A Trip to Europe (Entry #2)

Why Europe?IMG_0404

There are a total of eight people in our tiny tour group: five from my family, and three from my best friend, Vicky’s family. Our two families have a very close connection, our parents works together for a dozen years, and also Vicky and I known each other since we were born. For the reason of wanting to built up our relationship and to fully relax and enjoy. It has almost become a “tradition” between our two families that we gather up together each year to organization a trip during the vacation.

However on the other side, it’s quite difficult to have an agreement with
the destination this time, because any place that we can came up with that are suitable, it’s whether that we had already been there, IMG_0408
or someone raise an “objection”. Then it’s finally decided when my mother suggest  Europe. The reason is that it’s the place that we are all looking forward to travel, but most importantly, it is the place that we all had an agreement with.

A Trip to Europe (Entry #1)

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Purpose of this TRAVEL blog

This is a two weeks trips to Europe of two families during the summer vacation in 2015. We create ourselves a tour group and went as individual visitors. There are 16 days include arrival and departure in our schedule. This is a great experience of traveling with my family and my best friends’ family,  so I think it’s definitely worth to record these wonderful memories throughout our journey.

expand: Respond to Defining a Third Culture Kid

TCK stand for Third Culture Kid, and it is define as a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside their parents. FCK stand for First Culture Kid, which are people who grown up with one culture. There are many differences between them since they have a totally different experience and lifestyle while they grow up. However there are also some connection between TCKs and me as a FCK that I recognize while spending time with people who are mostly TCKs in my school.

Respond to the article ‘Defining a Third Culture Kid’, I agree that people around us can take great roles on our cultural experience. For instance, we absorb most of the culture from our parents, grandparents, or anyone that we grow up with. TCKs were initially impacted by cultures and belief which those people contain, and the rudiment of their cultural identity were formed, which is call The First Culture. Then, they slowly add on and develop themselves through different families, by traveling, and friends. On the other hand, as a FCK I’m also have experienced that were similar as TCKs. My first culture came from my family and environment, and later on when I absorb more elements from being an international student. I’m taking out the part that I need, and the combination of those element made up me as an individual.

Overall, I’m a FCK who contain identities of TCKs due to my growth environment. I feel that it is absolutely a gift I receive from knowing TCKs, because I obtain advantages such as adapt quickly to unfamiliar countries and people, and speaking more and one language. But at the same time avoid some challenges that TCKs will have, for example a crisis of identity—‘Who am I?’, and the elusive concept of “Where is home?’.

English: TCKs

“Help children maintain their culture in foreign environments”

I agree with the idea in the article that it’s vital that parents and educators support children to retain their native culture despite the differing cultural forces around them. I believe that people should have and keep their root whether they are TCKs or not. Most TCKs have been introduced to many cultures while not having the sense of belonging of any. It is definitely a challenge for them because they will always come to the question of identity, such as “Who am I” “Where is home”. And some will have hard time to answer question from others such as “Where are you from?” However, I think as long as they maintain their native culture, it’s very beneficial for them to build relationship with global cultures.

Respond to “Defining a Third Culture Kid”

Respond to Defining a Third Culture Kid

Referring to this article, I agree that people around us can take great roles on our cultural experience. The culture of our parents, grandparents, or anyone that we grow up with. TCKs were initially impacted by the cultures and belief that those people contain, and the rudiment of their cultural experience were formed, which is called The First Culture. Then, we slowly add on and develop them through different families, travels, and friends. Me as a FCK also have experience that were similar as TCKs. My first culture came from my family and environment, and later on when I absorb more elements, I’m taking out the part that I need, and the combination of those element made up me as an individual.

Charlotte’s Web Book Review

Keyki Wu

English 10B

Dec 31, 2014

Charlotte’s Web, I bought this book very long time ago, but just finish it recently during the vacation. The “Charlotte” in the book, deeply touch my heart…

The story is mainly talking about a group of animal living at Zuckerman’s barn, including the pig, Wilbur. Wilbur and a spider charlotte had establish a sincere friendship. However, Wilbur’s destiny in the future is to become bacon ham. As a pig, Wilbur can only despairingly to accept his fate, yet his friend Charlotte firmly believes that it can save the piggy. The words that it weave has been seen as a miracle by the human, this makes Wilbur won the special prize at the fair, and a serenely future, the pig was finally saved. But, at the time, Charlotte’s life has come to an end.

I was very touched after reading the story, touched by this sincere friendship, and Charlotte’s great morality. In our life, there is a precious wealth called friendship, it cannot be bought with money. How lonely would be if friendship doesn’t exists! However Wilbur’s whole life was so happy, it is because he have a friend who alway accompany him and could safe his life by giving up her own—Wilbur is doomed to not be lonely.

