Reflection for Biology reassessment

After taking my reassessment on cladistics and energy flow, and recent test of evolution and natural selection, I realized that my progress was not very good. So then I decided to change a way to study, because I thought that maybe my way of study was wrong. My original way of study was just to look through the notes that I took during the class on notebooks, but I decided to go through the text book and retake the notes again from the text book, and list down any questions I had after reading it, and searching for the answer from internet. At first I thought that the textbook would not help me at all because they are just going to be the same things that I took notes on. However, I was shocked at the fact that I was wrong. I regretted how I never tried to look at the textbook, which has the best sources and information but instead looking at the notebook. I could fill up my information and knowledge through taking notes from the textbook, my unclear knowledge was all solved from the textbook. I went through all four sections I wanted to reassess on, and now I have clear knowledge about the sections, now I only have to familiarize them.

Today’s discussion protocol (24.Aug.2015.)

How was this discussion protocol effective? (Final Word)
Group members’ contributions –

I think it was very effective because we all had our own turn and time to speak, and having an opportunity to express each other’s opinions and thoughts. I think this is how we could all contribute more into the discussion because we all had a chance to know each other’s position, and we could listen to everyone in the group. I also think it was very effective because we all had a chance to discuss on the statement that we choose to discuss on, in my own case, since I was able to discuss on the statement that I was very interested on, I could really find myself contributing into the discussion a lot.

Depth of discussion –

I think the depth of discussion was also very effective as well because we all had enough time to speak of own opinions. Despite one minute seems like a short period of time, but it is actually very sufficient for you to speak everything you want to talk about. I liked how we all tried to use a real life example to exemplify for supporting own opinions and positions. Interestingly, although we had not talk about anything about ourselves, but I feel like I could know more about my group members because the statements and the positions of them clearly showed their values as well. Therefore I think this discussion was very effective.
Did you have enough time to speak each turn, or did you want to talk more?

As I said on the last question, despite one minute seems like a really short amount of time, but it was actually sufficient amount of time to express my position and my opinion. During the one minute, I could also make an epitome to support my point, which I think could really lead my group to contribute more into the discussion.

What statements/topics produced the strongest discussion?

The statement that the people in the authority should make the decision for the society was the discussion that continued for the most of the time for our group. My opinion was that just like doing group project, the leader has to collect all of the opinions from other members, and organize a final decision that contains everyone’s idea, because society is not a place for own advantage, it is a place where everyone has to collaborate. I believe that the role of the people of authority is to decide on a final decision based on other’s opinions. However, my other group members were arguing by stating that since the people in the authority are chosen by the people in society, they have the capability for making the decision for society. Our discussion went on very long, and we finally came up with a conclusion that this statement depends on the size of the society. If the size of the society is very small, then it is very easy to collect and organize everyone’s ideas, but if the society is big, it is very hard to organize everyone’s ideas into one point because everyone all thinks different therefore they have different ideas.

During whole group discussion, what convinced you to change positions? If you didn’t change your position, why did you stay with your position even if most of the class changed?

I stayed in my original position for all of the statements. I think this is partly because I was not convinced by my classmates on the other side, but also because I have my own values that I strongly believe in for my entire life. People usually try to make decisions based on their values they have believed in for their life, since they are the values that they have known and being familiar for years, they do not tend to easily make the decisions that may break their values. I think this is also what happened to me, since it was the decision I made based on my values, my position was clear from my decision.
What statement/topic did you really want to discuss and didn’t get a chance to?

I do not think there was a topic I really wanted to discuss but did not get a chance to, since we all had our turn to decide which topic you want to talk about the most, I could surely talk about the statement which I wanted to talk about, “Parents should make the decision for the children even when they become adults.” All of the group members in my group seem to agree with what I said, so this discussion did not last very long, but I still felt very happy because I was able to discuss about this statement.
Why does this statement/topic strongly engage you?

