Math Diagnostic Reflection

I thought that this test was pretty challenging especially the last part because I forgot how to prove the statements of the questions for the triangles. I also did not do a good job preparing for the logarithm sections too. There were also problems that I do not think that we have covered or covered thoroughly enough to comprehend some of the questions. Overall, I did not do too well on the test and I aim to be better prepared for upcoming tests.

English Final Reflection

1. Describe the pros and cons of creating a video essay. Do you prefer a video essay to a traditional written essay? Why or why not?

The pros of making a video essay is the fact that you can clarify your points with imagery so that it is easier to convey your points across to the audience. In addition, the background music can enhance the overall tone and theme of the essay.on  A con that I can think of is that it is very tedious to rehear the information that might have missed because in a traditional essay, you can always go back and refer since you have the entire essay to look at. I prefer creating a video essay more because not only do I like video editing, but I think it has more potential of efficiently communicating with the audience with all the imagery and voiceovers.

2. Compare and Contrast the traditional formative assessments used in this unit (vocab test, comprehension quizzes) with past formative assessments (literature circle group roles, short answer questions, Group Projects). Which type of assessment do you prefer? Why?

Traditional formative assessments  in this unit are much more straightforward compared to past formative assessments. Assessments such as the vocab test and the comprehension quizzes ask questions that you know exactly how to answer it and additionally, you always have a good idea of how you performed. On assessments such as the literature circle groups and the group projects however, you need to think on the spot since you don’t get the assignment until you actually start working. Moreover, you also need to work collaboratively with your peers. I prefer the traditional assessments simply because you know exactly what to study beforehand so that you are always confident and comfortable in taking the assessments.

3. Looking back over all of the units and project this year, which were your favorite and why? Which were your least favorite and why?

I really liked the video essay because it allowed us to create an essay using a different media since all the essays that I created before were either handwritten or typed. In simple terms, it was just much more enjoyable. I also liked the debate that we did in the Stranger unit because it allowed us to display our communication and complex thinking skills which I thought we did not do enough of. The least favorite project for me probably was the graphic novels that we did in the beginning the year because I’m really horrible at creating images that fit well with the story. It was also really difficult to create a story that is realistic enough that related to our selected history periods since it’s impossible to write complete accuracy.

4. Assess your own growth regarding the following Learning Objectives and ESLRs. What have you gotten better at? What do you need to improve upon? What are your goals in English class for next year?

Throughout this year, I’ve really improved on analyzing literary texts and creating well-structured ideas for my essays. I’ve definitely improved on my skills on using different forms of media to convey ideas as evident from the video essay and also the article that I created for ‘The Stranger’.  My communication in English is much more articulate from the read aloud in ‘Raisin in the Sun’ and in my voiceovers in the video essay. I still think that I can cut down on my grammatical errors and improve on my word choice in my essays. My goal next year in English is to and use more literary devices  such as rhetorical questions and paradoxes in my works so that I can familiarize myself with more useful tools.

Spring Concert Reflection

This last music concert that we have during the time here at SIS was probably one of the most successful concerts that I’ve performed in. We played with so much emotion, intensity, and finesse that we brought the audience into a standing ovation after the encore of our performance. One of my favorite moments from this concert was probably playing ‘Oye Comova’ because there was so much energy and freedom that I exerted into the piece. For example, I was confident enough to play some of my own drum fills in certain parts of the piece and I feel that it ignited the whole theater. I certainly feel like this piece was also the piece that the audience enjoyed the most not only because it received standing ovations and big amounts of applause from the audience, but I could see that many of them were smiling. ‘Heart of the City’ was the piece that I enjoyed the most playing because I could play the timpani with powerful volume which brought intensity in the piece. This is clearly evident, especially in the end because I had a forte fortissimo where I could literally smash the timpani with my mallets but also be appropriate at the same time. I felt that I really but the ‘heart’ in the city. But I also have to give credit to the choir as well, because they too gave it their best that they’ve got. I really enjoyed the Titanium/Coldplay medley (partly because I’m a huge Coldplay fan) but the harmony in the piece blended so well together that it sounded almost divine. Overall, I was amazingly satisfied for this concert and couldn’t be happier about the way we performed.


You can literally see the excitement in my eyes.

You can literally see the excitement in my eyes.

The Stranger: End of Unit Reflection

1. What are areas of strength that you see in both the group essay and your book review? What do you need to work on to improve as a writer?

The strengths that I see in both my group essay and book review is that it is very organized in a sense that the reader knows that they’re reading about in each paragraph. There are clear topic sentences throughout both writings and also transition fluidly between paragraphs. I could definitely see myself improving on giving a more convincing and thorough explanations for evidence that I include in both of the works.
2. Describe your experience of writing the group essay. What was positive about it? What was negative? What could be changed to make it a more productive experience?

A positive aspect of this group essay was that it gives a lot more perspective of the amount of ideas to be implemented in the essay so that it is interesting to see what others have to say. It also lets you insert ideas into your essay that you haven’t thought of before. A drawback to this group essay was that since everybody has a different level of essay writing skills and style, I felt that I needed to go through the tedious effort of editing a lot for the final draft because each paragraph sounded  different so stylistically. Moreover I felt that some of the group members accomplished more work than others because of the unequal amount of paragraphs and group members. In order for this experience to be more productive, I suggest that we have a brainstorm session first rather than directly starting on our rough draft.

