to achieve these resolution

1st Trimester Progress Report Reflection

  1. What are you most proud of in your report and why?

I am mostly proud of art.  The grades I got for art is overall good because I did not expect much for it. Since it is my first year of taking art and time has past a lot since I stopped painting and drawing, I was not able to predict my ability of how much I am going to well on art. I feel like I deserve good score because I have put a lot of time and effort on thinking and working on art.


  1. What would you like to improve?

I would like to improve academically on Math, Chinese, and Chemistry. For Math, I am not satisfied with my grade. Because the units overall was not that hard but my test score did not reach exemplary. Chinese





  1. What needs to happen in order for you to achieve the improvements?






  1. Who might need to help you and how?








  1. What changes might you make to your goals now?






  1. What questions do you have for your teachers – do you need an individual meeting with them or can you ask during conferences with your parents?

Othello Prompt-Book

Overall reflection of the prompt-book and the act..

Making the prompt-book went overall well in our group. Because the roles were all set and we had the responsibility to finish them in order not to affect our group members, everyone was good at keeping the times and doing their roles correctly. We made a Titanpad so everyone can gather ideas and put some notifications to clarify what we have to do. Having due dates inside the group was effective to be organize and to keep ourselves in track. When working on character analysis and the role everyone had individually, group members were able to give comments and advice so that people get to revise and improve their own works. Sometimes we gave pressure to each of the group members to finish the work quickly and it was effective in finishing the work quickly. When I was not done with my character analysis, members sent me emails and gave me notifications to finish them.

Preparing for the play was fun and interesting. I felt most of the times people were having fun practicing the acts. It was hard to find spare times and meet up to make the set ups and to practice acting. However, whenever we planned to meet, everyone were there and participated.

By doing prompt-book assignment and the acting, I learned many things. First of all, I learned cooperating with group members and taking responsibility. Since it was not a small project and it was a long term project, about the play “Othello” we have been reading for a long time, I might have lose interest. However, by working in teams and making up our own version of the original play, it was never boring but was always new and fun. I very much enjoyed this Prompt-book & Acting unit. I have always thought English as a hard subject but by this project, which I have never done in other classes before, I became more comfortable in learning challenging subject. Moreover, personally I had concerns in performing in front of many people, but I now feel confident that I have improved because the act was in front of a big audience involving other grades and it was successful.

If I could do one thing differently, it’d be…

If I get the opportunity next time, I would like to change our script simpler and put some factors, which audience will  be able to understand and enjoy better. The play itself was fine but I saw other groups doing and felt that our play might have been challenging for the audience that has no background information about “Othello.”

One thing I’d like to give as feedback for Ms.Cho is…

I suggest having more time. If we had a bit more time to practice the play would be even more successful. The time we had was mostly used to finish the prompt-book, which made us rush in practicing the act.



“Being successful in being a creative and insightful person.”

-Achieving exemplary standard on Art, or at least proficiency.


This year I have challenged myself by choosing Art higher level. I did not plan this and was supposed to do standard level, however I changed my mind because I thought doing higher level in what I really like will be better. IB art requires lots of creative and original thoughts. They are very challenging because it is more than learning but creating stuff. Because it is my first time to do art in SIS, I first will try to get proficiency in grade. To do this I have to manage myself very well, especially time managements. If I feel pretty comfortable and confident on getting proficient grades, I will challenge myself more to receive exemplary grades. I will have fixed time to search artist references and creative media.


Every project we do on art, we do a self-assessment and then the teacher gives comments on if he agree or if he have a different opinion about it. To measure if I am doing well, I can check the grade paper.


This goal is attainable because I am starting with proficiency level. I am not expecting a super good grade on my first semester, because it is my first time. However, to make it attainable, I am going to gradually make my goal bigger.


This goal relates to my major and it is very important because I am thinking of having a art related major.

Time bound

I will check every month, when per project is dued.

Math SL (SMART Goal)

What are some major differences between your previous math courses and IB level math?

Previous math courses were divided in to two part; Geometry and Algebra1, 2. However, now it is combined and the difficulty is changed. The units are much harder and specific. Now we are using different calculator which influence me a lot because I have to learn different functions of them.


As there are 3 IB Math levels, do you feel that you are appropriately placed? Why or why not? If yes, what are your goals in for this class? Are you achieving them and if not, what o you need to do different in order to meet those goals?

I am currently in IB Mathematics Standard Level. Before, I planned to do IB Math Higher level, however I changed my plan because I realized that I am more into Art, so I changed math to standard level. I feel very comfortable in this class because they are neither too hard nor too easy. The speed of the class is right for me. My personal goal is to get A on the progress report and further more to receive more than 6 on the IB exam. In order to meet these goals I am going to put many time for math, I will like to solve homework when my head is clear and focused. It is very important to solve several more times of the wrong questions so I can fully understand.


As you have progressed through the course with a couple of assessments, what have you learned about yourself in math, your study habits and goals that you need to work on?

I learned that even only by doing the homework assignments, I can be able to get a good score in the test. However, the part that I did not went through well on the homework assignments, the score obviously tell me that I did not put many effort on that part. By the tests, I have learned that I am doing well on SL. My goal is to keep up this score and even improve on them. I would like to improve proficients to exemplaries.


Have you completed your homework assignments and/or learned how to work through the problems  that you did not understand?

Yes, I did. Homework assignment helps me a lot. I like that we have the answer keys. By solving the questions first and whenever I have problem I can check the answers to compare how I am doing. I have went through many questions that I do not know how to solve, however by reviewing them at class helped me to solve that problem.


Do you feel that you have maximized your learning efforts to earn a grade that is indicative of your work? How did you prepare for your first assessments?

I feel satisfied about the effort I have put in, in order to get good grades for the assessment and show what i have learned. I went through the pdf and the home works. Also by reviewing the notes I took from the class and memorizing them helped me a lot.


From what you have learned about yourself in math this year, what can you change now to realign your preparation for the upcoming assessment? How do you plan on working  this into your schedule?

I feel like the previous assessment unit was the easy unit. New units we started to learn and the future units seems to be much harder and complicated. I should put more effort on studying these units. I might have weekend study time; not only during the school week, I will put time for math on weekend so I can review what I have learned during the week.


How do you feel you can be additionally supported this year? Please explore various options that seem plausible.

To be effective and to learn more, I have to be managing my time a lot. Since this is my first year of doing IB and it is already quite stressful. In order to be able to manage all these works, I should be clear about my time. Also, whenever I have questions I should use my opportunity of meeting Mrs. Gilmore so I can learn more quickly.


Has independent study been helpful or would you appreciate more discipline/structured time to help meet your goals. Please provide suggestions.

I am satisfied about having independent study. Having disciplines is also a good idea, but I feel more comfortable when I get time to work by myself and whenever I have questions I go ask teacher or peers. Because everyone have different standard and speed of learning, so having structured time might not be effective at some cases.