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Who am I? Almost everybody is able to answer that question. They have a strong cultural identity and have a place they call home. However third culture kids are different. If somebody asked them this question, they would not know how to answer it. Third culture kids don’t really know where thy belong to as they do not have strong sense of belonging to anywhere. They are unique and much different from first culture kids because of all the different things they have experienced throughout their lives. They are surrounded by a variety of cultures everyday and each of these cultures influences them in a different way.

Third culture kids might not seem much different to you, however if you spend some time with them you can realize that they bring a deep knowledge from within and that they have a special ability to contrast different issues. Because of their different lifestyle and their exposure to all these different things it can be expected to see them as future politicians, diplomats, educators or other important global jobs. Being surrounded by third culture kids will bring a lot of advantages as they positively affect others.

I am a third culture kid. Throughout my life I always wondered about the question “Who am I?“, let alone answer it. Like previously mentioned I am a person who is affected by three particular cultures that have influenced my personality and who I really am. However, I am none of these cultures explicitly. The culture of my parents is my first culture and has affected most of my childhood. Next came my travel culture, which I adopted at a young age. At last comes the culture of my friends, teachers and all the people around me. I feel blessed to be influenced by such a variety of people and to live in such an international environment, building relationships with people from multiple cultures. I am a combination of all these cultures; they have made me the person I am now.

Art Reflection Palette Knive Project

What skills and techniques did you learn from this project? How can you use these skills in another project?

Overall, do you deserve an Exemplary, Proficient, Approaching or Concern? Give 5 reasons to support your answer.

In this project we used a great variety of different skills and techniques. We started out looking for a picture, which we should draw and later paint. I found many different pictures but I latter settled on the one where we could see a bridge and the ocean. I really liked this picture cause of its simplicity and how relaxing it feels like imagining being there. So our first step was to sketch our drawing. Later on we had to color our painting. I feel like that was the most complicated part as I had to find the correct colors and mix them properly. This took me some time but later on looking at my final project I definitely feel like that it was worth it. I believe that I deserved a Exemplary for this project as I believe that this was one of my best projects this year. My drawing and painting looks realistic and at the end I found the perfect colors after mixing for a long time. I believe that I know how to properly use palette knives now and how to create this type of paintings. As this is my final reflection, it makes me sad that these two years of art have passed now. I will always remember how these two years vastly improved my art skills, vocabulary and knowledge in general.

English Raisin in the Sun Final Reflection

I think Raisin in the Sun was a nice book/play to read. It focused on two very important themes, racism and dreams. I believe reading this was a good choice and taught me a lot. Regarding the self-designed assessment, I feel like that was very fun as you could choose your own project and basically do what ever you want. I only think that it might need a bit more explanation in future as at the beginning I was kind of confused. My favorite part of the unit were the read aloud, because I believe that they helped us a lot understand the book more, every time I was confused the read aloud clarified lots of things for me. This Unit in general was very fun and interesting, there was nothing I didn’t like. One of the things I wanted to work on in my self-designed assignment was speaking through doing the fish bowl and I believe that I did improve a lot compared to before. The things I feel like I still have to work on are my writing and speaking. I have improve a lot in the two years and am satisfied with my progress but the next step for me is to be able to use more sophisticated language and be able to translate the words quicker in my head. I don’t have any things I’m really concerned about for the next year, I only want to work on these areas.

The Fall of the Khwarazmian Empire

Muhammad woke up and looked out of the window, the screams outside awakened him. He looked outside the window as he saw thousands of Mongolian soldiers marching into the city. The expression on his face showed how shocked he was cause this was far beyond what he expected, the army of Genghis Khan was feared around the world but he never expected it to be this big. He ran down the stairs to see his generals discussing, Muhammad asked them what possibilities existed to defend the capital but it seemed hopeless, Genghis Khan planned the attack perfectly. Khwarazmian was attacked by all sides and the city Bukhara already was conquered by the Mongols through a surprise attack. It only would be a matter of time until they reached the inner Samarkand. The methods the Mongolians were using during this invasion were brutal even for their standards. They used prisoners as body shields when marching into the cities and they slaughtered almost all of the cities population. Muhammad was hopeless because he knew the horror was coming, the Mongolian army was coming. There is no way to win such war, Genghis Khan will definitely kill him if he reaches the capital. He thought about all the possibilities; there weren’t many. He sat several hours talking to his generals preparing for the war, this was the only solution.

