Chiffon Cake


Berry Sugar 60g
Egg Yolk 50g
Egg Whites 80g
Milk 40g
Corn Starch 5g
Cake Flour 50g
Corn Oil 35g

1. Prepare two containers and all the substances that show above.
FullSizeRender 20
2. Separate egg whites and egg yolk.
FullSizeRender 17
3. Pour milk and corn oil into the egg yolk to prevent air harden it’s surface.
FullSizeRender 15
4.Whisk egg white with berry sugar until it become white and hard. I use electric beater in a slow speed at first and then turn to high speed.
FullSizeRender 13
FullSizeRender 12
(Remember the sugar should be split into three parts first, and then add sugar to the egg white during whisking.)
(First time add sugar when the egg white have some bubble and turns white.)
(Second time add sugar when the egg white become hard and a stiff peaks is form)
(Last time add sugar and corn starch in a median speed.)
FullSizeRender 16
5.After all these done, we can pre-heat the oven in 160 degree.
6.Now, we have to mix the egg yolk with cake flour about 2 minutes.
FullSizeRender 8
FullSizeRender 9
7. Drop some vanilla extract in the egg yolk.
FullSizeRender 7
8. Add egg white to egg yolk and mix them.
FullSizeRender 19
FullSizeRender 5
9. Pour all the mixture in the mould. And drop the mould 10cm away table.
FullSizeRender 10
FullSizeRender 14
10.Send the mould to the oven and bake for 35 minutes.
(When you take out the mould, you have to place the cake up side down for 2 hours!)
FullSizeRender 18
Now, you can enjoy your chiffon cake!!

More information:
This is a link will lead you to the video that I learn from. It is much detailed than my explanation. The only problem is that it’s a chinese version.


This is Changsha, Hunan. It is a historical city where many museums are located!
This photo is where we took in Liu Shaoqi Memorial Museum. It is more likely a park than a museum. It contains a lot of historical scene accompany with some description.
FullSizeRender 3
This is another museum that we had visited, Chairman Mao Memorial Museum. Here are some materials that Chairman Mao used when he was still alive.
This is a scene of history, you can see that chairman Mao is in the middle of these people. There is a short description in front of the scene.


This is one of the best family trips I had in my whole life!!
This is the temple that tourists must visit called Ramoche Temple!
After went through the temple, we visited some local shops in this area.
You can see a lot of drawing in Tibet that is about the status of Buddha. They are drawing in details, every pieces are gorgeous.
And this is a tiny book shop that hide in a corner. You can order some drinks while you are reading. It is warm and really peaceful.IMG_2144
This is a journal that is filled with people’s reflection.
This is the most famous building in Tibet called Potala Palace. It is established in 7 C.E, and had over 1300 years history. It is not allow to take photo inside the palace.

Response to “Defining a Third Culture Kid”

To response to the blog post ”Defining a Third Culture Kids”. I think the main difference between my classmates and me is that most of them had experienced an unique life. For example, many TCK classmates had been to experienced more than three cities outside their own countries, which helped them gain the knowledge of different cultures. By contrast, as a FCK, I can only receive knowledge of other cultures only by reading books. I believe some of them understand some Chinese culture better than me to some extend since they had lived in China for years. Travel in different countries in TCK’s developing year helps them appreciate global perspective compare to FCK, and they consider thing in full aspects rather than only focus on one thing.

If I were a TCK, I would be very value the experience I’ve been through from other countries. And try to enjoy every moment in my life, because I know I only have one chance to experience them. I would also compare the distinction between every cultures and try to distinguish the right or wrong and learn from it. And this will also develop my decision-making skill throughout my life as well as become a deeper person who experience the uniqueness. Therefore, as a TCK might change my attitude towards life.