This statement strongly engages me because I see a lot of real life examples around me, there are a lot of parents who see their children as a puppet they control, which is totally not true because a puppet can not have its own thoughts and positions. Although the parents may lead and support the children to the right way, and watch them for not distressing into a wrong way, but I do not think they can just decide everything for their children. Since once the children has grown up to a young adult, they have their own rights and capacity to decide on what is right and wrong, and what is good for them. The parents’ role here is just to support them, because their children are not their puppet.

PE final reflection


Dear myself in the future,
  Hi, Dabin! You might have already forgotten about this letter already, but this letter is for YOU from YOURSELF few years ago. I am writing this letter in a momentous moment, the moment PE is finally over!
  I just hope you can remember how two years of efforts were spent, although there were a lot of hard times during two entire PE years, but I believe that you learned a lot too. You might remember how you were struggling so much because of running, and your change in your body conditions. This is what I am most proud of you currently as well, despite it was really hard, but I think mentality can get over with anything. As you might have noticed, I have a lot to talk about when I start to talk about PE, but you know, the most important thing is that you always have to fix your mind, have a strong mentality, these things will keep you going on, it might sound funny because I learned all these from PE, but trust me, this is what I’ve been through.
  To talk about some special memories I had, I think the work out plan I made myself for my 9th grade client is something that I will never forget. When I was making the plan for her, I was really in doubt if this plan would really fit my client, and I was totally not in 100% of believing that this plan can lead her to her goal. Most importantly, I had no confidence of taking responsibility of my client to achieve her goal. However, soon I could find out that I was wrong just after one week of her working out, she actually improved from just working on my work out. I was very surprised at how my plan I made out myself could bring such changes to my client in just one week. This actually got me very exciting, then I think I was more able to contribute to the thing. I also could see that the client did not improve much if she did not work out very much during the week, I was still happy at that, because from that I could clearly know that my work out plan can really affect her goal. I learned that when making any work out plans, it is really important to consider the client’s goal and pretest, or else the work out would not fit her.
  I talked about other things a lot, but really, the purpose of me writing this letter to you is that I always hope you can have a strong mentality to keep you going on, and i know that might be the only thing that can keep you going on when it comes to hard times, and I know that you can do it because this is what I’ve been through.
  Lastly, I don’t know if you would feel like it in your time but currently I am feeling very thankful to Ms.K, because she is the one that helped me realize and learn all of these. Although I do not think I would be continue using Knoflick Fitt, but I think I would be able to know what and what I want to do when I work out. 🙂
                                                                                                                                From, Dabin in 10th Grade

English Final Reflection


During the second entire english year, I had a lot of fun and memorable moments. I think I really liked the fact that we had various units focusing on various things, because at the start of the year, I think we would only be doing anything that are super boring and uninteresting, but I was wrong. We learned fiction, graphic novel,  and even skit! I think those were all great opportunities for me to experience those kinds of literatures. Out of all of the literatures we learnt, my favorite one was graphic novel. At first when Ms. Dowty told us that we are going to create a graphic novel I thought it was a piece of cake, as long as it is not a writing piece, it felt very easy to me. However, at the end, graphic novel turned out to be the work that I put most efforts and most time in.  I realized that graphic novel had much more things to be aware of than just usual writing, because writing I can just write anything out to explain something, but for graphic novel, I had to be aware of the angle, the lines, the characters, everything to make it express what I wanted to express. It was an exhausting assignment, but it was also my favorite and amusing assignment as well. Since it was a new type of assignment that  I never tried, although it was hard, but most of the time it was hard because I was working and putting my times and efforts into this assignment  to make my assignment perfect. I wanted my graphic novel to be as perfect as it can be because it was the topic I was really interested in, and it was also the topic I wanted other people to be aware of. Therefore I think graphic novel was really a good opportunity for me to experience other type of literature.



