Econ reflection

1) Econ class pretty much met my expectations, it is like what I expected and I really like it. We learn a lot of useful and interesting stuff.

2) My biggest challenge was the wording of my answers. I had to learn how to word my sentences with economics words in it. I also had to understand the economic questions. To improve this, I had to read the textbook really intensively and take good notes.

3) If I was traveling back to August I would probably make the same choices. I would just change the way I took notes at the beginning of the year.

WWW reflection 2014

I thought that week without wall was all right, I don’t think it was as good as last year because we did not have enough time for ourselves. We had no time to do anything, we were always rushing so it was really tiring. The food was also really bad compared to last year. I still really liked the activity day we had when we climbed and built boats. Thanks to Dragonfly everything was more organize but it was not more fun.

Band reflection

Band reflection

I loved the moment at the end of the concert when everybody was clapping, that meant that the concert was over and that we did really well. Everybody was standing up and smiling, that was a great success.

I loved playing Caravan because the song it self is fast and fun. We don’t have the time to get bored. It was also the song I practiced the most during the year so I felt confident about it, I was not scared of failure.

I really liked the song Titanium that the choir sang. It was a really good piece and they sang it really well. I was also really impressed that Ms Gifford knew the person that made it because that is a really famous song. That song made the audience in a good mood.

Video game tournament reflection

1-What was good ? why ? I think it was pretty good, we had a lot of fun and we got the opportunity to see who were the best players in the school

2- How could be improved ? I think it could improved if much more people would have come.

3- How can our organization preparation be improved ? As I said before if a lot of people would have come then it would have been better, that mean that we mean better publicity.

English end of unit reflection

1- I think in both my group essay and my book review I have good ideas. I need to work on my wording, I can’t really express my idea well with good wording.
2- I liked the fact that we all worked together and put the result of our effort into a final big peace of essay.I think we were not really organize.
3- I liked it, it allow us to learn something then review it while teaching it to other people. Only positive.
4- I like all the psychological aspect of the book. I kind of dislike the plot.
5- I think I would certainly do the same thing beside just maybe give some time during class to read the book.

Video social studie

1) I really liked my medium of presentation. It was my first time doing a video like this and it was really fun, I learned a lot of things and it also made me much more confident. Yes I would completely do it again the same kind but on a different topic.

2) T.J. Sasha and I worked really well together, we mostly all did the same amount of work. Or maybe I am the one who did the less work because TJ had to do all the video settings and it took him a lot of time, I am really thankful for that. Sasha also did a lot of text. We all listened to each other !

3) I learned a lot about it thanks to the videos. The fact that we did a video and searched for a lot of info improved my knowledge by a lot !

Thomas Progress report reflection

1- I am really satisfied with the fact that I did not have any concerned anywhere ESLR as well as the others.

2- I can still improved my ESLR, try to get a proficient everywhere.

3- NOt really, I could have been more careful with some of the homework I have been given

4- I need to spend much more time at home working on homework and also study before test.

PE dance unit

1- Initially I did not think I was going to learn anything. I thought all the dances were gonna be weird and useless, only to make us move around.

2- I liked it because the move we learned were really interesting and the dances were famous.

3- There was not enough girl and I did not liked that but there was not anything to be done against that

4- I completely changed my thoughts ! The dances we learned were really cool and useful. It is the kind of dances you dance in event and  it look REALLY good especially the swing !

Service learning project

I think we are doing really well on this project, we mostly all have an irreplaceable role in the class.

I am personally in charged to organize everything about the video games. I am also doing the publicity. We are almost done organizing the video games, we know where to get the games and console, we also know where we are going to do it. Know we need to choose a date and also make a plan to know who is going to play against who.

I also need to start the publicity by doing survey and also going to other school


English End of Unit Reflection

1. Reflect on the experience of literature circles. What was positive? What was not positive?

Overall, literature circles was a positive experience, I learned all lot of new things, improved my vocabulary and even my drawing ! It also allowed me to talk with people I don’t usually have the occasion to. The fact that there was nobody leading us was great. But we were sure to have homework everyday !

2. Do you think you understood your novel better as a result of reading it in a lit circle (as opposed to a traditional whole-class reading?) why or why not?

I understood a lot of things by talking to my peers in my circle. When doing a traditional whole class reading we don’t get to speak as much.

3. Reflect on creating the portfolio and the presentation. What was challenging? What was satisfying? What was frustrating?

I am not good at drawing or making things look good on paper so I was not really satisfy by all the drawing section. The vocab part was really challenging, because English is not my mother tongue, I learned a lot of new words.

4. Looking back, what would you change about this unit if you were the teacher?

Maybe I would make the speaking time shorter, we almost never talked during the whole given time so it was easy to get off task.

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