Prom Reflection

Overall, our prom went well. The decoration was good and we were lucky to save our funds for decoration since we got it from the SIS musical team. Since the decorations matched well with our theme for the prom, I think it was a good. We also bought bubble machines and fog machines. The background for the photo zone was also very pretty :).

However, I still think that we should have work more on fund raising (since we did not do any fund raising for this year). Furthermore, I think we should have planned the prom earlier because we had to get everything done in the last minute. This made a delay on selling the tickets and advertising for prom.

Math Refleciton for Semester 2

Blog Reflection for Semester 2 Progress SL Math

Q.1.  Does the progress report grade accurately reflect your academic progress and proficiency demonstrated (Exemplary, Proficient, Approaching, Concern).  Please use the evaluation sheet in your assessment folder to reflect on why or why not?

Although I do not satisfy with my grades that I received from this progress report, I still believe that the reported grade accurately shows my academic progress and my understandings towards the chapter.

Since during this semester, I did not attend to school very much due to participating in many different activities such as badminton ACAMIS and habitat for humanity, I did not have adequate time to prepare for my test on statistics. The test score reflects my understanding about that chapter and topic very well. If I had time to review and learn more about the usage of calculator, I believe that I would have gotten a better grade than I received in my progress report. So I think that in order to get a better grade than before and make an A on this class, I think that I should work harder and study hard on that particular chapter more. (My goal is to at least get all exemplary for all chapters even though I may not get A for the letter grade).


Q.2.  Please look at the topic outline for IB SL Mathematics 2 year programme provided on the blog or on the board.  What topics do you perform well on/feel comfortable with?  What are your projected areas of study?

The chapter that I like the best is vectors. Although it is really complicated and it is the first time that I did it, I feel comfortable with vectors. In general, I perform better work on chapters that does not require calculator much since I am not good at using the calculator to solve the problems (I am used to solving with my head rather than relying on calculator). Since in this particular chapter, vectors, we do not have to know how to use the calculator so much and there are not many problems that needs to be solved with calculators, I feel comfortable with this topic and I believe that I can perform well on this chapter. But on the other hand, I have a hard time on statistics since it is much like a calculator work rather than thinking with my head. Most of the problems in statistics requires calculator work, so I am having a hard time dealing with it.

Q.3.  Aside from your academics, are there ESLR’s that you can set goals for improving upon during Semester 2? Do you feel ESLR’s have an impact on how your academic grades are formed/supported?  Throughout the year 1 programme, what have you learned about yourself and how you best learn?  (Please comment on notes, homework, peers, sleep, teacher feedback, appropriate seating arrangement, etc.)  Do you feel that understanding and following through your own personal guidelines of an ‘optimal learning environment’ would be effective beyond high school and into higher education?

I think I should do a better work on independent learning since for this year, the time I poured into math is much less than I did last year. Last year, I always reviewed the chapter we learned in class and always practiced solving the example questions on the textbook in order to achieve the goal I set for the math class (to keep up with my grade and to get higher or at least a same grade I got from last year). However, this year, I did not have a chance to do that things, and as a result, my grade went down compared to the last year’s. I would like to manage my time and increase the time for independently studying on math so that I can get a better grade through taking the FRO on the end of this year.

Q.4.  Up to present day, when was your most stressful time frame during your high school years?  Do you have advice for the incoming Junior class concerning time management/college applications/IB requirements (EE, CAS, IB Assessments, Sports, Extracurricular Activities, College Essays, Applications, Teacher Recs, etc.)

The most stressful time was when we took the statistics test. The statistics test was right after when I came back from Guangzhou (for volunteering on Habitat for Hummanity) so I had lack of time for studying for that chapter. It was the chapter with the most practice questions in it so I did not have time to study but only had time to finish the practice questions.

China Day Reflection

Our advisory’s activity was throwing bean bags. I was at the last section so all I had to do was clean up. Since I arrived early, I helped out other groups that did not have enough hand. Clean up was fairly easy since there were not many materials.

IMG_9495 IMG_9498

WWW Reflection


During our Week Without Walls trip, us 11th graders were required to teach the students in local elementary school. The first day the leaders of Dragon fly showed a demonstration for several games and taught us how to make the class interesting and keep student’s attention.



During the week we visited two different schools. Our whole grade was divided into several groups and each group taught different lessons in different classes and after 30 minutes we rotated and went to teach different class. Our group taught the students about holidays such as Chinese New Year, Halloween, Christmas, etc. We also added some games and activities in our class course so that students do not get bored.