Like I said above, I really enjoyed this year’s english class! There are no specific things that I hated, but I think that it would be more enjoyable if there are more types of literatures. I personally think that we spent too much time on graphic novel, I think there were a lot of specific assignments about MAUS for months and then we had time to make our graphic novel for few months,  then it was winter break. And I think because of this, sometimes I felt like we were rushing through some units, for “A Raisin In the Sun”, I personally think that it is a really good book for anyone to research more in-depth and be more aware about it, but I felt like we read the book and there were no any specific assignments about it, I felt like it was just for final assignment, whereas I think we could get more things out of that book. Thus, I think for future sophomores (current 9th graders) can spend more time specifically on this book.





Non! You are my favorite teacher and I wish you can teach us next year as well… but thank you for teaching me for these two years! I think my only suggestion is that there can be more specific assignment that could go more in-depth for any other literatures other than MAUS (Graphic Novel), otherwise, I think it was an enjoyable year of English class! 😀









During this class period, I think I learned that what type of person I am, and how everyone can be different from one another. Since I was not sure about who I really am, I think this was a good opportunity for me to really think about myself. And I think in the future I can consider these facts to decide where I can fit in.

Essay for Maus (English)

Dabin Song

Maus Final draft


English 10A

Racism is a crime against humanity. “The definition of racism is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”(dictionary) Racism exists in anywhere at anytime, there are always a sharp divergence between different races in one society. People always attempt to distinguish others from differences, Racism is universal.

There is a famous quote that everyone knows, and has heard for a million times, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” When people do not know about the book, they usually take the book with a beautiful cover than a normal cover because of curiosity. Just like this, It is a general thing that people judge others base on how they look, since outward appearance is the only thing that is allowed for people to judge each other when they are not familiar with each other. Just as how people try to choose a book by its cover, people try to judge others by their skin color, body type, and face. For a current example, according to Dong A Daily Report, it was surveyed that 94% of the people think that external features are very important for finding employment in Korea. Even a neologism such as “Commence work plastic surgery” have been formed, it means to have plastic surgery before an interview for a favorable impression and an ornate outward appearance to successfully commence work. People thinks that gorgeous appearance would represent themselves as a superb person, and do not look back at their competency. They view ugly people as nothing, and naturally distinct them from themselves.

“Nobody’s normal” is a quote by “Francoise” when her husband “Artie” was in anguish thinking about his parents from the book “Maus” by Art Spiegelman, “Maus” is a graphic novel about a survivor from the Holocaust. No one can be normal because everyone has their own nationality, culture, value and religion. Everyone is different from one another. Since everyone differentiates from each other, the inquisitiveness and vigilance can turn to hatred and fear afterwards. The Rwanda genocide that happened in 1994 is an example of this. During that time, 25% of the people were Tutsi, and 75% of the country were Hutu, people were divided religiously. Tutsi was targeted by Hutu because Belgium people favored Tutsi more than Hutu, and Hutu did not like the fact that they are humble than someone that are in the same country. Then they planned a genocide, being a racist, slaughtered over most of the Tutsis because of their absurd jealousy. Another example of prejudice because of divergence is the Witch-Hunt that happened during 1750s. People labeled any woman that were involved in moral panic or mass hysteria, or had any evidence of witchcraft “witch”. Without any specific evidences or assurances, they differentiate the “witches” and tried to exclude them. They burned them alive, listening to their screams and shrieks, only because they thought they were peculiar from them. Sometimes people choose to be racist themselves because of a specific stereotype.

