App Review: WeChat

Hey guys,
Today I am going to write a review about the app “WeChat”.
WeChat is a app I use daily, it’s a communication app. I really like this app because it is very useful, I can factime my friends anytime I want to, I can have group chats with friends and even send money to my friends!
One thing I wish that it could change is, when in group chats not everyone should be able to add other people in the group. I think there should be different roles in group chats.

Here is how you can use the app (Click to see the whole thing)

Here is a link for tutorial of how to use Wechat.

Hope you guys have fun using the app!

Week Without Walls iBook

Hey guys,

Recently my school brought our grade to a trip at Xiamen, China. We stayed at Xiamen for five days, it was a great experience. We made short books of our trip, come and check out books from my classmate and mine!

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Leave comments of what you want me to do next:)

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The Giver Review

The Giver- Lois Lowry Rating: 4.5/5

The Giver. Let’s talk about it! Well, currently in my humanities class, we are reading “The Giver. So, I thought while it’s still fresh, I could write a book review about it. The Giver talks about a boy in a community and something coor happens to him, you know what I mean? “Cool” …it might be bad or good, I won’t spoil the book, instead I’ll talk about some interesting things about the book and author style. First of all, I think the author hooks the reader with the of chapters. Every time I finish a chapter, I always want to read the next chapter to see what will happen next. In this book, the author makes you have lots of questions, makes you wonder and put yourself “inside” the story. It’s very interesting, it talks about kind of the opposite of what our world like now, but as the blurb “Jonas’s world is perfect.” in the main character’s community think it’s perfect. disagree with that I’m sure that you guys would too, after reading. conclusion, would to those of you who don’t know what book to read now, it’s not long, only a hundred something pages.

WHY I DIDNT GIVE IT A, 5/5 The reason

The reason why I didn’t give it the best score is because, I personally think that the ending is CRAPY(If that’s how you spell it: CRAPY lt’s makes me so frustrated on wanting to happens next! Plus, the author didn’t make a second book about “The Giver”, Even till wondering what the ending of the character is. Yea…that’s what I feel now:) Comment below for ideas you guys want me to do.

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My❤️ For -}—– (Fencing)

What is fencing? Well… (You can click on the images)

Yea…as you see that’s what people think about fencing. But…the last one isn’t right, not right at all!! In fencing there are three different kinds of weapons, Sabre, Foil and Épée. They all have unique and different ways of playing it.

I play the weapon of Sabre, it is fast and requires a lot of technique. My first reason of why I love fencing is because, when I play I can express all my feelings, when I attack I can use all my speed and try to hit the opponent. O yea, the BEST part is when you get the point and you get to shout!!!

Second reason I love fencing is because, while training, I can learn a lot of “cool” things that I can do in a game(ps: if you want to see one that I did click here) While training, I don’t only learn about fencing, but I can learn how to treat and collaborate with people, for example, to the referee that in your game, you gotta be nice to him because he could be a “bad” referee, that won’t give you the points that you “think” you got. What I mean to collaborate with people is that there are team games in fencing, which you have a game 3vs3. Each player on every team plays with all the players on the opponent team, which every game is only up to 5 points. In that circumstance, you gotta learn to collaborate with your teammates to win. For example, you can loose too many points because then your teammates that play after you have to catch up for you.

Lastly, fencing can improve your fitness. Fencing isn’t just POKING, it requires fast feet to move, power on your arms to control the sword and much more. Well, I think that all sports have positive things to each other. For example, I played soccer before I fenced and because of that the power on my legs and the speed I can move was much faster than other beginners, so that gave me a big head start.

Yea… That all I got. I can’t really list reasons for why I love fencing, because it’s just like natural… You know? I just love it, I enjoy doing it, I work hard for it and that’s it.
If you want to see videos of fencing click here .

Thanks for reading:)

How to survive 8th grade…the beginning.

