Written Reflection for Art


I learned how to shade with charcoal, draw with ink and how to paint (kinda). I can use these skills in my free time, because digital painting is one of my hobbies. I feel like I deserve an EX overall for this year firstly because I work hard, I focus in class and I ask questions when needed. Secondly, I get my things done on time. I never waste class time so I never have to work OT to finish any projects. Thirdly, I’m friendly to all my classmates. Fourthly, I experiment and take risks with my artwork, so I explore different possibilities and am capable of analysing my decisions. Finally, I learn from my classmates as well as off my own mistakes. It’s always interesting to see what others do in certain situations then apply it to yourself, but don’t forget not to copy EXACTLY the same thing.

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Final English Reflection


1. Describe the pros and cons of creating a video essay. Do you prefer a video essay to a traditional written essay? Why or why not?

The pros of the video essay is that it’s obviously more fun and it’s less work when it comes to the writing. We only need an outline and evidence, the rest we just analysed on the spot. There are cons however; it was extremely difficult for us to find a time to get together to record and film things. Also, with a video essay comes the trouble of editing, finding music and lots of extra film/pictures online.
2. Compare and Contrast the traditional formative assessments used in this unit (vocab test, comprehension quizzes) with past formative assessments (literature circle group roles, short answer questions, Group Projects). Which type of assessment do you prefer? Why?

I would prefer the comprehension quizzes and vocab tests mainly because I find group projects more tiring. You have certain roles you need to fulfil and sometimes finding what to do and how to do it can get really troublesome. If you work solo, you know what you have to do.
3. Looking back over all of the units and project this year, which were your favorite and why? Which were your least favorite and why?

My favourite was the poetry unit. I’m a fan of poetry, especially because I find most other literature boring. Poetry gave me a chance to express my own ideas in a more free manner, because for poetry the restraints aren’t usually on themes but only in how you write your poem. I really disliked The Stranger unit because I had a lot of trouble analysing figuratively “nothing”. It was very boring to me and I really found the book boring. There was hardly a plot and paragraphs of monotonous descriptions.
4. Assess your own growth regarding the following Learning Objectives and ESLRs. What have you gotten better at? What do you need to improve upon? What are your goals in English class for next year?
-Reading and analyzing literary and non-literary texts

I don’t think I’ve improved a lot on this, as I have always been known to be a good analyser.

-Writing complete sentences with sophisticated vocabulary and complex structure.

I’m obviously not fond of using sophisticated vocabulary, but I know most of the words. In my Creative Writing I attempted some complex structure, and I think it went pretty well, so if asked to give a grade I’d give myself a PR+.

-Writing organized paragraphs and essays.

Organised you say… I think my ideas are very well organised, my analyses are very well organised but it’s mostly still the run-on sentences and HUGE paragraphs that pull me down a little on this one.

-Verbal articulation of ideas and Participating in group discussions

I participate a lot in group discussions, sometimes even leading them. I have no problem getting my ideas and opinions across to the group, so I think for this benchmark I deserve an EX.

-Using various forms of media to convey complex ideas

The video essay is a perfect example. Through the use of audio recordings, film and writing, my group has used 3 different methods of media.


Communicators: I have no troubles conveying ideas and opinions to the class. I clarify my questions and ask for help when needed. I also listen attentively in class, though I look like I’m half-awake (I can’t quite help that, I look like that in every single class).

Collaborators: I have worked with a variety of people throughout the whole year; though the going was tough, especially since some people didn’t pull their weight, we still managed to pull through together and finish off strong.

Complex Thinkers: I’m very good at analysing information, as well as coming up with evaluations and syntheses. I’m a very efficient essay writer, and is capable of understanding even the most confusing themes behind books such as The Stranger.

Independent Learners: I never turn in my homework late, though at the start of the year I may have forgotten to export certain documents into pdf format. I have however, fixed that habit and I also clarify doubts I have for homework.

Global Citizenship: I am a very friendly person, and always help people out if they need it. There were quite a few times in which people in my group didn’t work due to their absence. I have given them their homework and even help them out if they require it.

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PE Final Reflection


To what extent has PE affected your life? How will it affect your life as a junior/senior/ college student/adult?