According to human’s natural state of mind, when people do something wrong, they always do not accept the truth that they are not innocent, instead they try to bury the truth or blame it on others. There are a lot of people just trying to veil what they have done in the past by just apologizing because it is something that happened in the past, and as time goes by, naturally it would be a forgotten thing. People are chasing by time, and they do not have any empty space in their mind to care about something that had happened in the past. This happens because some people can easily accept the tragedies that happened in the past as dramatic plays that everyone followed. They strongly believe that it was just their trifling mistake they made by being emotional according to the situation. For instance, the Holocaust that happened in 1941 between Germany Nazis under Adolf Hitler and Jews was a tiny mistake made by the Nazis because they were being sensitive during that time. After World War I, Germany was being very weak from the damage of war, they lost a lot of things. Disregarding that they were very delicate, and had a fragile mentality that could break like a glass at anytime, they did not want to admit the truth that they were infirm. Therefore they needed someone to blame on, to assure that there are still someone who are weaker than them, and they are still intense and powerful. In this case, Jews were that someone who could be the assurance for the Nazis that they are still strong. The Nazis made them work like robots, eat like beggars, live like livestocks. Nazis were being racists against Jews, and they were also against humanity . Another example is from the book “Maus”. In this book, it also tells how the life afterwards the Holocaust is for the survivor. In page 98, it shows that a survivor from the Holocaust called a black man “Shvaster” and had hateful feelings against him. In spite of the fact he was also a victim from racism, he himself was also being a racist against others. Racism exists in anytime, it overspreads in every where.

  Distinction and Difference are related words. There are distinctions without differences, and people try to build an imaginary wall between themselves against others. Overall, racism takes place. Racism is an universal obligation for everyone all around the world to solve, it exists in everywhere because people all look different, cause different, and feel different. Differences give a lot of pressure and create chasms between each other, and lead people to naturally becomes racist unconsciously.



Spiegelman, Art, Louise Fili, and Art Spiegelman. MAUS: A Survivor’s Tale, II: And Here My Troubles Began. New York: Pantheon, 1991. Print., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2014.

“Witch-hunt.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 13 Oct. 2014. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.

“Rwandan Genocide.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 15 Oct. 2014. Web. 15 Oct. 2014.






I remember putting a lot of work and effort into this piece. Especially because it was about the topic I am very interested in, so I think I could really focus on the topic and really being engaged for the topic.

Social Studies Reflection

What was your final position on the unit question?

To be honest, through the whole project, I never really thought about what position I am in in the topic. We decided to be on America’s side because of a simple reason. We divided the work up, my other two partners took pros, and I was writing con. The simple reason was that they thought that it would be easier to be on America’s side, they believed that there were much more evidence they could use on pros. So I just did what I was assigned to do, without really thinking about it. And this is why I think the result was not perfect, because I was writing about cons without actually thinking about it. After we presented the video I realized that I was lacking a lot of things, and I was not even sure about my position. Position is very important in any argument because if you do not have a position, you can not argue anything. However,  even after I realized it, I still did not really choose where my position is for this topic, I think both of them were brutal, but also it was their best way to do it during that situation. So my final position right now is still in the middle.

If this was a change for you, reflect on that process. If not, why not?

This was kind of a change, because I was really taking risks to do this project. Since it was my first time making a video project to argue something, it was very unfamiliar and new to me. Sometimes I even regretted about how I should have just write essay as usual, because group collaboration was also a significant factor in this project as well. However, although the result was not perfect, but I am still very satisfied with it. I believe that we did our best to finish this unfamiliar project, and since I am experienced with this project now, I think I can definitely have a more satisfying result next time if I have a chance to do so.

Are you satisfied with your final product?What might you have done differently?

As I said in the second question, I am satisfied with our project, because I think that we did our best to get the unfamiliar project done. However, if I could change something in the video, first I would definitely change the music. I’ve got few comments about how the music was a destruction, and although I thought about changing it before, but I did not, I should have get a more quieter and depressing one. Then I think I would have re-record again for me and Nancy, Since I’ve got few comments about how it was very hard to follow us. Lastly, I think I would have concentrate more on my main idea and evidence, because I realized that there were a lot of evidence I could have use but I did not.

what is the most important thing you learned in this unit?

I think overall the most important thing I learned but also realized again is that group collaboration is very hard. I think this project was hard for me because it was a new thing for me, but most definitely because it was a group project, which group work was very important. What my group did was to finish our own clips first, and then we just connected all of the videos, although I thought that it would work out, but I realized that when different videos about one same topic made from different people were connected, it was somehow not really connected, there were things that were repetitive since we did not know who’s using what evidence, and overall it seemed a little bit awkward. So I realized we had to really just make the video together, not separately. Through this project, I realized once again, that group collaboration is very important.