! The following day the army of Khwarazmian sent most of their troops to Samarkand, the capital. If they had to defend one city, then it was Samarkand. The troops went to prepare the defense. The Mongols could never pass these fortifications as they were superb, twenty meter high walls and with the 100,000 men defending the gates. The Mongolians planned several attacks but the fortifications were extremely good like Muhammad expected. But even this walls would fall after these many attacks. Hope was just for a short term as fifty thousand Khwarazmian soldiers were slaughtered on day five of the attacks. Every attempt of relieving the city failed, at the end the Mongols managed to conquer the capital and they killed almost all of the city population. They showed of their victory in raising pyramids of several heads of citizens as the symbol of Mongol victory.Muhammad managed to flee to Urgench, he left Samarkand as the Mongolian army was already really close to his palace. The city was ruled by his mother but he hadn’t talk to her for a long time. Even though war was happening he hoped to see her again. When he arrived unfortunately his uncle told him that she fled to the Caspian Sea, she heard of the Mongolian attacks onto Khwarazmian and just left the city. His uncle was the second hand of his mother in Urgench. They talked about her a lot, sometimes his uncle would even visit him in the capital. His father died when he was really young, that’s why he doesn’t have any memories about him. His uncle since then played the father figure in his life. The sadness could be seen on his face, this made just everything worse. Urgench was the safest city but not because there were the most men guarding, the city was built alongside the river Amu Darya in a marshy delta area. The ground wasn’t made for siege warfare and the lack of large stones made using catapults almost impossible. Muhammad knew they have to defend this city as long as possible so the Mongols would stop their attacks and retreat. Several days passed as Mongolian casualties grew higher everyday. The Mongolian tactics weren’t made for this type of warfare, Muhammad knew that Genghis Khan would stop attacking when something seemed impossible to conquer. 50,000 Khwarazmian people were still living, the hope of surviving grew larger everyday. On day five their hope faded away again as they saw sixty thousand more soldiers arriving. How could the Mongolians still have so many more soldiers left? After all their casualties how could Genghis Khan still send this many soldiers. How was this still possible? So many questions but none could be answered.! ! It was too late for Muhammad. The city would be conquered and everybody would die at the end. The Mongolians would never let somebody survive except artisans, these would be sent back to Mongolia and be used as workers. Children and women would also survive but would be taken slaves by soldiers. Muhammad was afraid, he as the Shah would have probably have a cruel death. Genghis Khan himself would kill him. As the time came for the mass execution, he dressed himself as a citizen; he wanted to die like his people, he didn’t want to leave them alone this time. The tears went down his eyes as he saw the mass execution in person this time. He wondered how they could be this cruel, all the heads separated from the bodies, the sight made him almost vomit.

 The Soldiers found out him being the Shah but they didn’t execute immediately. The Khan personally wanted to talk to him. As he entered the palace of the city where his mother once ruled. He saw the Khan in his normal pose. He was afraid, how would his death look like? A tear went down his face as he knew the Khan had something prepared for him. It was molten silver. Genghis Khan poured it down his throat, Muhammad screams could be heard in the whole city. This death was one of the most cruel deaths somebody could ever witness. At the end Genghis said one thing „ Sanjar you should always remember one thing, an army of donkeys led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a donkey.“

Chinese Food Assignment Reflection

我觉得我跟 Karla的Presentation不错还是我觉得我们没很多时间放在这个 Project 里。我们不放很多时间因为我觉得我们的Teamwork是不好。Next time we should definitely plan it our more and decide who does which part of the project. I feel like that was definitely one of our main problems. I liked the project in general however I believe that it is not worth spending so much time on one project. It was useful but not as useful as it could have been. I think the instructions for this project were very clear however Karla and I might have misunderstood them couple of time. The next time we should put more effort into it and also fix our “teamwork” problems. I think you should also limit the amount of time for this project so people actually work. I liked this project but it wasn’t as useful in regards to the amount of time we spent on it.

Reflection for Hiroshima Unit – Social Studies

Reflection for Hiroshima Unit:
1) What was your final position on the unit question?

My final position during the Hiroshima Unit was for the atomic bombs as I considered it reasonable after looking at all the pieces of evidence we talked about. The USA did the right thing at the end because they prevented the death of many more millions of Allied and Japanese soldiers. The Japanese would have fight till death and would have never surrendered without the use of the atomic bombs.
2) If this was a change for you, reflect on that process. If not, why not?

There was no change for me as I always thought the atomic bombs was justified. Even before starting this unit I was aware about how Japan acted during World War II. I knew of the Rape of Nanjing, Unit 731.. Because I already knew these things, my POV did not change after this. I always thought that the atomic bombs were justified after thinking about it.
3) Are you satisfied with your final product? What might you have done differently?

After writing my essay, I have to say that I am disappointed with it. Now looking back at my essay, I think I at least should have added a paragraph and I should have used different arguments. My essay does not equally look at both sides of the arguments as I mainly used the “weak” arguments of the side against the atomic bomb. I feel like I should have used more balanced arguments as I was mainly only looking at the side which justifies the atomic bomb.
4) What is the most important thing you learned in this unit? Why?

