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Welcome to Paradise


     Jesse stumbled across a road clouded over with dirty-faced children and drunken youth. They called out to him. Silently with vacant eyes or with speech drenched with sweat and drink. He closed his ears to the noise, but the same wet raw sounds were already in his head; they had always been. He […]

I Know All About War


Poem inspired by the Portable War Memorial, a 33-feet long installation by Edward Kienholz I know all about war! I learned from picture books and TV It’s adults standing resolute Undaunted against the enemy. My daddy went to war! He learned to shoot a gun Came back in a shiny hearse and said we won, […]

Small But Mean (Humanities DEAW Story)


Being the oldest of five siblings, Caiman had certain responsibilities. Being the big, strong daddy dude was one of them. He pondered this term: Daddy dude. That was what he was now, a daddy to the four kids living on ten squares of cement on Rue des Miracles, Port au Prince, Haiti. But he was […]

Chinese New Year Reflection


今年我们关于春节做的活动很多,比如中国节,送红包,在中文课学做窗花,春联等等。 在中国节我和我的朋友们看到了精彩的表演,人们戴着狮子面罩做了很多替身。看这个演出我觉得中国的文化很有趣。而且我吃到了很多中国菜,比如饺子,奶茶,冰糖葫芦等等。过了中国节以后我对中国文化的想法变了很多,更理解了中国文化。 在中国节我和我的班会负责了游戏,游戏叫Sponginator。在这个游戏里我们需要坐在椅子上让人们用海绵打我们。这个游戏很好玩,我们鼓励玩游戏的人,给他们生肖卡片。 我觉得人们给同学们送红包是一个世界公民的很好的例子。人们都很喜欢,而且可以对同学们的中国理解提高。 在中文课同学们做了窗花,春联和灯笼。做的很容易,而且做起来很漂亮。我小时候也做过的,但是那时候我不太理解为什么要做。现在我更了解为什么是春节,为什么要做这些东西,为什么春节是一个特别重要的节日。

Going Up to New Heights


When I looked down, I realized I wasn’t afraid at all. Hanging by a rope with my fists clenched against the wall, dirt gathering under my fingernails, feet grappling for support that the rock was reluctant to give them. But I wasn’t afraid. It was one of the most exhilarating things I ever did. I […]

Made in Asia…or is it America?


Allison Lee. Or rather, Hui-Yun Lee. I was born with two names: one that represented my Korean descent, the other my American descent. My blood is American. My appearance is Korean. My personality lies between the middle. So does my heart. Yes, I am Asian American. I hate that term. Why do people have to […]

Master Agent


It all happened so suddenly. One minute I was in bed, all tucked in and ready to sleep the night away, when a little girl in a frilly dress appeared out of nowhere, like a flickering shadow, and grabbed my arm. I opened my mouth to scream when the girl clamped her hand over my […]

Humanities: Silk Road Scenario Project Reflection


The task that was completed in the Silk Road Scenario project was that if you were a merchant on the Silk Road and you wanted to get the best deal, you had to find out where to set your trading shop. My partner and I together faced this challenging project. We first planned our steps, […]

Middle School Concert Reflection


The Tiger was the most fun song, in my opinion, because it was so much more different from all the other songs we sang. I love the tune of the song and the rhythm is really intense and fun. The whole intensity of that song, the lyrics, tune, rhythm, everything was so intense, and the […]

5 Culture Similarities and Differences between The Han and Qin Dynasty


The Han dynasty (202 B.C. – 220 A.D) and the Qin dynasty (221 B.C. – 206 B.C.) were two of the many dynasties in Ancient China. There are many comparisons and contrasts that can be made of these two dynasties’ culture. 1. Belief Systems The Qin dynasty’s belief system was a strict legalism, which […]

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