App Review: WikiLinks

Today I will be reviewing WikiLinks. I use WikiLinks when I need to find a lot of information very quickly. I can open it anytime I want to read a Wikipedia article about something I’m trying to research. It’s very easy and convenient and easy to use, it allows you to easily find photos or YouTube videos inside the app.

WikiLinks is a Wikipedia app that it useful for many different things. For example, WikiLinks is very customisable, you can change the theme for when you read an article, as well as the font of the writing. Another feature about this app that I like, is the fact that you can save articles from Wikipedia to read offline, that way, even when you aren’t connected to the internet, you can read different articles. Apart from that, the app also detects your location and gives you articles based on things that are around your area. This could be convenient for when you go somewhere, you can quickly find information on things around your area.


Something that I would have liked to be different about the app, is that they should add more default themes, as well as let us customise the colour of the letters and the colour of a link. It would also be cool if they allowed you to change the border colour of the app without having to select a different theme.



How the Barbie Doll has Affected Our Society

Barbie is known best, as a toy doll to many little girls. Barbie soon became a brand. The dolls are most common in the US. Barbie’s first debut was in 1959, she seemed to be the perfect role model for young girls. Barbie had a perfect family and boyfriend, she was perfectly skinny, she had a perfect house, perfect hair, she was perfect in every which way. But how has this doll affected the millions of young girls who play with it?

At ages 3-11 the average girl had around ten Barbie dolls, spending hours playing and dressing them up every day. The Barbie doll has brought many girls into having eating disorders, physical transformation, lowered confidence, and issues with their body image. One of the first things that happened was the fashion impact on many girls. Everybody wanted her accessories as well as wanting to be just like her. It was almost like girls were obsessed with the Barbie doll. The Barbie doll has affected people in many different ways that you may never think of, for example, Valeria Lukyanova. She has played with Barbie dolls ever since she was a young girl. Soon enough she wanted to become one, she altered her body to look like the classic doll. This shows that the Barbie doll has affected our society in many ways, more negative than positive. Every day millions of people are affected by this doll by trying to become perfect, but the consequence will lead to misery.

But on the other hand, the Barbie doll doesn’t offend everyone. Some people do not get attached to their dolls and just like dressing them up. Some parents believe that Barbie teaches children how to be successful, believing the doll shows them they can be anything they want to be. With businesswomen Barbie, astronaut Barbie, schoolteacher Barbie, ballet dancer Barbie, etc. There are a wide variety of Barbie dolls with different skin tones, this way children can learn and understand diversity. Many people don’t want to become like their doll, but instead many girls realise she is just a doll and they just enjoy playing with it as they grow up.


Golden State Warriors Are Overrated!!!

That’s all I can say about the golden state warriors(I don’t think they even deserve to have their name capitalised). They may be quite a good team, but are they really as good as people think they are? Just because golden state has the most fans doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best team.

One reason people may like golden state is because maybe their favourite players are in the team, for example, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry. These are arguably some of the best players in the NBA, all of them on the same team. Some people(Band Wagoners) decide to keep changing their favourite team because the best team is always their favourite team. But how would people’s opinions change if the basketball players were all separated into different basketball teams? Golden state definitely would not be the same team it was before. Many fans would leave and join the next best team.

People think way too highly of golden state, and now that Kevin Durant will be moving to golden state, they may just keep becoming a greater and greater team. More and more people will start believing that golden state is the best team, but are they? There are many teams that had once been great but are not so great anymore.

In the 2016 finals, Cleveland Cavaliers won a close game against golden state for the finals. I would say that the Cavaliers are underrated, everybody believed that golden state was the best, but now that the Cavaliers have taken the Finals and won the championship. That means that the Cavaliers are better than golden state, even if it is only by a bit.

Just because one basketball team has all of the greatest basketball players, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the team is going to be good.


Drumroll Please “First Day of School”

When I strolled into school that day it was as if I had thrust my head into an enormous wasps nest, the entire amphitheatre was buzzing with excitement and joy. And as usual, I spotted some old friends and I saw some new faces, just like every single year. I headed off towards the whiteboard with all the student’s names, trying to figure out what advisory I was in. I noticed that some of the other students were already heading upstairs to meet their new advisors. As I carefully examined the white board, I noticed that I had been moved into a new advisory, I had been in water for 2 years and now I was in a new advisory, the opposite element of my previous advisory.
I silently walked up the escalators and scanned the hallway, until I finally came across room 2102. I stumbled in and immediately spotted Mr Lill.
“Hello?” I asked him “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be here”.
“Andy, yes you are supposed to be here.” He responded, “Welcome to eight Fire!”

After collecting my schedule I checked to see what my first class was. Electives. I had both scientific illustrations and creative blogging as my electives. And so to start off the new year, I headed off upstairs to class.

Art project Reflection(Doorway)

Dear Reader,

This is my reflection for my groups design for our doorway. My group members were eve Hadjistoria, Saskia Mae Schubert and Chang Jun I think our video was very good. I think we need to work on making our video a bit louder because my group members were talking very softly. Overall I think our groups video was pretty good.

Amped Project

In my school everybody gets to choose something for their amped project, for me I have chosen to do board games. I also have a friend called matteo who chose the same project and we are in the same advisory so now we are working together, we already have a plan so now we only need to make the board and make people to use to play. My board game Is about pirates, of you have no more gold you lose. The first person to get to the other side wins.

Me and my friend matteo have finished the first board of our board game, we only have one more board and my friend matteo is making cards for our game. Matteo has already finished most of the cards for our game.

I have finished the first board for me and Matteo’s board game. I am now working on our second board and then we will only need to make the characters.

We have have have the final drafts of our boards, we only need to make characters and then we should be set for our very first ever board game me and Matteo have made.