In this unit I learned more about how Japan was working during World War II. I learned more about how the military had control of the country during that time and about how extreme their “patriotism” was. I learned more about their code of “bushido” the way of the warrior and how it affected them. They considered surrendering something shameful and would have never done it. This unit gave me more ideas about how Japan was acting during World War II.

Art Reflection – Using Narrative in Figurative Work

What skills and techniques did you learn from this project? How can you use these skills in another project?

Overall, do you deserve an Exemplary, Proficient, Approaching or Concern? Give 5 reasons to support your answer.

In this project we used a great variety of different skills and techniques. Firstly like in all other projects we had to start planning out our project. We started generating ideas and after having done that we started drawing. In my painting the drawing was the hardest part as the whole painting was in a perspective view and it takes a long time to make it look properly. After doing perspective I was ready to paint. The painting was more simple as I only used flat colors and didn’t shade. I thought shading would be unnecessary and wouldn’t make it look any better. Next time we do a perspective drawing I will be more than prepared. Overall I would give myself a Proficient because even though my project seems simple, it was actually complicated to convey the perspective view properly. I think I did this pretty well and it looks nicely. Also I made shadows of my logos which I think are pretty nice and I think I made a good job painting them. Overall this project took a long time and I think I made it look properly and managed to make it look nicely.

English Reflection Literature Circle

This unit made me improve a lot of my english skills. First of all during the multimedia journals, we were using a lot of deep analysis. I think that I never analyzed a book so detailed till now but I think that doing this has lots of advantages and makes you understand the book  much more. At the beginning I wasn’t really doing it that well as I considered it kind of unnecessary however after some time I realized how important this is. I analyzed many different parts of the book and I thought that doing this was actually really fun as it made you think out of the box. You could relate something to basically everything, either to yourself, another text or society. I think the activity was really useful and couldn’t have done much better.

The other important activity we did during this unit was the fishbowl discussion and the padlet discussions. I didn’t do very well during the fishbowl discussion because it was kind of hard to come up with what to say on the spot. When I was writing on the padlet I had more time to think about what to say, so I did better during that. The activities still were useful as it made us hear every person point of view over the topics discussed. I think it was better when you came up with the questions during the fishbowl, as everybody understood them. Sometimes when we had the student led discussions I think some people didn’t understand what the questions were about.

The last thing was our group presentation, where we all had to collaborate to come up with a presentation. In our group we didn’t really divided up the work properly as one of our group members was absent for some time. The digital portfolio made us research even more about our book and put all the information together. The activity was enjoyable and it was fun to put the presentation together. I really like doing presentations and talking in front of the class.

Reflection of CNY celebration and China Day

1. What did you learn from China day, Bayside CNY celebration about Chinese culture?

在今年的China Day 也Bayside CNY celebration 我学习了很多东西。我现在知道中国人传统节日做什么。春节是中国人最重要的节日。每个家正月开始准备。他们一起大扫除也写春联。家里人一起吃年夜饭。人们互相拜年。常用的祝贺语有;“新年好” “恭喜发财” “身体将康” 等。也中国人会给红包。我觉得中国 Culture is really interesting。

2. What activities did you enjoy and what do you want to do next year?

我今年最喜欢做 the lantern. I think that was the most fun activity but also writing the Chinese characters to hang next to the doors what Chinese people do was also fun. To be honest all the activities were fun as we got to know the things and that was a unique experience which really helps understanding all this.

3. How did you show your global citizenship? (cultural difference)

Im not sure how to answer this question. I mean I think the Chinese culture is very interesting was it already exists for a long time and people still keep on celebrating these things. I think I understand the differences between 外国的 culture and 中国的 culture 。Now I got to know more about Chinese culture and how great it is。

4. Any suggestions for next year China Day and Bayside CNY celebration, any activities you want to host?

我觉得今年的 China Day 也 Bayside CNY celebration 很好也 interesting。我学习了很多东西也有好玩。我明年在 China Day 喜欢做一个more active activity 因为我觉得今年我的activity 有一点无聊。



Social Studies Debate 22.01.15 Reflection

I think our Debate today was really successful because it helped me to understand our topic better and gain more insight about it. We debated about whether the policy of Appeasement was one of the reasons why WWII started. We talked a lot about it prior the debate. Great Britain’s Prime Minister used this policy to solve most of the problems in Europe during this time and wasn’t as successful as hoped. Hitler could most of the time play around his policy of Appeasement. I think this topic is really interesting and its nice to know more about it. During the debate I think we were pretty successful with coming up with arguments regarding the topic. The debate also helped us because we could hear other people opinion and arguments.