We were also required to do mural and decorate the wall on the back of the school. Every 3 people were in charge of one wall. Since the wall was dirty, we had to scrub the wall and clean it first. It was hard to clean up and I did not like how I got dirty while washing the wall. The moss formed on the wall did not easily got off so it was much harder. After cleaning, we painted the wall. That I part I enjoyed. I first thought that we would not be able to finish painting on time because we did not have adequate time (because we had to do both teaching students and mural). However, we as a grade worked hard and finished painting the wall on time.

Although the paintings were not professional, the children seemed to be happy. Seeing their face I felt very rewarding.

Math Reflection for Semester 1

4.What goals did you set? Were they achieved? why or why not?

The goal I set for this semester was to get a high overall grade in order to get higher GPA score than I got last year. Although I am not sure of the grade on other classes, in Math, I was able to maintain my grade by getting A (I got A also on last year). So I believe that Math would not effect my GPA from my grade to go down.

2.What are the new goals for second semester?

My goal for the second semester will be same as first semester; I will try to maintain my grade and get A on Math.

3.What are your specific plans on how to achieve them?

In order to achieve my goal, which is to maintain my score from the first semester (which is to get A on Math), I would need to maintain my habit of finishing my homework everyday and solving example problems for further understanding. Moreover, since on semester two, we will learn more challenging things, I would need to take notes on every class and participate more during class.

Biology Reflection

What did you learn this semester (topics, benchmarks, skills)?

During this semester I learned about ecology, evolution and biodiversity, and cell biology. I also learned how to make a successive mesocosm.

What learning activities worked best for you?

Although it was hard to present in front of the class, I think making a keynote/presentation helped me a lot in learning some new terms. Since I have to know what I am presenting when making a keynote I had to study more so it was very helpful in my understanding about that certain topic.

How did you study for assessments?

Sometimes I read textbooks and took notes and sometimes I reviewed the note taken during the class time. I also asked some unclear parts to my peers before the test.

Which assessments did you do well in / not do well in?

I think I did well on the evolution and biodiversity. But I did not do well on ecology part.

What was your favorite part of the semester?

My favorite part of this semester was making mesocosm. Although it did not work well at first (so we had to start over with new water snails), when I was able to make a mesocosm where it is appropriate for the water snails to live, I was very happy.

What do you think your grade will be this semester?

I think I should work harder in order to get a higher grade on next semester.

Biology Mesocosm

스크린샷 2014-11-25 11.43.41 AM

1. What is producing the oxygen and CO2 for your mesocosm?

Due to the process of photosynthesis (where light energy is converted to organic molecules) by sea plants in our mesocosm, oxygen is produced. CO2 is produced by organisms such as sea snails and sucker fish.

2. What are the producers and consumers in your mesocosm?

Algae, sea plants, and bacterias produces nutrients for the other organisms such as sucker fish and sea snails. Therefore, producers in our mesocosm is algae, sea plants, and bacterias while the consumers in our mesocosm is sucker fish and sea snails.

3. What is decomposing nutrients and recycling them for producers?

Decomposing nutrients will be waste produced by sea snails and sucker fish. The bacterias will be the decomposers which recycle the nutrient from the waste produced.

4. How do you plan on testing the health of your mesocosm?

In order to see if our mesocosm is appropriate for the organisms to live in, we are planning to put the water snails first rather than putting sucker fish right away. For ethical reasons, we thought it will be better to test the water snails first since they are organisms without back bones so has less complex nerve system compared to the sucker fish which is an organism with a backbone. Furthermroe, since snails reproduce much quicker and requires less foods and oxygens, we decided to first put in the snails and see if the environment produced is appropriate for them to live. After few weeks passed, if the snails can survive in that environment we will put in the sucker fish.



Chinese Article





记者问了他为什么学中文和他给了三个理由。马克先生出生于美国。但是他的妻子时中国人,所以他的岳父母也是中国人。他们不会用英文所以。这是他学中文的第一个理由。第⼆二,中国是伟⼤大的国家,所以我 想学。第三,普通话很难,我⼀一直说英⽂文,但我喜欢挑战。

马克而表扬了中国的创新,说了中国有很多最创新的公司。他提到了⼩小⽶米说了那个公司非常诚信,很快发展,有很好的产品,又很便宜。他而说了他觉得⼩小⽶米会发展很快。另外,腾讯的 微信也很⼤大,部分中国⼈人⽤用微信和QQ。淘宝创造⼯工作机会。我觉 得中国⼈人有很多创新的公司。


Math Reflection

Write a Reflection on your Edublogs and send me the link via email.  Please use the following set of questions to direct your reflection and focus on creating SMART goals.  It is helpful to be HONEST so you can accurately and successfully determine how to achieve your dreams and approach your future.