3. Describe the “jigsaw” experience. (breaking off into topic groups to learn about a topic to teach to your reading group). What was positive about it? What was negative? What could be changed to make it a more productive experience?

I thought that this experience was really neat because the each group member had a certain topic to research about so it was easy to share as well as receive relevant and useful information. I don’t really think there were any negatives during this session nor anything to change to make this a more productive experience.
4. Describe your experience of reading “The Stranger”. What did you like about the book? What did you dislike?

To be honest, the first few pages of reading the novel was a pretty difficult for me to get into because of the lack of fluidity and emotional aspects; it got pretty repetitive since each sentence was broken into pretty short sections and mostly ended with a period. But from the climax onwards, I was pretty hooked by the story. I liked that that novel didn’t include too many sophisticated language and it was straight to the point so it was easy to comprehend. The thing that I disliked about the novel however was that the beginning to the climax was rather dull and slow-paced.
5. What would you change about the unit if you were the teacher?

If I were the teacher, I would let everyone write their own introduction and conclusion to even out the amount of work done by each group member for the group essay. But other than that, I felt this unit went by pretty smoothly.


Service Learning Reflection

Where did the planning take place?

Most of the planning took place during advisory time, where we discussed how we were going to get the materials and what questions we needed to make for our activity.
Where did the activity take place?

The activity took place during HS lunch in the auditorium.
Who was involved?

TJ, Kylian, Sasha, and I
How many hours of planning did you dedicate to this project?

We had about 3 hours of planning this activity

How many hours of time did you dedicate to the event (if you had one)?

After reflecting using the rubric use the rubric language, explain how and why you assessed yourself the way you did. Give specific details on your growth during this service experience. This is meant to be a substantial reflection. You should have at least 2 well-developed paragraphs.

What did I learn? What abilities, attitudes, values, did I develop?

I developed my communication skills because I was the one who was asking out the trivia questions. I developed on my projecting my voice because the ampitheater was very loud.

How successful have I/we been?

I think we were very successful because I thought that the people learned a lot about current events and in addition we attracted lots of people to our service learning project

What challenges did we have? How did I/we overcome them?

Since the people that were watching got very excited, they were shouting out answers after we asked the questions so that was a bit frustrating. Another frustrating thing was that there were so many people that it was difficult to tell who was going next. We overcame this problem by organizing queues and penalizing the people who were shouting answers so that they had to wait extra time to get the chance to play.

How did this activity benefit others?

As I said before, I think that the people participated learned a lot about current events  happening around the world.

What would I change if I were to do this again?

I think we could’ve organized a lot more beforehand on setting up queues so that we didn’t need to do it during the time that the service learning was taking place.

Dance Unit Reflection

1. What were your initial thoughts going into the dance the unit? Explain ( provide a specific example)

To be honest, I wasn’t particularly all that excited going into this dance unit. But when we discovered that we were going to do partner dancing, I gained a little more enthusiasm because it was something that we didn’t really cover during the last year of dance. I felt a lot more intrigued when we were assigned to research about the dances we were given because I discovered that there were many different types of partner dancing than I originally thought there were. So then I became more curious about the differences and the unique aspects of each dance.

2. What did you like during the dance unit? Explain ( provide a specific example)

I really enjoyed the Cha Cha because I thought that the energy and movement required to make the dance look elegant is very different from the other dances that we had to do. For example, it had a different style of music to dance to, we had to shake our hips, and I also thought that it was easy and natural for me to spread my energy of dancing to my partner. I also liked how during our practices of our dance, we were separated into a boys and a girls line facing opposite of each other so that not only did it make it easier for the boys to learn their part, but we could also observe the girls part and see what they’re supposed to do.

3. What didn’t you like during the dance unit? What would you suggest to change, modify or make is better?

The thing that I didn’t really like about this unit was that all of the dances that we were assessed on were all ballroom dances. I understand that ballroom dancing is a big fundamental skill for dance, but I thought that we could incorporate some variety and new types of dances such as the Gangnam Style or the Dougie so that we have both modern and old styles of dance. Other than that, I thought that the unit went pretty smoothly.
4. What are your thoughts AFTER finishing the dance unit?
– have you changed in your thoughts, same thoughts (why or why not)

After finishing this dance unit, I thought that I learned a lot about dancing to the beat of the music because we were tested on a variety of different dances. The foxtrot was probably the one that I struggled most but also the one that I learned the most too. The slow-slow-quick-quick steps really made me practice each step separately from the other in order to dance to the right rhythm. Not only can this help me in the future for dancing, but this could also help me in music class since I am a percussionist which  is responsible for keeping consistent rhythm for the entire band. Although dancing is not something I am particularly interested in, I thought that this unit certainly helped me on performing through different types of tempo.