My deepest impression is the friendship between charlotte and Wilbur. Wilbur’s first impression of a spider is fearful, but loneliness soon forced him to become closer with charlotte and have better understanding about the truth, and surprised to find that charlotte has a kind heart.

In Wilbur’s hysterical whine “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!” “You shall not die” “What? Really? Who’s going to save me?” “I am,” said Charlotte. It has left me deep impression. For this promise, charlotte had put into her entire life, until the moment of death, and she does not require any reward. There friendship is simple, with pure kindness and selfless love. When reality is severely lack of such feelings, this story had undoubtedly touched the reader’s heart. Every reader are probably begrudge that Wilbur had a Charlotte, and charlotte has a Wilbur.

Charlotte’s “goodbye”, along with her silk, blowing away in the wind. He has been in our hearts, leaving a “Charlotte’s web”.

Charlotte’s death was not a tragedy, because her significant life had already achieved, so her soul is immortalized. Without Wilbur, Charlotte’s web won’t be as perfect; without Charlotte, Wilbur will never spark. The significance and the value of friendship are here.

Hiroshima Unit Reflection

Reflection for Hiroshima Unit:

  1. What was your final position on the unit question?

My final position on the unit question is that the United States was mostly justified in dropping atomic bombs due the reason of reduce a large number of casualties, and an immediate end to the war.

2) If this was a change for you, reflect on that process. If not, why not?

This was not a change, I stay in this position the whole time. The process of researching and learning makes me more firm on my opinions.

3) Are you satisfied with your final product? What might you have done differently?

I’m satisfied with my final products, because writing an essay is the best way for me to organize my thought out. What I might have done differently is that instead of essay I will do a video, I feel it is quite interesting and I can do it in a creative way, but thinking of only do it by myself and I’m a new hand of using iMovie, I give up.

4) What is the most important thing you learned in this unit? Why?

The most important thing I learned in this unit is that there are many reasons behind the decision of using the atomic bomb, not just simply showing sovereign that I thought in the beginning.

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English Reflection

Think back about all of the activities ad assessments associated with this unit, I think multi media journals was enjoyable. Although it took a lot of time, but other than that I like this the most. It gave us a chance to express our thought and opinion about the book and at the same time learned many new ways not only just write down what we thought, such as text to self connection, illustration, finding lyrics, writing letters, and etc. This activity really help me on understanding and think more deeply about the book, and was also very interesting.

Group discussion was also very helpful, others will often bring up their ideas and important point that I did not realize. During the first couple times of discussion,  I did not talk very much, but later on as I get familiar with this process, I start to share my thought more. Now I feel that I can handle a group discussion, but fishbowl discussions was very challenging. We have to think about about our book while answering the question, but we have to be aware of that others don’t know about our novel, so we will have to organize our thought in a short time before we speak.

I like my choice of novel “the curious incident of the dog in the night”. Because novel are easy to understand, but the content behind are very significant. I will recommend my novel to others.


“今年听说在微信上有个特别好玩的活动!我来把大家都组一个群吧,一起来参与!” 我当时心想居然连妈妈都对这个感兴趣呢,从来都没有玩过的我迫不及待的就加入这个名叫做“恭喜发财!”的微信群。
“叮” 一声提示音过后,大家纷纷点开弹出来的红色标志。这不光要靠手速,和运气也有很大关系,因为系统的分配可都是随机的。


PE Dance Unite Reflection

Student Blog Reflection

1. What were your initial thoughts going into the dance the unit? Explain

My initial thought about the dance unit was quite different than what we have done. I thought it was going to be similar as last year, which is getting in to groups of 4~5 and learn the dance move mostly by ourself and then present to the class.

2. What did you like during the dance unit? Explain

During the dance unit, I like about where we get to dance with many people and switch partners in the beginning when we just start to learn the moves. Then when we get comfortable to the steps for all dances, we get to stay with one partner and practice our style and cooperation. I like the feeling of putting effort in and improving together as a team.

3. What didn’t you like during the dance unit? What would you suggest to change, modify or make is better?

I don’t really like the music, in my point of view it doesn’t really fit… Also I think it will better if we get one more class to practice.

4. What are you thoughts AFTER finishing the dance unit?

One though that I have after finishing the dance unit is that the guy really plays an important role in the dance. Such as when the guy have excellent leadership skill and leading the girl through the whole dance, it’s does’t seems to have a big deal if the girl slightly have some mistakes or lack of style.

5. How have your thoughts changed or stayed the same during this dance unit?

Dance unit is my favorite unit. At the beginning I don’t like the idea of practicing all four dances and have no idea of which one we are going to get in the final. But after we finished, I have different thought because we get to dance three times and choose by ourself on the third.