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Chemistry Reflection

I’m currently not happy with my grade in chemistry class, because I know I can do better then whats given on my report card currently. I feel that in the last units I have tired to do my best, but the way Im learning on my own is not helping me out at all. Overall, Im slightly happy with my progress however I feel that I can do better. If I were to improve my grade I would take more notes, and if i’m having trouble contact the teacher and ask for help, but also hand things on time. I feel like I should change my study habit, and really focus on this subject as this subject is the only class i’m really having trouble in. I should spend more time on chemistry and really work on it. I feel im currently not prepared for the exam so now I will start over viewing the units and also taking time out to really read the content.
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Recent Learning – English

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that the amount of sleep I’ve been getting is diminishing as we speak. I’ve noticed that the work I handed into school wasn’t my top performance, and could’ve been ten times better. I also noticed that when it come’s to fitness I became extremely lazy, and didn’t really aspire my self to get fit or eat healthy.

Ever since this week I felt as if I’ve been lifted, that I’ve been more excited to come to school, but also my mood and the way I see things are more lifting as well.

Now, you may ask why the sudden change? 

Recently I’ve found a magazine called Women’s Health Magazine. This magazine strives to keep women in shape, and give the foremost leading health facts. One post that triggered my interest was called “14 trick’s to sleep better”. Each tip had to relate to improving you sleep, and I felt that this helped out my situation a lot. Here are some of the tips:

Tip 1: When going to sleep lose all concentration of tasks coming ahead that stress you out. You can not doge the event coming ahead of you, its part of your life.

Tip 2: Set an Alarm. When setting alarm make sure it’s only one time where it goes off. If you let it ring all night you body doesn’t fully rest. However when your falling asleep make sure that you set an exact time and make sure you follow that time throughout the whole week even the weekends, because your body needs a routine.

Tip 3: Taking a bath helps you fall asleep. By taking a bath it will allow your body to drop heat temperature making it easier for you to sleep.

Tip 4: Turn off all lights. The smallest amount of light effect the way you sleep. Turn off all electronics, because it send’s off these radioactive wave lengths which effect’s your body, but also your brain.

Tip 5: Drown out all noise. Instead of playing music of shuffle, take a fan and use that to drown out noises.

Tip 6: Even though taking a hot shower will help turn down your body heat and make you fall asleep. You don’t want to have your room hot. When going to sleep make sure that you have cold room.

Tip 7: Eat light. Eating large portions  heavy foods or drinks could cause you to not let your body fully digest the food you consumed. But also by eating your food 2 hours before going to bed will help the process of digestion flow will become trouble free.

Tip 8: The type of pillow you sleep with does affect the way you sleep. Make sure that you sleep with a pillow that’s comfortable and relaxing to the head.

Tip 9: Kick the pets out. You might like having your pet in your room, but having them in your room will only wake up since pets are more light sleepers they tend frequently wake up more than you do.

Tip 10: Kill the pain. If you’re having an headache or stomach ache make sure it gone before you go to sleep. If it means taking a hot shower or massaging your forehead then do so.

Tip 11: No Caffeine. Make sure you don’t drink any coffee or tea before you go to sleep. It’s proven that both of these drinks make you stay awake, and won’t allow you to sleep

Tip 12: Just like tip 1. Don’t stress out. If you need to walk around outside for 5 minutes do so. Just breath and take the stress out of your head and relax.

Tip 13: Keep calm when you can’t sleep. By stating that your going to be up allows the brain to not sleep. Its proven the more you stress out about something you tend to stay awake more and drone on about the topic. Which doesn’t allow your brain to fully get a good night sleep.

Tip 14: Don’t compensate. Make sure you have a fixed sleeping schedule and you stick with it.

By following all 14 tip’s my sleeping schedule has improved tremendously. Going from sleeping at 12:00 in the morning to sleeping at 9:30 at night I’ve been more energized, but also have been able to wake up earlier and concentrate during school hours. Even though I don’t fully turn off my phone as it’s my alarm to wake up I’ve been increasing the amount of sleep I’ve been getting. If feel that you don’t want to use these tips and feel like using something more undemanding you could use this app called “Health”. Sadly, this app is only used for iPhone users. The app health allows you to track how many steps you take during the day, allows you to track how much fitness you’ve induced during that day, but also track the amount of sleep you have. I believe it’s an sufficient app, and helps you see what’ve you done not only during just one day, but also throughout the a whole month and even a whole year.

Now, you may ask why am I telling you these things?

 As an IB student and with all the amount of homework and projects I get I know its hard to find a sleeping schedule, but I also know that I could relate to other student’s around the world. My purpose is to not only educate you, but to help you improve your sleeping lifestyle. A lot of student’s don’t believe that not sleeping can cause a lot of health scares, but also diminish you from doing basic tasks. By giving these tips and a simple app to use I hope that it could help, but also improve your school or life performance throughout this year and many years to come.

