How did I get my name?

There is always meaning to a specific name. Where did I get my name? Why did I get my name? And what does my name mean? There was a quote that came to my mind when I asked myself this, “A person can have two names, the one the world gives him, and the one he gives himself”. There are two names that are meaningful to me. I am Marvyn Uy. I am 黄迈斌. And this is how I got my names.

There is a reason my name, unlike the regular spelling, has a “y” in Marvyn. Here the story my mother told me. My parents, whilst I was days away from being born, had made up their minds to name me Mickey. My sister on the other hand, thought that there was a chance I would be a girl, she wanted to name me Michelle. She panicked when she found out she is having a brother, so my mom bought her a rabbit. A few days later I was born and was brought to my mother’s arms, my mother wanted to change my name. She said that she wanted me to have a more “original” name. My dad desperately tried to think of a name. He came up with “Mychel”. My dad went through uncommon names and suggested Marvin. My mom disagreed until he mentioned “it’s Marvin, with a ‘Y'”. She agreed to it. And in time so did I. Marvyn is really uncommon in the Philippines, and last I searched, there were only six Marvyns on Facebook. I find my name like a constant reminder of who I reflect on, and what I mean to my parents. But I am happy to have Marvyn as my name, being creative and being different.

My Chinese name is 黄迈斌, my classmates at elementary school call me that. There is no real meaning to that name. My family found it necessary to have a Chinese name for me since I am a quarter Chinese. My dad went to great lengths to get good name ideas. And my sister told me to choose a name I would want in the list my father gathered from his friends. It was like an interview, they wanted me to have the choice of my name, and make sure it is a good choice. I had to make a choice as my sister went down the list, telling me all the meanings of each name. I told her “No”. I told her to help me make a name that sounds as close to my english name. At first my sister insisted for me to get one from the list, but in the end, my stubborness got through. She found two random words that “looked cool togheter” which sounds as close to my name. “迈斌” (mai bin). For a brief moment I felt happy until my sister confimed with me one last time. My sister didn’t like it because it held no meaning but it was meaningful to me to have a name I chose. It didn’t matter what my name could mean, but what meaning I will make out of it.

The name I was given, is meaning that has been given to me. The name I gave myself is the name I give meaning to.



AMPed project

The AMPed project that I am in with Matti is creating a photo collection blog. We have noticed that we are growing more and more interested in photography since we’ve been taking loads of photos. We adjust ourselves after each and every shot and put it on a blog to share it with others since we have done great work. We take a lot of passion of our work and try and do our best every time.

We spent our Sundays taking photos and have them posted on our blog. our blog should be coming up soon, but we are trying to have enough spare time to make one.

HS music reflection May 15 th


IMG_3889 Music year is ending and the whole year was fun, everyone was helpful to each other and everyone was working together collaboratively and were kind to each other as the year progressed. The whole band, I felt the hardest song we faced was “Heart of the city” since we didn’t get to the end of the song for such a long time in band. We were worried that we weren’t going to nail the song with Jerry’s solo, the percussion’s time to shine. In the end we played better than before. The piece that I thought was most fun to play was “Oye como va”, the beat was fast and alive, and everyone was in the mood for the Latin piece. And I loved the song even better after the concert. I was proud to play in this band, it was a real honor to play great touching songs with Dr.G on his last year here. The year went by great and fun and if I had to choose a theme song for this band, I would chose the piece “Hikari”, the song has a great melody and gives the mood of how we had some failures and had some struggles, but in the end we become great.


G4m3 Tournament Reflection

I think that the tournament was a success, though we didn’t reach our expected amount of people coming (we thought more would come and join) the players really had much fun in the tournament.  We raised just about eight hundred Yuan from the tournament. The event could have improved if there were more variation of games to play like having a racing game. The game tournament would be more popular if we had better games at the beginning, and we should have better promotion for the tournament. But it was still fun.

Social Studies video reflection

1) How did you like your medium of presentation? Would you do it again or would you like to do a different kind?

I liked the presentation for my group’s video and that I would do the whole presentation again but still in the video department because I would have a better advantage in presenting at  a movie than presenting up front.
2) How did your group work together? Were you listened to? Did you do too much of the work?

My group worked well together and that we helped each other assign different parts and got work done equally.
3) Do you think you learned a lot about this issue/question? Was this an effective way for you to learn?

I learned a lot more new reasons why the bomb was dropped and how tense the US had to drop the bomb on Japan to stop the USSR

Preparation prompts for Student Involved Conferences April 9 2014

Preparation prompts for Student Involved Conferences April 9 2014

How are you feeling about the conferences (confident/worried etc)

I am concerned about how my progress is in terms of my independent learner since I turn my homework in late many times.

What are you most proud of and hoping your teachers will share with your parents?

I am proud that I have been keeping my grades up and that there wasn’t any concerns in the academic area.

What are you most concerned about hearing?

I am most concerned about hearing how my homework is missing and how it was not turned in on Edmodo specifically

What is your ‘plan for success’ for the rest of the semester (relate this to your progress report or prompt number 3).

My plan for success is to turn in my homework, and check Edmodo twice a day.

Progress report reflection


1.  What are you most satisfied with when reviewing your progress report?

I am satisfied that I am working hard and that I am progressing in Math and science.

2.  What can be improved(Be specific)?

I need to improve on my organization for turning in my homework and that it gets turned in on time.

3.  Have you done everything within your power to achieve optimal personal success in each of your courses?  (Explain)

I have worked hard on my courses and that I have done everything within my power to get my work done and turned in.

What can you do differently to improve your academic standing?  (Be specific)

I need to improve on scheduling and turning in my homework. I need to check every time if I have homework that needs to be done and that I would be able to get it done. 














Early Sunday



I took these photos in a completely abnormal morning time on Sunday, and I took these photos while being with my cat. These pictures made me proud since I was able to impress my photograph talented sister. The colors are really nice on my cat Ginger, the orange color made the picture brighter and the green and blue background of the picture made it diverse. Then my sister was really impressed by the bright picture of my balcony with the sun shining down making the hangers glow a white transparent color. And from then on my sister recognized me as a good photographer.

Bike Ride



On a half day, I decided to go for a ride with my camera just to see some good views. I took some good vantage points but still some places didn’t amaze me until sunset. The sun setting gave a nice radiant light that looked really nice. The reflection on my bike is really nice when I suddenly noticed it, and the simple bamboo at the side had a nice color with a good rule of thirds angle. These photos proved that I don’t need to be at a good vantage point to take pictures, but I just need to look at the little things that look nice.