English Unit Reflection (The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time)

1. Reflect on your own group work and think about these questions:

– What did I contribute to my group discussion and projects?

I think I contributed a lot of thoughts and questions to my group, even though when I was not the discussion director, I still brought out a lot of questions to get my group to get further deeper into the book. But I also participated the group discussion as just a member of the group as well, I did not lead the whole time, but I tried to get my group to get further deeper.

– Was I an effective group member?

I do not think I can answer this question by my own, but in my thoughts and opinion, I think I was a great group member to include in the discussion. As I mentioned, I was the one who really led our group to think a little more deeper into the book according to the discussion question that our discussion directer brought. Since our book’s expositions were all very common things that are actually happening around us, I could talk a lot about these and I believed that my group could also talked a lot about these. So I kind of directed the conversation by asking questions or telling any connections to the book.
– How could I have improved my contribution to the group?

I think I could have improve my contribution in the group by sharing my journal more specifically,, most of the time I just summarized what I wrote for my journal, and showed it to them for few seconds and that was it. But through looking at the journals of others last week, I realized that these journals could lead me to a lot of questions for discussion, since everyone has different views and thoughts, I could form a lot of arguments in my head, and I could found myself thinking more deeply. So I really think that our group could have a more successful discussion if I shared my journals specifically.

2. Look at the responses to your multi-media journal and think about the following questions:

-What are you particularly proud of in your journal?

I was very proud of my journal because I had various new types of things I made in it. It was the journal that I spent a lot of time and efforts into it to make it creative and perfect, which I think I was successful in, and I am very proud of it because I like its cover as well, it was the cover that took a long time to make it.

-What would you change or add to your journal if you could?

I would add more of my thoughts into the journals. As Ms.Dowty commented that my journals led to more questions which meant that I was not being specific enough for my journals, I think next time I would put more thoughts into it, to do this, I would read my journal again when I finished it to see if my journal lead to more questions or not, and if it does, I would write more of my thoughts according to the questions I had in my mind as I check my journal again.

4. What did you like about your choice of novel? Would you recommend your novel to others? Why or why not?

I liked “The Curious Incident of the Dog In the night-time” because it was a realistic novel. Although its genre was fiction, it was talked about the things that happens usually all around the world. Despite the novel starts just with a boy’s normal daily life and not any fantasies like dragons coming out, I still liked it because although it seems normal it is actually talking about a lot of serious problems that are happening in the real world which we have to think about sometimes in our lives. I think this book really gave me an opportunity to think about these problems more deeply, and I could make a lot of text to self connection and this book could remind me a lot of my friends who were in similar situation, and I think this book led me to understand more about them. I would definitely introduce this book to others since as I said, they give you the opportunity to think about the problems that you are just ignoring because it is not your thing in your life, but really I personally think that we all have to think about this problem, and this book can be a guidebook for you.


“起来了!” 当我跟我的表姐表哥们听到了姨妈吼出来的声音,我们都像蠕虫一样,在暖和和的被窝里不断的动了起来。
“快起来了啊!不想吃一岁吗!要不然今年你们还是会耽误在去年的时间哦!” 锐利的声音再一次如刀一样袭击了我们的耳朵,我们结果不得不起来了。
“啊,出来了吗,来吧来吧,你也快点来吃吧,大家都在吃。” 当我看到妈妈,妈妈拉着我的手让我坐下,然后给了她手中拿的一碗年糕汤给我。