However, whether be a TCK or a FCK all has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. As a FCK who studied in an international school with TCK. I know that it might be very beneficial for them to speak multilingual, but they are always wondering who are they? Where are they belonging? They lived too long outside their home country, and that lead them to lost their identity. Conversely, FCK are living in their home country and speak their mother tongue since they were born.They might not have a global perspective as TCK but they remain their own cultures.  I’m glad I am a mixture person who can take the advantages of this two different types culture.


blog post link:

Help Children Maintain Their Culture in Foreign Environments

I agree the with all the points that is expressed by the article. I believe that language is a strong bond to connect people and their culture. If parents can use their mother tongue to communicate with their children, then it will make their children to appreciate their home country culture instead of forget. By contrast to other suggestions, I think this is the most practical advice that parents can do it daily. For example, the article mentioned that parent can tell some tribal stories to their children and make their children to acquire some information about their country. As a teenager, I think this is an interesting way to strengthen TCK’s cognition of home country and also strengthen the relationship between children and their parents. Because sometimes my family were talking about their generation, like how their lives look like or how they establish their business in Shenzhen. Those improved my understanding of modern China and let us be more appreciate of the preservation of china’s culture. So I agree with all advices that it can help children to understand their culture deeper.

PE Final Reflection

What skills either in sports or fitness are you taking away with you after this year?

-I think I’ve learned a lot of sports that I’ve never known before, such as net ball, hand ball. Since these sports were taught by my classmate, it’s really easy for me to understand the lesson or to ask them. And while learning these sports, I also learned different strategy for different sports. For example, hand ball is a fast game, so people aren’t travel the ball much in this game, they always passing the ball. In this case, we have to learn how to “cut” while playing in order to successful pass/receive the ball. But we weren’t learned this in the class, we are learned this by our own which mean we also taking away the skill of investigate and independent learning skill.

What are you most proud of this year in physical education class?

-In this year, I’m most proud of create my own lesson. Throughout the process of lesson plan unit, I know how to find some weakness from my peers lesson, and take the advantage of those weakness to modify our plan. So at least our lesson plan has covered all the knowledge which means we are doing well on organize the time.

What would you like to tell me….last chance!

-I think your class is tough sometimes, but I do learned a lot in these two years. We are not only learn how to play different kind of sports, but we also improve our investigation skill, performance skill and writing skill. It’s weird to connect those criteria together in PE, but I think I’m improved these skill your class.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Reflection

Result: ISTP

My result shows that I’m the introvert, sensing, thinking, perceiving. From these personality types, I learned that everyone has their own personalities, and you can tell how different types of person’s mind functioning. The function of their mind would affect their action. For example, one of the type is either feeler or thinker, for feeler they would do whatever they think which is not based on reality, and they might figure it out after a time period. But as thinker, we would acting based on the reality, because we would consider more about consequence. But it’s fun to learn how different people think about their personality.

Surfing Organization

This is a surfing organization I found in China social media WEIBO.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.54.38 PM

This blog give some basic  information, such as how to choose a surfboard that match you or the specific name of each section of surfboard. Also include some technique about self rescue.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.04.39 PM

There also give some surf forecast about Hainan Riyue Bay’s wave height.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.56.53 PM

I just waiting for a break to Riyue Bay and learn how to surfing!

Cubism Reflection

What skills and techniques did you learn from this project? To see if this works how can can you use these skills in another project?

-I learn how to draw multiple views of various objects, and recombine them to give a relative drawing. We also shading use both white and black pencil that make a contrast between different piece. And these techniques can create more variety of texture in the drawing. I think we can use these skills in another project to developed its interest or highlight the contrast. For example we can use charcoal pencil and white pencil together to make the drawing more valuable and interesting.


Overall, do you deserve an exemplary, proficient, approaching or concern? Give five reason to support you answer.

-I think I’m deserve an exemplary, because I divided the paper to several piece and  draw the in multiple views, I also use white and black pencil to shading these pieces. And I transfer word from newspaper and music sheet to my drawing. I cut them out and combine them together to make different pieces kind of connected.Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.57.09 AM