 If you wish to know the link at which I got the 14 tips from click the link below:


Scientists create first semi-synthetic organism with ‘alien’ DNA Response (Biology)

When making synthetic type’s of DNA it could lead to many new discoveries such as being able to change the way a baby might look, or genetically modify what you look now, and can make new proteins. However with creating new things always come’s a dangerous side and that’s what scientist’s might be scared of, and with creating new type’s of DNA it could lead to huge problems. What if we don’t have the medicine that we need to add that extra DNA? What would happen? By adding a fifth or sixth nucleotide it might affect us as a person, because as stated in the article “without the transporter or when the new bases are not provided, the cell will revert”. This might cause harm to the human being. If there wasn’t enough transporter for everyone in the world it might cause a huge problem. Before actually adding the fifth or sixth nucleotide I believe that scientist’s should check wether or not they have enough transporter for everyone so that problem’s won’t arise. I believe that this is a really cool idea, but I feel that there might be a lot of problem’s caused with adding a fifth or sixth nucleotide to the DNA strand.


Chemistry Of Life Reflection: Biology

Chemistry of Life Reflection:

I felt that this unit was really hard for in term’s of remembering everything, and getting to know the new terms. When we learnt the DNA unit I felt that I understood that unit the most out of all the other sub units. I struggled the most at understanding Photosynthesis + Cell Respiration because it was a lot to remember, but also I felt as if it really confusing to remember. One way of improving, and over coming these problems is studying, and looking through Biology books and taking notes. Also I thought that if I didn’t understand anything I would ask more questions but also during my free time look up youtube videos to understand the topic more. As a method of remembering the topic its self I thought that I would do a few worksheets a week to get my brain to remember but also recognize the material that were learning.

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Mock Reflection

When I first found out that we were doing the mock exam next week I started freaking out, because I wasn’t prepared for it. However with the review sheets that we got handed in. I feel my that I did try my best on the mock review with no help what so ever. I believe that If I go over the chapters, and review everything again. I’ll get a better score then I did on the mock reviews. I believe that the reason why I didn’t do so well on the mock reviews were that I forgot everything that I’ve been taught, and this mock exam will help me to review over the things I have learnt in the past. Over all I believe that during the mock exam I feel that I’m prepared, and that I can do well on this exam.

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Biology Reflection

Do you prefer direct instruction as a majority, or do you prefer more hands on experimentation?

I would prefer to get direct instruction’s or learn from a teacher instead of learning on my own, because I don’t work well by myself and I usually don’t understand what I’m doing. I think If I had someone telling me what to do, or taught me I would understand better. However having a little but of activities’ such as worksheets or games or sometimes even a lab it would help me understand the unit better.

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Spanish Reflection

a)   What was the one most useful thing you learned in this Unit?

In this unit I’ve learned many things such as different tourist place’s like “La Playa, El Río, La Montaña, La Isla”. Words for transportation like “El Aeropuerto, El Avión, El Metro, La Bicicleta”. I also learned some of the month’s such as “Mayo, Juilo, Febrero, Enero”. These were all useful words because these words made my Spanish vocabulary bigger, but also now I can write more. For the month’s I think there useful now because I know how to write them if we need to write the date down on the board so I would be prepared.

b)   What suggestions would you give other students on ways to get the most out of this Unit?

One main thing I would advise people that are coming in to learn this unit would be first learn your basic’s, question words, sentence structures, and grammar rules. If you got those all down then I believe that you would really understand this unit. For me with out really knowing the basic’s I had a hard time trying to get everything together.

c) In what area did you improve the most?

The one area in which I improved the most would be really understanding and speaking, and also trying to understand the text. I think that my speaking has improved the most out of the 3 area’s because I’m able to understand words which I’ve never learned in my life. Also I think that understanding the meaning of the words as well, because for me I can look at a word and really just guess the meaning of the words, and from that in the text I can understand some what of the text, and get a basic understanding.

d) What did you learn about writing, research, (or any other skill) from this Unit?

My writing skill’s from this unit are ok. However I believe they could of gotten better if I went into detail with the vocabulary words, and really went over the words and tested my self’s in meaning but also writing. My research skill’s are good, and I hope that I could improve them more through out this year.

e) What problems did you encounter in this Unit (project, grammar, reading, etc)?

My main problem for me was knowing the basic’s and really understanding how to make sentences and the grammar rules. I think If I got those aspect’s down I would really improve in my Spanish class. By improving I would go over some of the rules I took down, but also know my Spanish question words.

f) What assignment of this course or program was your best work and why?

I think the assignment I really tired my best in was the practice mock test. I think that really showed what I could do in both understanding the text, but also show my writing skills, and be able to learn from the mistakes. I think one assignment I could’ve done better would be the presentation. If I spent more time on really saying the words clearly, and understanding what I’ll be saying I believe that my skill’s in general would improve a lot.