Recently, I have moved to the last year in middle school, 8th grade. Because, I’ve only been in 8th grade for 3-4 weeks so, I wanna show some tips to “How to survive 8th grade…the beginning”

1. Always be cool
The way I mean “Always be cool” is not to go “crazy” on things your doing in class, or with your friends. That makes you seem “Immature”, kinda like a baby…? So, whatever your doing at school that makes you go crazy or really happy, don’t express it. Never! Just imagine, you in class, researching…independently, it quiet, then suddenly, your crush says “Hi” to you, you shouldn’t start screaming or doing other sorts of crazy things. Yea… always be cool:)

Always finish homework, before you go to school. Don’t try to finish your homework when your waiting in the lunch place in the morning, trust me. Your not gonna finish it, only if your copying someone else’s work. That’s not good though, don’t copy stuff. How I know that your not gonna finish the homework in the morning… because I’ve seen people that have tried, but failed, I won’t call on names…Tommy…? Just kidding.

3. Participate in class stuff..
When I mean to “participate in class stuff” I mean to share your ideas to the class when your having discussions, especially humanities. Mr. Lill is gonna call on you if you haven’t spoken yet. Be careful! But, in order to participate in “class suff” most of the time you would need to finish your homework to know what to talk about in class, right..?

4. Be like an 8th grader
You know your in 8th grade, right? So act like one, don’t say “Hi!” to people at school say “Wassup?” or something like that(That’s except for teachers, if you say that… see you at home:) At break times, you should hang out with your friends, like a gang. You always stay with these people and you help each other. That’s looks cool… I think…?

That’s all I got(for now..), just 4 small tips. Hope you can successfully live through 8th grade.
That’s my thoughts,


WWW (Week Without Walls)

Dear Readers,

I know it’s been a long time since I haven’t posted anything, but on the first week of November we went to Yangshuo, Guilin to our WWW (Week Without Walls) trip. We wrote a story about one of the activities we did on the trip, I chose caving because I thought it was really exciting and adventurous. So here’s my story

3 November,2015

I never thought that it was so hard, adrenaline was rushing up my body. I was getting so nervous, 1,2,3 and up I held the rope with one hand while holding a flashlight, I really hard and finally I got up the rocks. It felt like so long when I was pulling, I suddenly started to look at every detail I could see while saying “you can do it! You can do it!” To myself.
It was a dark and cloudy day, we sat on a boat and rowed in the cave. The temperature in inside suddenly went low…. We all had to talk in a low voice because there was a REALLY big echo when we spoke. It was really quite when we didn’t make any noise, we could hear another sound of nature that we can’t hear normally, it was the water dripping from the magnetites, it sounded so natural. Inside the cave was dark so we had to use our flashlights to see. We went on walking on slippery rocks, down the stairs, up the stairs and even walking in the freezing water!!
When we were at the fast-flowing river, the rocks were slippery and the water was high. Every step I was really careful NOT to step on a wobbly rocks and fall in the water, it was hard to concentrate when there was so much noise coming from other classmates and how it echoed back and forth. I was really nervous and took at least 1-2 seconds for each step, I checked carefully at the rocks but a lot of them where in the water so I couldn’t see them. First I’d step my feet in the water and move it around until I found a not wobbly stone and that wasn’t to deep, I know I was picky but I didn’t want to. I got really nervous and started to wonder about things that could happen just because of a fault, like; I could fall or get caught by something in the water and so on. The sound of the fast-flowing water was annoying and made me distracted that…. Yes! almost, Almost I tell you, fell in the water. That made me SO nervous and worried that I thought I was going get hurt without evening know how!!! It was hard when the water is so hitting your feet making your balance not good and having to duck down to avoid hitting your head on the rocks, while holding your flashlight.
Suddenly my light turned off, at that point I know what total darkness is, I was in the middle of nowhere, I tried to walk by just touching before where I go but when I was walking perfectly I hit my head on the rocks above. Then I recharged my flashlight and kept walking.
It took a LONG time to hike down the mountain after we got out the cave, we were all tired of all the hiking, so we jumped in the pool and washed our selves clean.