Old Shekou Community Service ( Mural Painting )

This was my first experience in contributing my ability to serve my community in a large scale. It first started out with a curiosity of how could I serve my community? After brainstorming and thinking of my capability, I came to a conclusion of utilizing my art skills along with my peers  (Rick, Avivi, Tiffany, Me). The goal was to create a mural painting in the street of Old Shekou (region in Shekou). Reason why we decided to paint the mural paintings in Old Shekou was from the fact that Old Shekou was very old; the walls were very dirty, streets were far from clean and in some places there were even rubbishes thrown away carelessly. If we were to paint the environment (walls) of Old Shekou it will help the community by making it seem more prettier and clean. After getting a permission to paint our mural painting in Old Shekou, our group began brainstorming on what type of painting we were going to paint. After agreeing upon to draw a octopus as a main theme, our team started to get to work. It took us almost 2 days to finish our painting. During the process of painting, Rick mostly took in charge to lead how to paint. With Rick’s directions and leadership, despite the boiling climate os ShenZhen, our group succeeded in our first mural painting to serve our community. Although it was very tiring, looking at the final product of our work, I thought that it was a very appeasing experience, and do not regret spending my time serving my community.

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