Fashion Show Reflection

The fashion show was quite a creative adventure for me. Being a model, I had to perfect my walk, poses and finishing touches on my outfits. I attended a handful of lunch and after school meetings to go over how to walk (kinda funny… but necessary) in order to look like a Victoria Secret Model (just kidding, but still goals). Okay, so maybe we weren’t VS Angels, but we sure did try.

Since I’ve walked in the fashion show all throughout high school, I was used as a walking mentor. I demonstrated and helped others with their walks. My partners, Lily and Seung Min, and I, came up with cute poses to do at the end of the walks. This was harder than we thought! Over the course of a few weeks, we finally figured out what to do.

When my clothing arrived, Dain and I went shopping for accessories. We also had to buy a top. I must have grabbed 10 items to bring into the Forever 21 changing room, and it was FUN! We found a cute, metal flower crown and a necklace to use as well.

My other designer, Paisley, was a different story. She was quite behind on informing me of what needed to be done before the show. Two days before the show, she had nothing. In the end, she figured it out and we got our stuff together. This was definitely a valuable experience for me. I was STRESSED. If she didn’t figure it out, I would have had to put together articles of clothing from my own closet and have the 80s walk look like a 2016 strut.

About a week before the show Hajira had asked me to sing. I went through a loooong process of choosing a song. I probably skipped back and forth between 5 songs. In the end, I chose Taylor Swift’s style because it’s fun, easy, and awesome for models to walk to. 🙂 I was also quite nervous to sing because it’s been quite a while since I have performed in front of an audience, now that I don’t have choir class. I got a few people to come on stage with me, which was actually quite a tedious process, but it definitely worked out!

When the night of the fashion show came, I was EXCITED. “Yay! Time to have fun! Don’t be nervous, Carly! All you gotta do is walk without looking like a fool,” I told myself. I had to privilege of walking first, which was really fun. The audience really lifted me up and helped me have fun on the stage. The Fashion Show is an excellent experience for anybody who needs a confident boost. Something that seems so scary is actually one of the most fun events of the year. 🙂

Thanks FS team!

My sister and I on the 80s cover!

My sister and I on the 80s cover!

AMIS Music Composition Tech Workshop Reflection

When we were told about a composition workshop, focused on technology mainly, I didn’t know what to expect. Our teachers up-talked it and made it sound like I’d come back home with a whole CD of compositions. I, unsure of what lay ahead of me, decided to take on the adventure.

It was a stressful week, with WWW only a week behind us and ACAMIS two. My mornings started an hour earlier than usual and nights an hour later. I was with a new group of friends – a group that I hadn’t spent much time with before. I shared a room with Sunny, who was a TON of fun. We shared snacks and laughed at the pictures we drew on the shower door. We sat together on the bus and explored the school together.

Our first lesson was with the entire group, which I’d say was about 30 students and 10 teachers. I was glad that most of the participants were students, just because I felt more comfortable that way. After talking to a few of them, I realized they were mostly all IB students. In addition to this, they were mostly all in their second year of the diploma, and had already started working on/finalizing their compositions. I hadn’t even thought of mine… YIKES!

The lessons were taught at a high skill level. Frankly, most of it went into one ear and out the other. I did get lots of notes though, which I will use once I start really delving into my compositions. For the most part, this trip was inspirational. I explored new programs and played around with new sounds. I came home very ready to start composing!

Overall I’m thankful I got the opportunity to go on this educational trip. The music composition creativity has just begun!



Volleyball Reflection

The season started with a younger team. We had a handful of freshmen trying out, with only a couple upperclassmen. Great, I thought. This is going to be a slow season.

But it wasn’t. In fact, it was the opposite of that. We got to know each other to the point where we grew together and learned together. We helped each other with our weaknesses and used our strengths for the good of the team. Though we had multiple losses and had our moments of frustration, we really pulled together and found our peace of mind. We are a team, and there is nothing that can limit us.

The CNIS and ACAMIS tournaments taught us that it’s okay to not always be the best. Why? Because we gave it our all. We put our whole hearts into the season; 110% of our effort. We never let a single person fall down, no matter what.

Our skill rose as our teamwork did, which is my biggest accomplishment as team captain. Fun little games off the court and cheers on played a huge role in this.

Thank you to our coaches who allowed us to have this amazing opportunity.

I love my team and I can’t wait for next year’s season!


Week Without Walls Reflection

“All for one and one for all.”

I never thought much of this chiasmus. It had always been something people would say on commercials or something people liked to end speeches with. The quote went in one ear and out the other, barely even skimming my brain.
The Week Without Walls trip this year really brought this saying to life. More importantly, my life. I was placed in a group with people I wasn’t close friends with, which forced me to work hard to put myself out there in the group. At first, I was frustrated that the groups were made this way and I thought it was completely unfair. However, later on in the week, I realized this was for a greater purpose.
My comfort zone was challenged and my group was with me there the entire time. I had to help build a raft while I was blindfolded, and their words and guidances helped me actually be of use to the group. I was not forgotten. And when the roles were reversed, I helped them in the same way. On the high ropes ladder, my group mates listened to me and helped me acquire the mindset that I could climb to the top and that we were all going to do it together. And we did. In fact, we were the only group that did. We didn’t let a single person fall behind.
Another thing that challenged my collaborative working skills was teaching the kids at the elementary school. I was placed in a group with people I don’t usually work with, strengthening my skills in both patience and being open-minded. While we were teaching I was very impressed with how well we were communicating in order to adapt to how the students were responding. Our lesson turned out to be immensely engaging. The students were asking questions, answering our questions, and actively listening to what we were saying. We had an excellent mix of fun and learning, thanks to our imposing collaboration.
So what? How does this apply to my everyday life? What lesson did I get out of this?
Collaboration. Is. Key. 
No matter what. No matter when. No matter who it’s with.
You can always get more done when you work together.
Selfie With Kids
Our Mural
Group Selfie

Mitosis and Meiosis



First, is prophase, where all chromatids are jumbled up in the middle of the nuclear envelope. In the human body, there are 46 chromatids.


