Progress report card

Progress Report Reflection


Progress reports are a mid semester indication of where you currently stand in terms of meeting academic benchmarks in each of your classes.  You are encouraged to write your thoughts as you review your current academic standing indicated on your progress report.  In order to maximize your level of honest and meaningful reflection you are not required to post this to your blog – however you must share it with your advisor.


1.  What are you most satisfied with when reviewing your progress report?

I am most satisfied with my English. The reason for this being that I like english the most out of all the subjects and it is the one i make the most effort in. When i see that i have done well in english i am happy because it shows that i have been working hard and i have done it to my abilities.




2.  What can be improved(Be specific)?

The subject that could be improved would be math the reason for this being that even though i am not good at math i could try to get a better understanding. this could be done by getting help from group members and the teacher or reviewing at free times





3.  Have you done everything within your power to achieve optimal personal success in each of your courses?  (Explain)

yes i have because i worked hard on improving my grades in order to help my report. i also worked on improving my grades by paying more attention and working harder. i also did it by working at home and getting ready for class before class




What can you do differently to improve your academic standing?  (Be specific)

I can try harder to prepare even more than i am doing. I can work longer at home and do more research depending on the topic we are doing in class today.

End of Unit Reflection

1. Reflect on the experience of literature circles.

What was positive?

A positive part about Lit Circles was that we each got to do a different role each time because even though it sometimes annoyed you if you didn’t get the part you wanted you could see the other people in your groups skill and be impresses

What was not positive?

I liked most stuff but the only thing that could have been improved was the length of the summarizers work as sometimes it was to long and people didn’t finish

2. Do you think you understood your novel better as a result of reading it in a lit circle (as opposed to a traditional whole-class reading?) why or why not? Yes because in a whole class reading it moves too slow and is harder to make sure everyone understands whereas in a lit circle this is much easier.

3. Reflect on creating and executing the lesson. What was challenging? What was satisfying? What was frustrating?

the most challenging but satisfying part was making sur the class would understand what was going on in the skits the frustrating part was when i added a wrong question to the test

4. Looking back, what would you change about this unit if you were the teacher?

nothing i thought overall it was an effective and fun unit to do

Life Skill’s Values

1. A value is a thing that you believe in and live by it can also be considered an set of rules that you live by like your own personal creed.
2. I believe values are important because they can guide your actions in life and help you achieve  the things that you want to achieve such as if one of your values is personal freedom is you work toward getting a job that fulfills this goal

3.My top three values are 1. Affection 2.Personal Freedom 3. Wealth

3a. I believe in Affection because it is nice to know that people care about you and that you care about people. this can help you in life if you are ever depressed you know someone cares for you.

3b. I believe in Personal freedom because it is good to not be held down by a job and if you feel free and if you are free then you are able to pursue your goals and dreams so you can become happy and have a better life.

3c. I believe in Wealth because if you have wealth it cannot buy you happiness but it can be very useful for other things such as improving your living style and if you are both wealthy and happy you can be a powerful force.

Writing Reflection

Looking at your essay drafts, reflect upon the following:
• What improvements do you see in your writing process? What can you
celebrate? What are you still struggling with?

Well in the in the newest version of the essay I have made a lot of improvements to my essay mostly related to the content because in the first drafts I had very minimal research but later later on when I started to make the essay better and started improving I had more resources to use which was very helpful later on in the essay. I can celebrate how mush my essay had improved and how much the voice has improved. The only thing that I struggle with a little bit is the grammar as I sometimes do not capitalize or I do to much capitalization.

• How did your partner’s feedback help you complete your essay?

Because i used their advice to improve my grammar and to improve my

• Reflect upon the following learning outcomes
Essay writing development

this  was a very effective thing that was shown when i used the comments from my partner to redo it
creating thesis statement/claim

this was a easy process as i had the knowledge that was needed to make this claim and i did it
steady improvement

this is a true thing that happened to me when i was doing this essay

Demonstration of standard English conventions and grammar

I had to improve my grammar because the conventions were sometimes were not correct and made little sense

my punctuation was usually not correct but i changed it thanks to my partners comments

my spelling is good and my partner said i did not need to improve it

English Unit Reflection

1. Which story did you like the most? Why do you think you liked it?

I liked the Scarlet Ibis because it had great imagery an it kept you engrossed with every sentence you read. I also like the Scarlet Ibis because it shows how love and hatred can both co-inside and how they affect each other. This is cool because they are both related in the sense that they happen very usually within sibling love

2. Which project or assignment did you like the most? Why? (paragraph writing, short stories, imagery poem, group projects, literary salon)

My favorite were the short stories. I liked these stories because they were very hard but fun to make. They were fun because you had to make sure that your symbol was easily distinguishable without making it so obscure that you could not understand anything.

3. Which aspect of this unit did you like the least? Why?

The part that I liked least about this unit was nothing. I really liked this unit as It was very fun in a multitude of ways. I liked reading the short stories we wrote about, I liked the short stories we did and I liked Everything about the unit.

4. If you could change any aspect of this class for since the beginning of the year, what would you add or remove? Why?

I would change the amount of reading we do. I would do this because i dont think that the class has enough reading.
5. What skills did you improve during this unit?

I improved on my story writing skills and on my reading skills even more

What do you still need to work on?

I need to work on making symbols more cleat as i am not that good at it

French Review

What concepts were important for you to learn/review so far?

The picture describing concept was hard for me as I had to use a translator so I got a bit better when I did the review for it. Doing this review helped me understand more french and It also helped me with the uses of the picture words which we use quite a lot.


How can you connect what you learned to your real life?

If we ever have another unit with describing pictures or If we ever go to france. Another use would be when we would go to the library because we could describe the pictures which would be quite useful. The things would also be useful if you go to an art gallery.


How did it challenge you?

In the fact that it was hard to describe the picture descriptively and the fact that the pictures were usually complex. This is shown by the pictures being about horse riding and other things such as swimming, running and horse riding.


What was your prefered learning activity/style in this unit?

My preferred style was using the pictures and sheet. The sheet helped me with the translations when I did not use translate. I used translate when the sheet would not work with the picture. It was also useful to ask the teacher for help sometimes.


How would you change the teaching of the unit to help you learn more?

I would not change it. The units are very good for learning for us. They go at a good pace and make sense so I do not think that the units should be changed.


How do you think the French class is going for you?

Not that well as I don’t understand it well that much. But I think that the units are helping me understand more.


You are now at Level A1/A2 or Intermediate mid. What should you do to reach Intermediate high or B1 level?

  1. I should practice more
  2. I need to stop using translate that much
  3. I need to ask classmate for help
  4. Ans I need to use the sheets im given

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