There is without a doubt that PE has greatly affected my life. Be it from learning how to plan a workout to being motivated enough to workout in the first place. Trust me, if you’re not motivated to move you’ll never survive the tests and assessments coming up. Some other things I’ve learned during PE would be how to effectively plan a workout through the FITT GOALS in the first half of the year. Eventually it got so easy I didn’t even have a written plan anymore; I simply calculated how much reps and sets I would do in my head. And then we moved on to a slightly more “advanced” version of the FITT GOALS; FITTGECKO GOALS or simply Knoflick FITT. We had to upload our goals and workouts onto Social Media and I must say it was rather effective. The positive feedback one receives really drives oneself to push on forward so that’s one point for Facebook.

But anyways, that was just a recap of what I think is most important. This knowledge has greatly affected my life like I said; I now understand the importance of staying fit especially after I fell back in one of my fitness test results, a.k.a. the Principal of Reversibility. PE has changed my lifestyle from that of a couch potato into a move 3 to 4 times a week couch potato. Still an improvement in my book that’s for sure. As for the future, I’m not too sure what will happen. But I’m certain PE has let me understand that in order to stay fit, one has to actually MOVE and push (Overload Principle). I have a horrible couch potato habit like I said, and though it’s not as prominent as before I still think I should move more. When I move to the USA (which I might spend the rest of my life in), there’s going to be a LOT of junk food. That means I’ll have to work even harder than I am now, so my motivation is likely to come from my FITTGECKO knowledge. I’ll probably use Social Media to set goals and help push me forward, while using knowledge from my FITT GOALS to plan effective workouts.

Overall, PE has greatly affected my life and most definitely will play a large part in my future. I only have one thing to say to obesity. Can’t touch this.

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The Stranger Unit Reflection for English


1. What are areas of strength that you see in both the group essay and your book review? What do you need to work on to improve as a writer?

I think the examples and explanations are very strong. The group essay has a lot of good examples and analyses while the book review has short and simple explanations, but to the point. I think what I need to improve on is my grammar and of course, prepositions.

2. Describe your experience of writing the group essay. What was positive about it? What was negative? What could be changed to make it a more productive experience?

Like I said before, I feel like I wrote most of the essay. Well, I didn’t change any of the ideas, so if I didn’t understand what my group members were saying I didn’t change much. But, I did a lot of editing on grammar and some parts just didn’t make any sense to me, so I had to add in my own examples for each idea. I also had to put page numbers which was very annoying. On the brighter side, I feel like I did more than I was supposed to, so bonus points for initiative perhaps.

3. Describe the “jigsaw” experience. (breaking off into topic groups to learn about a topic to teach to your reading group). What was positive about it? What was negative? What could be changed to make it a more productive experience?

The “jigsaw” experience is much more fun than just having to spend all your time with your group members. I remember when we had the literature circles we’d be bored of each other in no time. So when we did the “jigsaw” I actually enjoyed it. However, you don’t get to control who you work with. Sometimes you end up with slackers, sometimes you end up with hard workers. It’s really unpredictable and when you end up with someone you don’t really like or know working can be somewhat frustrating.

4. Describe your experience of reading “The Stranger”. What did you like about the book? What did you dislike?

I honestly didn’t like the book, but it’s not like I really enjoy reading either. I like reading science fiction and historical fiction or just non-fiction books; The Stranger being a philosophical piece of literature didn’t really entice me. Still, I liked the simplicity of the writing. It’s surprising how Camus can take such simple activities and make them page-long paragraphs, yet keeping the simplicity of the activity at the same time.

5. What would you change about the unit if you were the teacher?

I would change the comprehension questions into questions similar from the literature circles. Making up our own questions and discussing them is much more fun than doing just comprehension questions.

