English A SL Reflection

How was this discussion protocol effective?

It was effective by having everyone tell their own opinion of why they believed in what they voted for, so we could have different ideas shared in our discussion.
Group members’ contributions

My group consisted of Saloni, Jong Heon, and I. We all contributed fairly for the discussion, even though sometimes we would accidentally interrupt one another.
Depth of discussion

The depth of discussion that we had was very deep, we went back and forth of what we believed was right, and tried to change the opinions of others as well. Im pretty certain that we went over the time 75 % of the time.
Did you have enough time to speak each turn, or did you want to talk more?
I think we would have wanted to talk more about different topics as well, but with the time it was a fair amount. Like I said before, most of the time we went over the time we were suppose to speak.
What statements/topics produced the strongest discussion?

A statement that we viewed was “If someone you knew committed a crime and told you, would you be equally as guilty as the crime commited?”

I said you wouldn’t be just as equal because you did not commit it, and it is not any of our business to be involved in it.  While Jong Heon and Saloni said, it would make you equally as responsible of the crime, because you didn’t tell the proper authorities.

Final Choir Reflection 2015

1. What have you learned in Choir this year?

This year I really learned how to read musical notes notes, also I learned how to be on the right tone when singing.

2. What are you doing well, and what can you improve?

I think Ive been doing well staying somewhat consistent with the singing the right notes, but it could use a little bit more improvement, also I need to improve on my range of tone since I am a bass.

3. What are your thoughts about our recent concert performance?

I think it went very well, I had a lots of friends, and family that complimented us on our singing. Even my parents posted it on facebook and we got a lot of likes and comments on it.

4.  What are we doing well as an ensemble, and what needs improvement?

I think we are good at getting the tone right quicker when we receive the song, but sometimes I think that we are out of sync, and I personally think that we would be a much better ensemble if we were all more in sync.

Digital Portfolio

This year I was very proud of my group the Pink Panda Panthers which consisted of AJ, Ashley Seo, Ashley Prosser, Emerson and I, for our Digital Portfolio was a major success that we put a lot of time and effort to make/plan. Our group read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” a book written by Sherman Alexie. We made a youtube video, a nearly completed website, and a keynote. Our group worked well together with succeeding with each others roles.

Youtube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpvgYyx7q9IScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 8.56.44 AM

Chinese Reflection Semester 2

This Semester we have been learning about cultures, food, and technology. I think that through out this year/semester I have been able to listen and speak better than writing or reading. Compared to the beginning of the year I was only able to listen, but now over this year I have been able to listen to the new characters and be able to speak a lot better. I used to be shy about speaking in chinese, but now Ive been able to speak with ease and being comfortable doing it.


Social studies Unit Reflection

What was your final position on the unit question?

My final position with to what extent was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified, was for it being unjustified.

If this was a change for you, reflect on that process. If not, why not?

Being raised in an American community, it really changed my point of view towards the war, because in the US, America was known for everything good and nothing bad. But now that I am outside of the US and I am in an International community, I finally see that, many thought, that America wasn’t so justified for what they did.

Are you satisfied with your final product? What might you have done differently?

I think that organization of the movie could have been a little better, and then we could have hit our main evidence in each argument a little bit harder.

What is the most important thing you learned in this unit?

I think the most important thing I learned was to not be biased on an global major event and then really take in to account to what evidence is provided from each side. Then you may decided your opinion on if actions that were taken were necessary or not.

Chinese reflection

1. What did you learn from China day, Bayside CNY celebration about Chinese culture?

I learned that the 新年吃饭 foods like the weird honey candy thing is more common than I thought, and that its super super festive to do so many fireworks during CNY.

2. What activities did you enjoy and what do you want next year?

我喜欢the game where we would be able to hit the seniors with dodgeballs.

3. How did you show your global citizen ( the culture difference understanding )?

I think I show a very good understanding of the cultural difference between the western and中国人 influences. Ive been here for 4 years now and each year I understand more and more.