  1. What are some major differences between your previous math courses and IB level math?

In my own experience, I would say that there are big differences between the previous math courses and IB level math. I feel the much more things that are required to get a high score in IB compared to the previous math courses. For instance, on our tests, we have to show every and each work to receive the mark points. I believe that this is harder since sometimes when I just used my calculator to get the answer doesn’t work now. Furthermore, in IB course I feel that we learn more deeper things. We get into deeper knowledge.


  1. As there are 3 IB Math levels, do you feel that you are appropriately placed?  Why or why not?  If yes, what are your goals in for this class?  Are you achieving them and if not, what do you need to do different in order to meet those goals?


I believe that I am placed in an appropriate class level and there are several reasons for holding this opinion. To begin with, I think I am able to follow the class and know how to solve the problems and understand the terms that we learn in class. But I still think that the things that I learn in SL math is challenging. Since I am able to follow the class although the things we learn are much more challenging compared to the things we learned in the previous math course, I think that I am appropriately placed.

My goal for this class is to get a high score on every exams and get a high overall grade. Although it would be hard to get a better grade than last year, I would need to try to maintain the GPA score or at least try to make only a small fall rather than a big fall in GPA. In order to achieve my goal, I would need to pour much more time on studying math than previous years since IB math requires much more things. I would always need to finish my homework and review the section and read the textbook thoroughly in order to have a better understanding.


  1. As you have progressed through the course with a couple of assessments, what have you learned about yourself in math, your study habits and goals that you need to work on?


I think I showed a progress through the course. From the first asessment give, I learned very important thing that contributes to getting a high grade on IB course. To be specific, since it was the first time I got a test that is graded in IB style, it was hard for me to write down the works. However, after making a mistake on the first exam and seeing a big mark off due to not showing the work clearly, I practiced showing every steps clearly. This was a big progress since for this exam, I didn’t get any mark offs from not showing my work.

Although I did clearly show a progress, there still are some things that I should work on. From this test, I found out that I would need to read the problem thoroughly before solving the problem. There was a problem that I got wrong because of not reading the problem carefully and I got a huge mark off from that problem. Now seeing that, I think I would need to read the problem carefully before solving it.


  1. Have you completed your homework assignments and/or learned how to work through the problems that you did not understand?

I always worked on the homework assignments and I completed all of the assignments given. Although the part of the reason for doing the homework was because I was worried of ESLR, the bigger part of the reason why I always finish the homework given is because it gives a lot of help on my learning and understanding on math. By doing the given assignments and the practice questions on the textbook, I can review and go over the terms and methods that we learned during the class. Furthermore, doing the homework assignments enables me to practice how to use the proper equations/methods in order to solve problems. Not only this, but doing homework can be very beneficial in a way that it can help me knowing my weakness. Whenever I get something wrong on the homework, I can refer back to the example questions and see how to solve it. This help me a lot so that I do not make any mistakes on the test. Moreover, by going through the term that I am not clear of, I can have a better understanding about it.


  1. Do you feel that you have maximized your learning efforts to earn a grade that is indicative of your work?  How did you prepare for your first assessments?


For the first assessment, I just solved the homework assignments and the practice questions (which were the requirements) and reviewed the problems that I got wrong. However, for this time, in order to maximize my learning on math, I reviewed the whole section by reading the textbook before the assessment. So I believe that I have maximized my learning effort in order earn this grade (which I am very satisfied of).


  1. From what you have learned about yourself in math this year, what can you change now to realign your preparation for the upcoming assessment?  How do you plan on working this into your schedule?


In order to realign my preparation for the upcoming assessment, I would need to work harder. The best way to reduce the mistakes I make in the exams are to practicing solving questions a lot. If there are parts that I am not good at and parts that I do not understand clearly, it would be essential for me to work on those problems a lot and practice it more.



  1. How do you feel you can be additionally supported this year?  Please explore various options that seem plausible.


I do not feel that I am getting andy additional support this year. Whenever I have problem I have peers, teacher, and text book to help me but this is something that I had from the previous year also. So I can not find any additional support that I am getting at this moment.


  1. Has independent study been helpful or would you appreciate more discipline/structured time to help meet your goals.  Please provide suggestions.


I think the independent study time is very helpful and I believe that the independent study time is just right. Although I believe that it is important to have a structured time to help meet in order to get a higher grade, I think it is more important for us to practice learning independently and practice solving problems with our own thinking. Furthermore, I think we have enough time to have discipline time since most of the class time is used on having lessons and explaining the new terms and methods we have to learn in the section. Thereofore, It think the amount of independent study time given is appropriate and helpful towards our learning.










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