Min Jun Kim Protocol Reflection

Last class, we had wrote answers to questions related to Antigone. Our group members were Franc and Aisha. Everyone in our group participated equally, because we divided the time limit for each group member to 1 minute. Everyone spoke for 1 min. so we thought the conversations were organized. Not only saying our stance, but also we backed up our stance and gave examples of our stance. 1 minute is really short time, and each one of us had a lot to say. I thought it was a challenge to say my stance in 1 minute. But still, I thought it was good practice for future, when the time for me to speak is limited. Our group had eager discussion when we discussed a statement ‘every brave men run when they see death coming.’ I was the only one that said agree to this statement. Other than this, it was investing that the answer we chose for almost every statement was controversial. I thought since these statements are convoluted, there should be some disagreement for each other’s stance, but I did not expect to be this controversial. Still, I had effective time with my members. The real learning came from the big group discussions.

During whole group discussion, there were some times I changed my stance when people at opposite side mention something convincing. For example, when Mrs. Krouse changed the definition of authority into family, many people moved, because they were convinced by what opposite people say, and what Mrs. krouse mentioned. There were some times when I did not change my stance even though people at the opposite side were persuasive. I am like the person who stays in one stance if one cannot persuade me to move stance, no matter how many people change their stance. I still have to work on the question that says that people who have authority are more capable of making efficient decisions. I disagreed to this, because limiting only into high class is too extreme.

I look forward to enjoy reading Antigone!!


我在Parent Teacher Conference说我要发展我的词语,因为我听不懂老师和朋友的话。我也拿不好的成绩。这个semester我要发展我的语法。我每天考试的时候拿a,所以我很不高兴了。但是我最后的考试的语法时P.我很高兴了,因为我发展了很多。我考HSK五级的时候看到了我的发展,我听懂他们说什么,我拿了很好的成绩。
我最喜欢的Unit是计划旅游。我们做了一个Brochure。我觉得这个很有意思,因为这个Skill 以后可以帮我们。比如说我计划的时候我们可以用在中文课学的和计划。

10B Final English Reflection

Grade 10 Final Reflection

Going towards end of the year, our class read a book called ‘A Raisin in the Sun’. At first, I was complaining why am I reading another book again. But as I read the book, I started to realize this book is actually really engaging to read. And I think I liked this play, because it contains many different themes and symbols that we can analyze.

One thing that we did towards the end of unit is self-designed project. We designed our own project that reflects on benchmarks that I want to improve. I tried to improve Ideas, organization, and grammar. I think this project is really effective, because first of all, it gives a chance to improve on the area that I want improve on. Also, I think it is really effective to create our own project with our own benchmarks, so that we are not restrained, and can do anything you want to do. I think this project should be kept in this way, because I think this is really good chance to expand your own creative thinking and organize your project by steps.

I think I did accomplished my goal that I set for my final project. I did not see the grade yet, but it felt like I put my best effort on it. I was checking my grammar again and again and again, and I looked at major characters in the book and analyzed them, and try to find what their goal is, and what are the main themes of the book. I think I did pretty good job at organizing ideas and grammar.

My favorite part of this unit was actually watching the movie. Before I watch the movie, there were some parts that I was unsure, and had lots of misunderstandings. But when I watch the movie, those questions were answered. One of confusion that I had was mood of certain scene, like when the Younger family is making a decision to move to Clybourne Park. I thought it wasn’t that serious when they are making decisions, and I did not know that Lena Younger cried. When I watched the movie, I understood more about that scene, and there are several other questions that I had, and it’s all answered.

Personally, I did not like lit circle, like last year. I felt like dividing groups while reading is really ineffective. Every time we do group reading and have discussions, I felt like some people are not prepared well than other people. This did not happen that much in our group, but we still had some issues towards not preparing that you are suppose to prepare. There were so many times that one person is talking for a whole time, and I others are just writing down what they are saying. So Next time, I would really prefer to do independent reading, and discuss later when we are all done with reading, similar to MAUS.

I think there should be a check for every 2 weeks with other people discussing what are their progress on their independent reading. It felt like everyone is rushing at the last of the year, not posting the post throughout the year. So I think we should have short check every 2 weeks so everyone in the class are on track and doing what they are suppose to do.

My major problems throughout my 9th and 10th grade was writing. I was getting fair grades in the speaking and reading, but I always got P- or A+ in writing, and I think it’s because of my grammar problem. I think if  I can boost my grammar skill up, my grade will also goes up. IB English will be challenging, and I think my biggest problem will be grammar. I am planning to focus my studying point to grammar in the summer, so I does not struggle about grammar next year. Other than grammar problem, I think I will do fairly good job in English A SL! I am looking forwards to go to IB English!

Our year finally ended. I was looking back my grades and comparing to last year. I am so proud that I improved largely on Ideas and Organization. Last year, I was concerned with every benchmarks, so I was worried. I think my effort finally showed the result, so I am really happy about my progress! I really liked this year! Thank you Mrs. Dowty!!

SS UNIT Reflection

Reflection for Hiroshima Unit:
This project was based on the question : To what extent can USA’s bomb drop at Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified.