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Report Card Reflection

Report Card Reflection:

Report cards are a semester indication of how you are doing both academically and in relation to your ESLRs. Having just read your report please write your thoughts using the following prompts.

What are you most proud of in your report and why?

In my report I received a lot of good grades. The grade’s I at least saw coming for that class. What I’m mainly proud about it my math grade, because when I look back at my other math grade from last year and now I think I made a huge improvement, and really worked and focused on the math and tired to push my self to understand. I’m really proud with my Chemistry and Biology Grades because I push my self to understand, and really make sure I understand the concepts that are shown to me.

What would you like to improve and how?

My main area I really want to focus on is English. I think that If I really improve my english grade, and really just go over grammar, sentences, vocabulary and read a book everyday I think my english would improve. By improving i would really want to get an english tutor, and seek for help not just in school, but also outside of school so that I can improve. I also thought of having online course’s through the weekend that mainly focus on grammar, and the basic’s of english.  My second improvement would be Psychology. I think if I focused more, and also moved away to my own little area, but also closed my computer and joined into the class more I think I would do a lot better. Also if she talk’s about something i don’t understand I would ask her instead of not asking her. With these small improvements in that class I think I can get my Psychology grade up higher.

What changes might you make to your goals now?

My goals are to Improve in every single class, and get a grade higher then I did before. The changes I might need to do is really just study more, and spend more time on homework, and giving it 100% instead of 50%. I also believe that just managing my time, and really just focus more on school I believe that my goal’s could be meet. For the class’s that I need help in. I would get a math/english tutor to really help me out a little more so I have a full understanding of what’s going on.




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Biology End of Semester Reflection

This year I learned a lot of new things such as the unit Chemistry of Life. In this unit I learned the difference between a Monomer and a Polymer. I learned the process of Hydrolysis. How to draw a Monosachride, Amino acid, a Polysaccharide, a Polypeptide, and how to draw + label a DNA strand.  Since I was taught at a early age how to do a lab (Grade 9) most of the things we were taught was review. However I learned how to make my lab better in a way were I could add more information, make my graph’s look more presentable by placing the R value, Best fit line, Units and etc.. When it came to DNA + RNA I learned more in depth about how to draw and label a DNA strand, What a Prymidines, and Purine is. I learned that stages of DNA (G1,S,G2,M,C) , and what happens in each stage. This year I believe I’ve learned more about the human body, and what happens to cells, and also what they go through. I’m really interested in learning more about the human body, and what happens in the human body. I also want to learn more about the different types of organs and what they do. I’d like to learn the different types of bones in the human body. Also I was really interested in the mutations unit, and I would like to learn in depth about how mutations could be harmful to someone. I want to learn about the different types of disease’s and how they could affect you as a human. The most interesting things I learned this year would be the mutations, and how that could effect our body. I also liked how we went in depth about cell’s and what would happen to the cell’s if there was a disease attacking the body. I liked that we could draw the different types of diagrams. I really liked the DNA + RNA unit because it really interesting, and how DNA could make up us. This year I believe I learned best by taking notes, and seeing the different diagrams, and explaining it to us. I also learn best by teaching myself and then coming back to class with questions that I have for the teachers. However taking notes from the biology book, or the teacher telling us was a good way to teach us, and that’s how I learned best. I prefer more of the individual activities because it really makes me think about what I need to go back and go over, and what questions I might have for my self.

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New Years Resolution 2013

My first new years resolution is to lose about 10-15 kg, and then go on a normal diet where it could help me out with my weight. The first thing I would do is get a app called “MyFitnessPal”. This app will help out with my diet by keeping track on how many calories I have ate, and also how many calories I should eat for my body type. The second app I could use would be called “RunKeeper” which would help me out in one way for my workout. So for the days I don’t use a personal trainer I would go out and run or create my own workout. So since my personal trainer will come on Monday and Friday I would go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. Then on wednesday I would go out and run. Since Soccer’s coming up soon I want to get fit, and be able to run so I think this goal would help me out a lot.

My second new years resolution would be to focus,not procrastinate, and to get better grades. By focusing I would remove my self from my friends during class times, and really sit next to the people that can really help me. I have lunch time and break time to talk to my friends so I would take the time to hangout there. By not procrastinating I would go home after school right away and then get a snack and start doing my homework. For the weekends I wouldn’t be able to hangout unless I finish all my homework. Unless its about studying with friends on a test then I would be able to go other then that I wont. To get better grades I would try my best to give my best work in, and do it to my best potential. Then for test’s I would study a week before the actual test, and really divide up what I will be studying for the test.

My third new years resolution would be meeting new people. I usually stay around my same friends, and hangout with them too. I think by meeting new people I would go outside my personal bubble. I also just want to meet new people because I want to get to know people.

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