Second, is the the metaphase, where the chromosomes align themselves in a line in chromosome pairs. In the human body, there are 23 chromosome pairs.


Third, is the anaphase, where the chromatids in the pairs are separated from each other and brought to separate ends of the nucleus.


Lastly, is the telophase, where the cell membrane “pinches in” and starts to separate into two daughter cells. These daughter cells hold the same characteristics of the parent cell, as this is asexual reproduction and the DNA is replicated. The daughter cells also have the same amount of chromosomes as their parent, which, in the human body, would be 46.

English Work Post – My Graphic Novel

Click here to access my graphic novel that I made in November. This was made as my final project after reading MAUS II, which is another graphic novel. The assignment was based on a historical event of our choice, and I chose The Vietnam War. I interviewed my dad’s friend’s Father, who fought in the war. Most of the story is true, as the small details are fiction but the main idea is true.

I chose to publish this because I spent a lot of time on it and I’m very proud of the story itself, the research I did, and the drawing aspect of it. I got very positive feedback on it from Mrs. Dowty and my peers, so I thought it could be worth sharing with a bigger audience.


Letters of Recommendation from Peers

Here are a few words from my peers on what they have to say about my leadership and academic standing.

To whom it may concern,
Carly’s dilligence in class is simply put outstanding. She is one of those students that pays attention in every class, even in classes which she is already familiar and confident in. She is never afraid to ask questions, signifying her quality as an inqusitive, proactive learner. Her hard work in class always inspires me to keep trying hard. But most of all, in the past year and a half, I have been able to observe Carly as a classmate, and her meticulousness and organization suprises me every time I get a chance to witness it. In class, she asks questions step by step until she understands the notion we are discussing until she understands it, and often her questions not only enhance her understanding of the topic, but also allows the class to think more critically and learn with her in the process of the discussion. Organization wise, I can vouch that Carly is the most organized person I have ever seen. Everything from her notes to her schedule is perfectly organized, and I assume her perfect punctuality for assignments come from that habit.  Organization and meticulousness is often the foundation of success, and Carly has definitely achieved academic excellence through those two qualities.
A Classmate,
Dain Kim

When I think of Carly, I can only think of positive words. I was her friend since 6th grade, and I never got mad at her or upset at her. Carly is a good friend who always care about other people. She is a good listener and always consider other people’s point and try to find the mid-point. In that ways we can call Carly as leader too. I’ve never seen Carly get angry, and I think it’s because she can control herself and not putting there people down. I am really happy that Carly is my friend, and these are reasons why I highly recommend for Carly to be chosen for this scholarship.
-Min Jun Kim

Examples of Exemplary Work

I’d like to share a few pieces of exemplary work from this school year. Click on the links to see the documents!

Germany WWI Essay Carly Fraser – An in-class essay answering the question: To What Extent Is Germany To Blame For World War One?

OPVL Hiroshima Carly Fraser – A final OPVL in Social Studies after many throughout the year. This was on a quote from an Admiral from the United States during World War Two.

Chinese Essay – An example of exemplary work in Chinese class. This is a letter I wrote to Arthur about my life, then asking him about his.

Multi-Media Journal – This is an individual project I did in English class. I was reading “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” and I made a multi-media journal based on my analysis of different parts of the novel. This project got exemplaries on every single benchmark, and Mrs. Dowty shared it with the class as an example to look to. The actual journal had 22 entries, but I’ve taken pictures of just a few of those to share with you.

Thermal Physics Test – This was my first test from physics, which was on thermal physics.

Here is a screenshot of all of my Smart Music assignments for choir. Each exercise is 8 measures long and is graded on pitch accuracy that the audio system detects. As you can see, I’ve received exemplaries on all the graded assignments.



Hiroshima Unit Reflection

The unit question was “To what extent can the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki be justified?”  My final position was that it was mostly justified. My reasons for this were because of it’s convenience, which included its costs, accessibility, and promising results, and the situation with Russia jumping in. My counter argument mentioned its unfairness by showing evidence of them being ready to surrender already, and just how gruesome it was.

I chose to write an essay, alike the other units’ final projects. I chose this because I’m comfortable with it. I was willing to explore other options, and I did give it a lot of thought, but I didn’t think I’d be able to portray my evidence and thoughts as well in a video or presentation as  in an essay. I knew that this would be good practice for IB essays, as well.

I am quite satisfied with my final project! I feel as though this is the strongest essay I have ever written. I put lots of effort into it and spend a lot of time editing and revising to get my final piece. Research took a while, but it was worth. I felt a bit rushed with it, for I’m the kind of person who likes extended amounts of time to work on things because I’m a perfectionist. I know we had the whole break to work, however I went back home for break and was very busy, lacking time for long, hard, efficient essay work. If I could go back, I’d probably do more research to get even more evidence for my points.

The most important thing I learned this unit was how I outline my essays and research. I didn’t create an official outline, but I did have each point thought out with the different points I would use. Because this wasn’t an in-class assignment and I had as much time to work as I could squeeze in, I didn’t have to think of my transition sentences and all the nitty gritty stuff beforehand because I could always go back and change it. I used a table for my for and against points, which I found really helped me mould my thoughts into something useful for my essay.