“新年快乐(새해 복 많이 받아),现在又大了一岁呢。”妈妈说到。

PE partner dancing reflection 2015

  1. What were your initial thoughts going into the dance the unit? Explain ( provide a specific example)

When Ms.K told us that our next unit when we came back from the winter break would be partner dance unit, I was actually very excited because of two reasons. The first reason was because I love dancing, In fact I usually dance in home a lot. The second reason was because I thought that it would be a piece of cake. I love dancing and I was very confident toward it, because it was the best thing I could do and interested in in PE, and maybe also because of the fact that I’ve got good grades in dance unit last year! 😀 I even practiced some dances I knew before the dance unit because of excitement. So to say it in a good way, I was very excited and curious, but to say it in a bad way, I was underestimating dance unit, because I thought although it would be partner dancing, it would be kind of somewhat similar to last year’s, and since I had a lot of fun last year, I thought I would be ok. UNTIL I STARTED THE PARTNER DANCING UNIT………:D (continue on next questions)

2. What did you like during the dance unit? Explain ( provide a specific example)

I can not pick a specific thing about what I liked during this unit, I would say that I just love this unit. Maybe it is because I just love dancing, and because it helped me realize a lot of things. As I said in the first question, I really thought that dancing unit would be very easy for me, and I was very confident toward it. But honestly, it was NOT! It was very different from what I imagined, for dancing, as long as you do it well on your own, watch for your movement and have the flow, you could be great with it. But for partner dance, even though you might be very well at it, but if the collaboration between your partner and you was really bad, then it looked really funny. The most difficult thing for me was the leading, I was too passionate and excited toward this dance, but I had to follow the boy’s lead, and if I don’t, the whole thing looks very weird in a sudden, like how everything might get messed up when a person is not collaborating with each other while doing a project. I had to seek for a forest, not A TREE. At first it was very hard to do it because I could not admit the fact that partner dancing was very hard to me, because as I mentioned, I thought it would be a piece of cake before I started this unit. But as i be more stubborn, and the practicing and learning days past, I could finally admit the challenge and just take the chance to learn it. And when I stop thinking negatively and just really refresh my mind to learn it, although it could not be perfect, it could be better and better because I was actually collaborating with my partner. Overall I think it was really a great chance for me to improve as a dancer, I really learned a lot. 😀

3. What didn’t you like during the dance unit? What would you suggest to change, modify or make is better?

I think it would have be better if we had more time to practice and familiarize the movement and dances. For me and my partner, we were never really together when we were learning the movement, although we always rotated the partners, I did not have much chances to practice with him. And I found out that everyone has their own style when they are dancing, and we have to collaborate together to match our own style to be a perfect group,  and it TOOK A LOT OF TIME. And so I really think that it would be a more fun unit if we could have more practice time! (although it is still fun) Especially for the people who went to the ACAMIS, they could only have few time to practice, and had to have assessment right away when they came back.

4. What are you thoughts AFTER finishing the dance unit?

Although I kind of think that I messed my assessment up, I really think that I improved a lot after this unit, in a lot of ways. First of all, I think it was really a great chance for me to improve as a dancer, it was really a challenge for me as I said above, it was a great opportunity for me to know more about dancing. Secondly, I think I could collaborate more now. For dancing, you are just dancing on your own, it is all about you. For partner dancing, it is all about you and your partner’s collaboration. So despite you might be very good in your own, but if your partner can not follow you through, it looks very weird. And this unit was a very good opportunity for me to realize this, although it took a lot of time for me to realize it, I think it was a great lesson I had to learn someday for my life afterwards in a society. I knew that nothing would change if I do not open my mind to my partner and to myself now, although it might be hard for you, but once if you put your conceit and yourself down, you would be able to do it.

5. How have your thoughts changed or stayed the same during this dance unit?

I actually had a lot of fun during this short one month dancing unit! But if there is just one thing that I could modify for next year, as I mentioned from last question, I think it would really be helpful if we had more time for practicing and familiarizing the dance. I felt like I really had to rush to make the dances perfect. For others it might have been fine for them because they actually had a lot of chance to practice with their partner during learning time, but for me it was a little hard to match with my partner’s dancing style, it took a lot of time for both of us to figure our dance style. But otherwise, it was a successful and fun dancing unit.