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SS Video Reflection


Indian professor and Hulk Hogan accents aside (they were supposed to be that of a British documenter and a American patriot), I had a really fun (and tough) time making this video. One big reason for that would be because our group has three people; all the other video groups had 4. So I had to do research, script writing AND a large part of the audio-recording. If you think doing the research wasn’t boring enough, I spent a whole afternoon writing the script and another afternoon recording. So you could say I spent almost 2 whole days working on my stuff. I won’t deny the effort of others though; Matti had recently made our group’s Life Skills video and almost went crazy but due to his wealth of experience in that field we made him the video editor – again. This one wasn’t as hard to edit but I give him a lot of credit. The only person which I think should have worked harder is Lily – she recorded a short part and did the MLA. And she turned in the MLA at 11 PM the night before it was due. So honestly I think Lily didn’t pull her weight as much. Based on this time’s experience I will most definitely strive to avoid making videos unless my group consists of good-hard workers, because as long as one person isn’t pulling their weight making a video is extremely difficult. Overall in terms of knowledge, I did learn a lot of things about the decision to drop the bomb; I never knew that Japan didn’t really surrender from the bomb and rather because of the USSR, which really surprised me. I was always taught that Japan surrendered immediately after the bombs were dropped but that was wrong. Another thing that this project taught me was the ineffectiveness of short-term solutions. The Treaty of Versailles was a short-term solution to incapacitate Germany and the A-bomb was a short-term solution to quickly end the war before the USSR got involved. Guess what? The ToV indirectly sparked off WWII and the A-bomb caused A LOT of problems for the next 50 years in the cold war. In conclusion I guess I didn’t really enjoy the project making, but I did enjoy the end product. You sow what you reap I guess; I put in a lot of effort and hated the reaping, but the knowledge and the laughs I received were the best part of the harvest.

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Progress Report Reflection


1.  What are you most satisfied with when reviewing your progress report?

EXs. EXs everywhere! It made me feel very accomplished and greatly improved my mood for the whole day. I feel like the work I put in is paying off so that’s what makes me satisfied with my progress report. My grades for English, Social Studies and Chinese have all improved so that also makes me very happy.

2.  What can be improved(Be specific)?

My PE grade for activity strategy, which was the only AP I got. Honestly it’s hard to think when you’re playing, I mean like when your running and focusing on the ball it’s near impossible you’d start thinking of activity strategy. The only way that might work for me is to memorise and practice, and practice, and practice until it’s drilled into your head as to a point where you don’t even need to think. I mean whenever I play it just never comes to my head and I don’t think of anything really because I just can’t. So I think practicing is the only way for me.

3.  Have you done everything within your power to achieve optimal personal success in each of your courses?  (Explain)

It’s not possible to put in everything no matter how the cliche goes but still, I put in as much as I could. I do all my work on the day that it’s given and I spend time and effort into doing it. Not just a simple 5 minute thing and it’s all over. I don’t really study for tests because it doesn’t work for me and I get a mind block if I do so, so I just tend to highlight the important parts in the textbook and parts I know I would forget, then read that over twice before I sleep and once before the test. I put effort into studying for tests just in my own way though.

4.What can you do differently to improve your academic standing?  (Be specific)

For Chinese like I said I’ve been reading books. I do feel that it has helped me but it’s not showing on the progress report just yet because I only started reading not too long ago. I do have more vocabulary words I can use though. As for PE it’s a little different. Activity Strategy isn’t easy to practice and my only way to prove I do have the strategy would be through my current fitgecko goal because we aren’t playing any games right now. This activity strategy is a little different, but I’m planning my own workouts to achieve my goal. So technically if I achieve my goal then that means I’ve planned the right strategy towards achieving it by the deadline I’ve set for myself. Hopefully that will pay off. If not, I believe we still have one more unit for games and I’m going to give that one my all and maybe write on my hand “think” because I know I’m going to forget to think when I play.

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Service Learning Project



Me and my not-so-sexy face teaching kids (John’s taking the photo)