4. Any suggestions for next year China day and Bayside CNY celebration, any activities you want to host?

I want to be able to host something that is a little big more physical, like the dodgeball one or 篮球.

End of Unit Reflection: English Semester 1

1. Which project or assignment did you like the most? Why?

I think the written assessments were the assignments that I found the most appealing, because I really enjoy writing about something that im assigned when we have one main subject to write about. It just becomes more natural/easier for me.

2. Which aspect of this unit did you like the least? Why?

I think I disliked the graphic novel project the least. It was a great idea to work on this but, yet at the same time there was so much things to do, such as if you weren’t a good drawer then you had to do it on the internet and it becomes a lot more harder to handle since its so limited to what you want the graphic novel to turn out to be.

3. What skills did you improve during this unit? What do you still need to work on?

I think I improved slightly with grammar, and with the creativity aspect of writing, yet I still think grammar is something that can still be worked on.

4.Did you like being able to choose your own historical time period to focus upon? Why or why not?

I think It goes either way for people, but personally I think it was easier because then we were able to take in the other experiences of other peoples countries, and also it was interesting to find out more about even our own culture.

5.What was the most difficult part of creating your graphic novel? What was the most enjoyable?

The most difficult part of creating the graphic novel had to be the final one because, it felt like everything had to be perfect and depending in which way you had chosen to do your final draft wether it was electronic or hand drawn, somethings were limited into what we were allowed to do on the internet and some things that were limited as a person. For me I was so limited on what I could do on the site I was using, I had to begin improvising on what my original story was because of the limitations. I really liked the interviewing part and having to research about the things we were writing about. It helped me understand a lot of what I was going to write about.

6.If you could change any aspect of this class for since the beginning of the year, what would you add or remove? Why?

I don’t think anything should have been changed, but if it did have to come to a decision, I will most likely choose the graphic novels because, as I said before some things were limited, and it took a lot of time to do as well.

Science Liver Lab Procedure

image image imageOn friday the 23rd we did a lab involving experimenting with Pig liver  based on how different metabolic factors affect catalase. Catalase are the enzymes that make the process of separating hydrogen peroxide into water (H20) and oxygen  faster.My partner Arthur and I followed the procedures that went a little something like this.

The procedures we followed were that we had to cut up the pig liver with sharp little knifes and make them into smaller chunks to fit inside 3 test tubes, one that was mashed, and the last one was boiled. We first turned on the “stove” to get the water boiling, so when the water began to boil we put the piece of pig liver inside the water for it to sit and boil for a bit. Then after we began to set up the Test tubes. The filled test tubes were 3 different substances, first one was our acid, the second one was our control, and the third one was our base. So while we waited for the substances of the 3 chemicals in the test tubes, we began to smash the other one into little pieces that eventually became a mush of pig liver. After that was done we checked on everything and saw the reactions of each substance to the pig liver. The Control seemed as if nothing in size changed but as if it discolored a bit because of diffusion the blood or “juice” came out which caused it to go from red to brownish grayish. The Base looked as if no change was affected to the pig liver. The Acid had no change in size but color had change, very fast causing the blood or “juice” to change also from red to brownish grayish. The Boiled one was had an immediate change in color from red to gray in a couple of seconds,what also changed was the texture of the pig liver because it became a lot more solid and hard instead of its normal touch of being a bit solid and squishy. The Mashed substance created bubbles quickly with the hydrogen peroxide.

Choir reflection semester 2

Which piece was the most fun to sing?

I think my favorite moment of the concert was when we sang dancing through life and titanium because they were both faced passed songs and the acapella with titanium sounded really cool, also with dancing through life I thought it was cool how the base’s had the harmony  a lot. 

What was the most difficult piece to learn for the choir concert? Do you think we pulled it off?

I think diraton was the most difficult because I didst know how to speak french or how to pronounce

Describe some skills you think you improved on during the preparation for this concert.

I think I worked on projecting more because in the beginning of the year I was shy to sing and didn’t really sing loudly but now I got over that fear and I project when im signing a lot better than before.