Poetry Unit Reflection

1. Are you glad the poetry unit is over? Why or why not?

I’m glad that the poetry unit is over because it means that there are other things that I get to practice and work on other subjects such as essay writing and literature which I’d much rather do over poetry.
2. What did you like about the unit? What did you dislike?

I think the part that I liked most about this unit was creating our surrealist poems with our peers since it was interesting what other wrote n the poem and to compare it to what I wrote. The end result of our poems were also hilariously funny. The part that I disliked about this unit was that the poems that we create are actually graded. Unlike the analysis or previous essays that we wrote, a poem can mean almost anything to different individuals since there no rules in writing a poem. While in analysis or essay writing it is imperative that you need to follow the rules of English grammar punctuation so it would make sense for those types of writings to be graded.
3. When reading and watching your peers’ poems and visualizations, what did you learn or appreciate? What didn’t you like?

The thing that I liked about watching the visualizations from my peers about their poems is about how they interpret it and how they use parts of their poem to back up their visuals. When I saw a visualization of the same poem that I’m doing, we had totally different perspectives of the poem but we both had evidence to support our thoughts so I thought that was pretty interesting. I also appreciated the message that the other poems had. For example, I read about one about how social media doesn’t necessarily tell everyone the truth and that in order to find out about the truth, you need to look at things in person. As far as the things that I didn’t like about this, I don’t think there were any.
4. Are you planning on attending or submitting to the poetry jam? Why or why not?

I don’t plan on submitting a poem to the poetry jam simply because it is not an area of my interest and I would rather focus on practicing other subjects such as math or essay writing.
5. What would you change about this unit if you were the teacher? More of something? Less of something else? 

If I were the teacher of this unit, I think that I would have the students perform and read (or act) poetry out loud to further improve on our communication skills. However, I think we spent a bit too much time focusing on the constraints of the poem and not a sufficient amount of time actually analyzing the meanings and themes behind the poems.

End of Unit Reflection

1. Reflect on the experience of literature circles. What was positive? What was not positive?

Overall I felt that the literature circles unit was an overall helpful and entertaining experience. I really enjoyed that we had group discussions over the topics of our books and it also made me realize that other people have different views of different aspects of the book. In addition, having group discussions also lets us improve on standing up for our own opinions and how to effectively and appropriately disagree with others.
2. Do you think you understood your novel better as a result of reading it in a lit circle (as opposed to a traditional whole-class reading?) why or why not?

In terms of understanding the novel better, I think that a whole-class reading works better because not only do you get insight from other students, but you also get insight from the teacher which is always welcoming. Reading in a lit circle is effective, but whole-class reading works best on analyzing and comprehending a novel.

3. Reflect on creating the portfolio and the presentation. What was challenging? What was satisfying? What was frustrating? 

The portfolio was certainly a nice addition to the unit because it helped summarize the important points and the vocabulary from the novel for us. During our presentation, we did a solid job of conveying our points of symbolism and character analysis from the novel to the audience. I felt that the audience felt intrigued by our presentation and wanted to read our novel. The challenging and frustrating part about this was the process of making the portfolio look creative simply because our group wasn’t the best artistic group at all. The satisfying part was definitely finishing the portfolio, as it took quite some time and thought.
4. Looking back, what would you change about this unit if you were the teacher?

If I were the teacher, I would have the students occasionally interact with peers from other groups to open up new discussions and ideas.

1st Semester Report Card Reflection

What are you most proud of in your report and why?

I am most proud of myself in Social Studies because I felt that it wasn’t one of my strengths and I still got an A. But part of the reason why I got an A is that I understand most of what is being taught in class and can elaborate and synthesize those information into essays. I’d expected my Social Studies to be lower than my English grades but that wasn’t the case here. I am also proud of getting a higher GPA than last semester since it went increased by about 0.2.


What would you like to improve?

I would definitely like to improve on my Chinese grades since it is one of the main subjects that I struggle with, especially in writing. I’d also like to bump up my science grade to at least an A-.


What needs to happen in order for you to achieve the improvements?

In order to improve on my fluidity of Chinese presentational writing, I need to get in the habit of reading more Chinese literature such as local newspapers or online articles. In science I feel that I am not asking enough questions to further increase my understanding of the subjects that are being taught. So by asking more questions in science, I feel like I can get rid of many questions that are unanswered in my head.


Who might need to help you and how?

I feel that my parents can definitely help me with improving my writing skills in Chinese. Otherwise the internet and asking the teacher can help too.


What changes might you make to your goals now?

I will keep my goals of improving my writing in Chinese the same but would also like to ask more questions and take more notes often in


What questions do you have for your teachers?

None at all, really.

Charlie Brown Music Special

The music used in “Charlie Brown Christmas” matches fluently with the story. There are many sections throughout the film where the atmosphere is changed, and so does the music itself too. This change in music helps the audience go through a change in their own feelings to match what is happening in the movie. There was one part in the movie which I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack which was “Skating” that was played in the transition of Linus and Lucy. The various ranges of tone and dynamics used by the composer effectively narrates the mood and spirit of the storyline in the movie. “Christmas Time is Here” is a perfect piece for when Charlie is being joyous at the end of the film.