At the first, I was in the position of not justified. However, as the time goes and I research and talk with my group mates, my mind changed and ended up deciding my final position as the justified side.

When we first start working, we all had different ideas and thoughts, so it was hard to tune our ideas. As we start researching and have some conversation, we started to organize our idea and make one stance, which was the side of justified. This project also changed myself, because I learned how to use the given time effectively and make the best result.

Our final project was a documentary video. I was pretty satisfied with final product. At first, we had no idea how are we going to start the video. We weren’t organized, but we started to divide the role. Jon mainly focused on the video, and I was sending informations and videos to him. Like how Mr. Tetreault commented about our mistakes, next time, I would like to edit what Mr. Tetreault told us, which was to connect the argument back the to thesis statement.

First of all in academic sense, I learned about the surrender of Japan to USA, and I got to learn deeper about WWII. Before I start studying this unit, I did not know much about the WWII. I just knew about the bomb and the surrender, because it also relates to Korean History. I am happy with the fact that I learned a lot more details behind the dropping of bomb.

I also had some stereotypes about Japanese are bad. However, I was considering several different positions of whether the bomb should be justified or not.

Chinse RolePlay Refleciton

今天,我们做了一个Role Play。 这是老师给我们一个情况,然后我们演技那个情况。我的情况是在上海。我和别的4个人计划怎么做,然后我们演技了

我觉得我们没做太好的Role Play。我们有很多主意,但是我们没有时间了。我们没做了很好的Role Play因为有个人说很多和有个人没说了很多。我觉得我们的主意是很好,但是我们没做好的分开。

我别的天做的时候,我们应该用10分钟很好。我们应该知道我们要说什么。我们昨天做的时候,我们没说很多信息。所以我后来做一边的时候,我跟别人用10分钟好,计划很好的Role Play。

English Lit circle reflection

English Reflection

This year, our group read a book called ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, and we ended up finishing it really well. I liked all the activities throughout this process.

I really liked how we divided into groups and read different books, and share them at the end. It was a good time for us to get really deep into the book with deep conversation. Our group taught me some of the part in the book that I was not fully understood, so I had really good understanding of the book at the end. I learned the skill of collaboration and analyzation skills throughout the literature circle. We collaborated and helped, so everyone understand the main theme or points of each chapter. We also had good conversations about symbols in the book, so it will help in the final presentation and the essay. I also analyzed the symbols of the book a lot by writing the Multi-Media Journals. Now I have wider range of my sight of catching several factors and symbols of the book.

Sometimes people had conflicts. We had arguments over certain symbols and discussed about what would be the correct meaning of the symbol. We mostly solved the issues of disagreement by the deep conversation, and persuade each other about it. But we did not have any dividing up, and everybody have their own opinion and argue with that. We all understand other people’s idea and listened to it. I personally think our group was perfect in collaborating and doing the works so we have at discussing and everyone understand what we are talking about.

Throughout the reading section, everybody had an equal job. When they were supposed to be prepared, including me, everyone were fully prepared with their questions and analysis. In my opinion, I think I did my jobs of keeping the conversation going by asking some questions. For the final project, I was kind of person who followed what other group member said, but I still followed what they told me to do, so I don’t delay our group’s progress.

Many people left a comment on my Multi-Media Journal, and I liked all comments written on my notebook. They specially put more comments on one of my page, which was about my inference of ducks and Holden. They also mentioned that I should’ve share that post. If I can add something, I would put more time on analysis and text-text connection with providing specific page numbers and quotes.

I really liked about my book, and I think it is a really good choice. I was little bit worried when Ms. Dowty said it will be a challenging book, but it was really interesting and I really liked those characters in the book. I also liked the main character’s personality, because it was different from other main characters. I would highly recommend this book to other people, because it also includes educational elements about symbols too.

中国新年 Relfection



Reaction rate investigation reflection

On Wednesday, our class worked on the investigation called Reaction Rate investigation. We did two types of experiences. One is recording the reaction with amount of water gradually increasing in every investigation, and one other is increase the temperature of Sodium Thiosulfate. The result of this investigation was quite interesting.

If I look at the first data, as the number of water increase to the Sodium Thiosulfate, the concentration decrease, and the amount of time the reaction happens gets longer. I think this is because it’s not a pure Sodium Thiosulfate and it includes other components like water. However, there was one exception. On the second time when we do this investigation was 400 cm^3 of Sodium Thiosulfate and 10cm^3 of water, the concentration was 32 and the reaction time actually decreased. I thinks this phenomenon happened to most of people who participated investigation.

If I look at the second data, if the temperature increases, the speed of the reaction also increases. This tells that if the temperature of Sodium Thiosulfate is increased, the speed of reaction also increases with hydrochloric acid.

From this investigation I can extract out the fact that the speed of reaction rate between Sodium Thiosulfate and Hydrochloric acid varies by the temperature and amount of water included in the reaction.

In my opinion, I think the investigation went really well. I participated well with my partner so I did not miss any details that I need to find to get good solution.Chart Reflection Science