On 20th of March (day 7), me and John went down to Ms Qavi’s classroom during lunch for our service learning project. Bryan was in our group but because he had badminton he was unable to come so it was just the 2 of us. Still, we had a lot of fun with the kids and they really seemed to like us. We had a cup-pong math challenge; answers were written on the cups and we played a question on John’s computer. The kids then had to answer the questions and score the cup to try and win the grand prize – A BAG OF CHIPSSSS. Only one kid got the chips though xD I think that’s where the first problem was; we didn’t test out our game earlier. We thought at least 4 or 5 kids would score the cup but apparently not… So yea, next time we’ll have to try out our own game and modify it so that it’s not too easy but not impossible either for the kids. Another problem we faced on the way was the getting in sync with what the kids were learning. We had no idea what the kids were learning because they had already finished their whole textbook at the time, so Ms Qavi was actually just doing some exercises and recaps. So we had some trouble deciding which unit it should be but in the end we just did their most recent chapter – Ratios and Percentages. Honestly it’s kinda hard to turn your mindset to that of a 7th grader and make up questions, so that was another difficulty we faced. We’re used to solving problems and not making them, and we had to check repeatedly to make sure these weren’t too hard. I even got my sister in 8th grade to do some just to make sure. Still when the day came we had to hide the butterflies in our stomach and just DO IT. And we did do it, pretty well too. The game didn’t have any discrepancies, the kids understood our rules and followed them and I even had a good time trying to thrill the kids with my horrible humour. And they laughed! I was very surprised xD I even made some friends and the kids really liked us we could tell. It’s great to see how the 4 or 5 advisory periods of planning paid off, not to mention the 2 or 3 hours I spent creating and checking and re-creating questions. We even had to change one of the answers on the night before because we thought it was unsuitable so we had to stay up further just to fix that. One final problem we ran into was that some kids wanted to try again, while some kids didn’t even try. That was kinda hard but eventually we ran out of time so I guess we didn’t fix the problem. Next time, we’re going to have to ask to be dismissed 15 minutes earlier before lunch so we can set up and start when lunch starts. Overall it was a fun and enriching experience and I just realised I’m a good teacher. Or maybe it was John. But probably me. Or both. Both would be best.

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FITGECKO Goal 1 Reflection


1. Did you meet your goal- why or why not?

Yes I did! My goal was to do 7 outward pull-ups (palms facing away), going halfway down and I did 8! I did more than my goal and I guess I’m very satisfied with myself.

2. Given a chance to rewrite your goal how would you change it so you can experience success?

I would change it into going full way down but extend my deadline so I have more time to work on it. That way it’s more challenging and most definitely more satisfying when accomplished.

3. How did posting and receiving feedback via social media affect your success in achieving your goal?

Well firstly it makes you feel good because people acknowledge your efforts as well as push you to do even more. This also helps keep people on task; if one person doesn’t post once per week or even at all it’s easily noticeable, and this puts pressure on them to actually work out and keep on task. Also, not only through posting but through reading through other posts, there’s actually a lot more apps and workouts then you knew so you can have a different variety of things to do instead of your own boring routine. All these help you to achieve your goal in a more efficient and focused way, but at the same time allowing you to explore more possibilities.

4. Did you use an app to track your progress – how did that help you? Would you use it again why or why not?

NEIN. I mean no.

4a. If you did not use an app, how did you track your progress? How did you find this to be helpful?

I used a data table I made on pages. Every Friday I did a test to see how much I could do and based on my time left and current progress it allowed me to plan my workouts better. For instance, I was kinda stuck at 5 pull-ups for 2 weeks so I knew that wasn’t working, and I started to add pushups to my pull-up workouts but the pushups I did at home. By tracking my progress, it gave me the ability to know where I stand as well as what I needed to do.

5. From what you learned in this process: writing goals, using apps and social media what will you take into consideration when creating a new fit gecko goal?

To keep in mind of the homework I might get. Somedays I had more homework than I expected, and was unable to workout. Hence my new goal needs to be slightly more flexible for my workout days instead of sticking to one solid plan. Also I need to depend less on school equipment for my workouts; when I had to do pull-up workouts, I had to use the pull-up bar in the mini gym after school. That’s obviously not very convenient if I have a busy schedule, so my new goal should be something convenient I can do anywhere, anytime. Oh and, when filming it should be a whole body shot so as to see the form as well as to check for cheating.

6..What did you learn about yourself in terms of your own personal fitness and this project?

That I don’t like being ruled by apps. I tried using an app at first on my first week but I absolutely hated it because the plan is really solid and sometimes I don’t have the time. Then I fall back on my progress for the app and it just gets really annoying because sometimes I can’t keep up. So yea I learnt that some people like me don’t have to use apps, it’s totally fine to just plan your own workout. And plus that gives you more flexibility and variability, such as being able to include other exercises that work the same muscles (eg. pushups, tricep dips).

