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Habitat for Humanity

Posted in Community Service on February 4, 2015 by

Last year, I had a chance to participate in Habitat for Humanity in China. When our school informed us about this activity, I was really excited to join cause I thought this type of service projects are the advantage that I could get from attending an international school. However, the experience in Habitat for Humanity was pretty disappointing. The trip was three days long, and for whole three days all I did was shoveling, carrying, and, passing. Of course, I did not thought that we would build an actual house during the trip. Though I thought we would do something more meaningful than carrying the soil or passing the bricks. Since the tasks required heavy labor, I felt really tired, painful, and had doubt in the purpose of doing it. However after the trip, when writing this reflection, I got to notice that it was really worthwhile and rewarding thing to do cause I had worked for foundation in building a house, which is the most important part in building a house. From this trip, though I earned some intense muscle pain, I learned to see things in different perspectives to find the positive aspects and its true value even it seems useless in the surface.

Chemistry Reflection 1

Posted in IB Chemistry on January 22, 2015 by

1. Are you happy with your grade in Chemistry?

Yes, since I have worked hard in Chemistry this semester, I’m satisfied with my current grade.

2. Are you happy with your overall progress in the IB Chemistry program?

Yes, I think we are right on the track, and think we will have enough time to review all the courses.

3. If you want to improve your grade this semester, how will you do so?

Compare to last year, I have developed a lot in Chemistry. So I’ll keep on spending time in Chemistry. Also for my internal assessment, I think I have to work more in it to upgrade my grade. I will spend more time to design a lab and also in writing it.

4. Do you think your current study habits in and out of class are going to help you be successful when you sit your exam?  If yes, why? If no, why not? And if no, what can you do differently over the next few months?

Yes, I think the current system helped me to focus on the parts that I have struggled with. I like the way that we study independently and have a brief lecture to support our independent learning. Therefore I want to maintain this system for our options too, that way we can focus more on the parts that we are weak at and have more time for the questions.

Math Reflections 2

Posted in IB Year 1 on January 13, 2014 by

1.  Final Reassessment opportunity vs individual unit assessments.  What did the scores indicate and how does that affect your personal study plan?

My individual unit assessments were a lot better than my final reassessment. I thought I had done enough reviewing for my final reassessment but my result told me that it wasn’t enough. My final reassessment score influenced my grade a lot. Therefore, I think I should prepare my final reassessment more to maintain my grade. Before the test, I should make sure there is no problems with the lessons. Go over my notebook for the questions that I had trouble with or the notes that I had made. Also, I should go over my previous tests to prevent to make same careless errors that I had made.

2.  Did you meet your goals for Semester 1?  Go back and see what you wrote to answer.

For Semester 1, I had set my goal to make perfect scores in every tests. So basically I can say I did not made my goal. Yet, I could say that it will be my goal for 2 years, end of the IB. During this semester I learned how the IB mark scheme works so I think I should keep that in mind and be careful not to make the mistakes.

3.  What happened along the way.  What could you do to improve or change your S2 results?

I tried to make high scores in every tests but it was pretty hard. I kept made careless errors and had not enough works written for the IB mark scheme. I think to improve in semester 2, whenever I solve problems I should make sure to solve them step by step so I would not make any mistakes. Also for my final reassessment, I should review my notes, previous tests, and textbook to make sure that I know everything clearly.

4.  What are your new goals for S2?  Outline some strategies that reflect your learning style so you may refer back them regularly.

My goal will still be to get perfect scores in tests and I think it will remain till the IB ends. I will do my homeworks on time and review the lessons that I have learned on that day. When I have questions or concepts that are not sure, I will ask them to Mrs. Gilmore for help. Also for preparing tests, as I have mentioned, I will review my notes and textbook. Significantly, I will solve my math problems step by step not to make any mistakes that could take away my points.


Math Reflections 1

Posted in IB Year 1 on October 24, 2013 by

-What are some major differences between your previous math courses and IB level math?                                                                                                                             I think IB math teaches more in detail. When I was in Korea, math curriculum was just like IB math which was step by step course, it started with basis and got complexed. However, the lessons went fast and it was not this much specific like IB math.

-As there are 3 IB Math levels, do you feel that you are appropriately placed?  Why or why not?  If yes, what are your goals in for this class?  Are you achieving them and if not, what do you need to do different in order to meet those goals?                                                      I think I’m appropriately placed because I don’t feel any difficulty in learning so far. My goal for this class is to get highest grade as possible. To achieve this, I need to study math constantly and with tension because, yet I feel comfortable with math, it would be challenging in the future.

-As you have progressed through the course with a couple of assessments, what have you learned about yourself in math, your study habits and goals that you need to work on?                                                                                                                   Through the course with a couple of assessments, I have noticed that I make mistakes in simple calculation. To reduce the mistakes I should not rush in solving the problems and go over after solving it.

-Have you completed your homework assignments and/or learned how to work through the problems that you did not understand?                                                       No, not yet. I have not found problems that I did not understand.

-Do you feel that you have maximized your learning efforts to earn a grade that is indicative of your work?  How did you prepare for your first assessments?              I have prepared my first assessment by doing the practice questions that was assigned, and I looked over the text book and my homework notebook. In this assessment, I made couple of mistakes in simple calculation, therefore I have earned a grade less than I thought I would get. For the next assessment, I would practice in solving problems in slower tempo and to remind me to go over the works I have done.

-From what you have learned about yourself in math this year, what can you change now to realign your preparation for the upcoming assessment?  How do you plan on working this into your schedule?                                                                      Till now, because I found myself having mistakes in simple calculation, I should be aware of doing it. Also, I have to study math regularly not to forget the methods to solve the problems. I should schedule my weekend to arrange the lessons that I have learned on weekdays.

-How do you feel you can be additionally supported this year?  Please explore various options that seem plausible.                                                                                    I think I can visit Ms. Gilmore during my independent study or to email her if I have some questions to ask.

-Has independent study been helpful or would you appreciate more discipline/structured time to help meet your goals.  Please provide suggestions.    Independent study was very helpful to me to get arrange with the works that needed more time. I was possible to save my time in after school, by finishing assignments or taking assessments during independent study.


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