Was the bombing of Hiroshima justified? (Refection)

What was your final position on the unit question?

In my understanding, my final answer to the question: “To what extent was the United States justified in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?” is as follows, I believe that this bombing of Hiroshima was NOT justified, Although maybe some very good points were brought upon me. In my book, you cannot defend it to the extent that you can say it was not there fault.

If this was a change for you, reflect on that process. If not, why not?

I was thinking about this allot during our project about what side to take on, and it didn’t help my decision when I got home and my mom and dad try to prove to me that the bombing WAS justified. But during this personal debate, I came to think about what Mr. T said:

“The more evidence you see, the more unsure you should be about your argument.”

I thought that in the end if I didn’t change my side of the story at least I could apply that in the case of this project, but in the end, my answer was the same.

Are you satisfied with your final product? What might you have done differently?

I was proud of myself and my group for the project we did. And I wouldn’t say that it was a failure, and I wouldn’t say it excels what my expectations were. Quite honestly this project was great up till the point were we didn’t include a conclusion.

That would be the thing that I we as a group would have done differently, and I think it is a major “blank” in our project. I would also say that the spelling in the video really should be fixed. that was something I needed to sort out, and I think that if these two things had been sorted. the project would have been much better.

What is the most important thing you learned in this unit? Why?

I think I learned that preparation exceeds procrastination. Lots of the problems that occurred could have help if we didn’t leave the editing until last minute. We spent so much time on our evidence, our ideas, our script, we didn’t really leave much time for revision or editing.

I think that I know now preparation ALWAYS exceeds procrastination. Now what we were doing was not procrastination as a whole, but more as a project. The procrastination was not procrastination of the project but procrastination on the hard work in that project, we kept working on the little things. and not on the big picture.

“Nothing much”- AMPed So Far Refection #3

Well its getting to about the time were I need to make some stuff happen in concerns to my AMPed project. I think I will start to film me doing my impression of Barak Obama next AMPed day. I am working now on his certain inflections, not only in relation to how he speaks but how his emotions cross when he speaks.

Chinese New Year Refection

Your blog writing should not only be in English. This is what you need to reflect on:

1. What did you learn from China day, Bayside CNY celebration about Chinese culture?

I learned allot about the certain crafts and food and decor items that people use in CNY, for instance: 春卷, 饺子,还有, 红灯笼。but because some of the schools 晚辈,I fell like the students were not very enthusiastic about the Bayside CNY celebration.

2. What activities did you enjoy and what do you want next year?

In the tradition (统) of Chinese new year. the I really loved the making and learning of the “Arts/Crafts” and the intriguing learning of the Chinese culture.  I cant wait for next year’s food, Like: 春卷, 还有, 饺子。During the Bayside CNY celebration, we did allot of cutting of the 贺年卡。I really liked that, I loved the making of the 灯笼。through the cutting of the贺年卡。And I also would like to not be sick during China day.

3. How did you show your global citizen ( the culture difference understanding )?

I believe I showed my global citizen by: Learning about the Chinese culture witch shows I care about the other countries and am an active global citizen.

4. Any suggestions for next year China day and Bayside CNY celebration, any activities you want to host?

My suggestion is to not decorate the ENTIRE school in Chinese culture and things, but just the Chinese section of the school. 3楼,2楼,不是 3楼还有1楼的。

English End of the Unit refection – “MAUS”

Please provide a link to your reflection, or a note letting me know where I can find it. Below is a list of questions for you to consider when writing:




What ethical lessons did you learn from reading MAUS?

I learned that depending on the situation, humans can be pushed very far beyond their limits. And for almost zero reasons powerful people can strike down on people who really do not have the power to strike back.


What ethical questions did it raise?

Why would people ever do this for a reason that is really unknown?


2. Which project or assignment did you like the most? Why?

Defiantly the short answer questions because I gives you room for detail but not enough room for and easy.


3. Which aspect of this unit did you like the least? Why?

probably the DEJ’s I found them taking up ALLOT of time.


4. What skills did you improve during this unit? What do you still need to work on?

I think my imagery analysis improved allot, I can start to see what the author was thinking. And sense I do not like them, I tend to put less effort into the DEJ’s so I think that that is something I can improve on.


Graphic Novels:

Did you like being able to choose your own historical time period to focus upon?


Why or why not?

Because that makes the world of what you chose allot bigger. And I like having the most choices possible.


What was the most difficult part of creating your graphic novel?

Probably the text, I’m not a great speller and my handwriting is rubbish.


What was the most enjoyable?

THE IMAGERY! Its always fun to draw.


3. What skills did you improve during this unit?

My research skills increased I was able to fin-tune my facts and numbers.


What do you still need to work on?

Probably my ability to spell, and I think coming up with a storyline was a very hard thing to do at first so I think improving on that would help allot.



If you could change any aspect of this class for since the beginning of the year, what would you add or remove?

I would add a creative showcase presentation as a bonus to one of the assignments. Why?

Because I think that If you say “This is going to be presented as a Movie” It will flex the creative mind of the kid allot more then if you did it as just writing something.