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Poetry Unit Reflection


The poetry unit, though short, was arguably my favourite unit for the whole of this year. I am a fan of poetry, well, somewhat a fan but the way Ms Dowty tackled this unit was different compared to my past teachers; we only did one analysis piece and the rest was having fun with poems. In my past school though, to be able to analyse was all we needed and we never got a chance to write our own poems as an assignment. So my interest in poetry dwindled after every analysis until a point I got bored. However, I never quite gave up writing on my own for fun. So when we got to this unit I was like “yes!” because we might finally get a chance to do some creative writing or something similar to that. I really enjoyed writing the poems, and spent a lot of effort into writing each poem (you can somewhat tell from the length). I also liked the in-class activities, where we got to work with our table mates to make poems be it from coming up with a list of words or writing words on a piece of paper and rotating. I learnt about constraints in poetry unlike last time, where constraints didn’t really matter because it was the analysis that did. Constraints make poetry more fun and interesting to read and we did a lot of those. I didn’t like the meters though, because honestly I find that boring but I absolutely loved rhyme! Overall, this poetry unit was fun so I would absolutely recommend this unit to others! Poetry FTW!

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PE Dance Unit Reflection


1. What were your initial thoughts going into the dance the unit? Explain ( provide a specific example)

I was actually very excited for the dance unit, seeing how fun it was last year. Last year we were taught how to do a folk dance which was very fun and plus it wasn’t that tiring, so we kinda got to slack off PE for a while. But other than that, last year we got to choreograph our own dances; through the use of the different aspects of dance. That was very interesting as I got to work with some people I knew well and some I didn’t, but to pull it through together successfully was the most satisfying feel. So due to my good impression of last year’s dance unit, I thought this year’s dance unit would be just as awesome.

2. What did you like during the dance unit? Explain ( provide a specific example)

I really liked learning the Cha Cha Cha. All the dances focus more on a “graceful” aspect, while in the Cha Cha Cha you could show your attitude and sass. I may have got a little hip-jammed today, but the Cha Cha Cha was nevertheless fun to dance due to the fast-pacedness and sassy moves, which kinda fits my personality though I don’t normally get to show it. Another thing I really liked was when we got to find our own moves to do, though we didn’t manage to do some today. Still, finding extra moves made you seem slightly more “superior” and plus, moves are fun to do if they’re real good-looking. To be able to hear people go “wow” really gives me confidence and makes me feel satisfied, so I really enjoyed finding extra moves to wow the audience.

3. What didn’t you like during the dance unit? What would you suggest to change, modify or make is better?

Honestly one thing I really disliked was to see the girl I like dance with someone else. I mean you really do feel jealous at times but in terms of learning, the one thing I really disliked was that we didn’t get time to learn the foxtrot better, because it’s the only dance that allows you to run all over the place. All other dances feel a little confined, but the foxtrot feels more open and lively to watch. Sadly though, we didn’t get to learn the foxtrot as much as the other dances. In order to fix this problem, I suggest spending less time on the Waltz. We spent way too much time on that dance compared to the other dances, and the Waltz was supposed to be the easiest dance in terms of movement. Also, I have 2 partners almost every time. I don’t know, lady luck either hates me or loves me. But either way, I think that we need to fix the extra partner thing, because I had significantly less time to practice with each partner, and to be able to focus on one partner might be better. To fix this problem, I think the person with an extra partner should have testing done on two separate days so the person gets a chance to rest and prepare; I speak from first-hand experience, and after doing two dances your mind does get a little confused, not to mention six dances.

4. What are you thoughts AFTER finishing the dance unit?

 My thoughts towards dance never really has changed, because I always liked dancing as a child. After the unit, I feel like I’m more well-rounded in terms of dancing, as I used to dance the more abstract and street-like dances. Ballroom dancing is a completely different type of dancing because the beat and the way you move requires cooperation, unlike street dancing where a lot of it is solo. I think that after this unit, I’m still going to continue dancing for fun during occasions like Prom. I think that the unit as an overall was very enjoyable because it’s not like all the other units; basketball, cardio, soccer, etc. Dancing is more of a self-paced and less intense unit (unless you have 2 partners like me) and much more self-learning is required. There may be less overall movements, but the details are really important when it comes to dance, I love the details and the flamboyancy. My thoughts? I love this unit. I guess I’m also going to have to practice my dances anyway for Prom since I have a date; remember the girl I mentioned? Yea. She’s my date. I’m not going to disappoint her for saying “yes” to me. As for now though, I want to sleep early tonight.

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